The 100 best things to do in NYC for locals and tourists

I can't tell if TimeOut perpetually updates this (extensive) list, but it seems that way. / tipping my hat to Thor (who I consider a Thorguide all on his own.)

NYC as seen from the High Line

Drift Hotels

With locations in San José del Cabo, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs and Nashville soon, these hotels look zen. / via Naz

Drift hotel in Palm Springs

A Taco Bell in Rapid City, South Dakota

I would consider a roadtrip to visit this Taco Bell. / via Polygon

A taco bell set in the foothills of Rapid City, South Dakota

Adleradel Boden

My friend Dan posted a photo from this hotel’s restaurant at dinner and I’m adding it to my bucket list

A classic hotel in the Swiss Alpine village in the Bernese Oberland region

Pick & Cheese

The world’s first cheese conveyor belt restaurant in the heart of London’s West End. You know, if I ever get to London and see that ABBA show. / via Matt Haughey

A conveyor belt with cheese instead of sushi

Ace Hotel Toronto

Swiped through photos on Uncrate and added this place to the bucket list. More snapshots and insight on dezeen

A modern hotel bar interior with concrete forms

Italy’s Digital Nomad Visas

Work a year remotely in Italy? That sounds lovely! / via Bernie Michalik

Colorful buildings on a small street in Italy

Bernina Express

I saw the photos in this tweet and promptly started researching this panoramic Swiss rail line that goes up into the alps and back down into Italy.

A red train with large panoramic windows heads off through fir trees with the Alps in the background

Great Biking Cities

And which trails to ride in Copenhagen, Bogotá, New York City, Paris, Washington, D.C., Geneva, San Francisco / via Belong

Two folks bike on a bridge in Paris on a sunny day

Wes Anderson’s Cygnus carriage

A bookable, fanciful train with several day trip options in England. (The short video showing a few bits of the inlaid wood creation is quite lovely.)

A fancy train interior

Crowded National Parks

I'm glad the parks are getting visitors, but maybe we need more of them... (The photos and videos for this article illustrate the overcrowding quite well.)

A large group of tourists at the Grand Canyon

Yonder Escalante

Airstreams, modern mini cabins, a drive-in, general store, pool, campfire storytelling. Southern Utah. Adding the the big list of places I would enjoy visiting.

Airmstreams and classic cars

Los Angeles studio of Corita Kent designated historic cultural landmark

Glad it wasn't razed for a parking lot. Another thing to add to the list of places I would very much love to visit.

Nuns making art and designing things!

Light Pollution Map

Paul Bausch has the right idea. Plan a camping trip based on this map.

Light Pollution map of the United States

Yardi Gras

I dig the Free Tours by Foot channel. I didn't know they were reporting the adjusted Mardi Gras this year.

Trollstigen Visitor Centre by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

A destination in Norway added to my bucket list / via Things to Click

Virtual Tour Of New Orleans’ Garden District

What a great way to feel slightly human than by enjoying a nicely put together walking tour.

The Dwelling

Beautiful space to rent for a getaway up in the Amish Country outside of Cleveland. / via Nick

Edge Sky Deck

Pretty sure this is NOT going on my todo list next time I'm in NYC.

Focus / Yoshino Retreat

An annual retreat hosted by Craig Mod and Jan Chipchase, will take place in Yoshino, Nara Prefecture, deep in timber country, shouldered by pine and cedar forests and rolling mountains dotted by ancient hot springs. Applications are open

Japan 2016

Four years ago I did a tour of Japan, these are some of the photos. It was wonderful to reflect on the experience and put it together on Exposure. They keep making this photo story tool better and better.

The Nature of Color: Exhibition

American Museum of Natural History (NYC) / adding to list if I get back there.

Popeye Village Malta

I saw the movie Popeye at age 9. (I thought it was magical back then.) I always thought it would be fun to go to the place it was filmed. I guess you still can? / via @ADuralde


Hmmm. So it's like corporate AirBnB? I'll report back how this experience goes!

The Best Trip I’ve Ever Taken — Phil Armstrong

I love when Phil posts to his blog.


I saw a few videos of this Italian seaside village on the TikTok and I'm filing it away as it looks beautiful (and stacked). File under: ToGo

The World’s 100 Greatest Places of 2019

Oooo boy. This is a good list!

Vacation with an Artist

YES TO THIS / via SwissMiss

vacation with an artist

A 13,235-Mile Road Trip for 70-Degree Weather

This year-long journey across the U.S. keeps you at consistent high temperatures. (Note: I think I would prefer a trip that was more about 60 degree weather) / via Thor

Vertoe Luggage Storage

Stash your bags when traveling (limited US cities for now)


AirBNB for campervans and RVs


A new (iOS) app for tracking flights

On the Grid : City guides by local creatives

Well designed information for locales

What it’s really like to travel the world in a camper van

I say, live life without a hashtag.

Vintage VW Bus and Van Rentals

Saving this for later

Providence Canyon State Outdoor Recreation Area

My friend Katherine was just here and sent a photo that was amazing. Putting it on my list for my next trip to Georgia.

The TWA Hotel at JFK

has a font. (Also? I very much want to stay here)

Discover the Mekong through colorful illustrations

A journey from Cambodia to Vietnam illustrated by Christoph Niemann. Lovely

Buffalo: America’s Warmest Cold City

My sister lives in Buffalo, I want to go there for all new reasons now!

Toyota Rent a Car

Want to save a really good amount of money when renting a car while traveling? Rent directly from Toyota. Lifehack via Grace Dobush

Hot Poster Gossip: ThoughtMatter Edition

I'm digging deep into posters for activism if you haven't noticed. Poster House opens 2019 in NYC. I want to go to there. /via Thor

Airbnb Plus

Verified homes for style, comfort and amenities

Windows of San Francisco

features views from 100 different windows around the city. LOVE THIS / via Swiss-Miss

Scott’s Cheap Flights

Just heard this service is really, really, really inexpensive for travels who can go somewhere exotic in short notice.

Photos of All 59 U.S. National Parks

I think I need to add a life goal to visit each and every one

Penland School of Crafts

Another place on my tovisit list thanks to DJ & Megan's trip

Knife and Fork Restaurant

DJ said this was one of the best meals he's had, hiking nearby, overall beautiful. Filing undo todo

Pack Up + Go | A Surprise Travel Agency

Pack Up + Go plans 3-day weekend trips around the United States. All you have to do is tell us your budget and fill out a quick survey. We'll take care of your travel + accommodation arrangements - all while keeping your destination a surprise. (neat!)

The Perfect Three-day Weekend in Cincinnati

I like this list from Travel + Leisure, but I'd say one should visit the American Sign Museum, go atop Carew Tower for the view and try and hit up Jungle Jims to shop a grocery store like no other.

KLM iFly 50

Nice tour of 50 fantastic vacation destinations

Brand New: New Logo and Identity for Bhutan

This just reminds me of a life goal... Visit Bhutan. Because I want to visit a culture that wants to build an economy on Gross National Happiness.

On the Grid : Neighborhood guides

I've likely linked this up before, but they've many more cities now. Super well done without being overwhelming.

Small Cheval

A menu with 3 food choices is my kind of menu. (They have lots of drinks though). Placed in my Chicago "todo" file.

How to Really Drive Across the U.S. Hitting Major Landmarks

A refined path across the US. Superfun.

A Couple’s Incredible 550,000-Mile Odyssey Through 177 Countries Over 26 Years.

I want to remember this couple for when folks ask me about inspiration.

Virgin America – Welcome to the new

Tour of the new and excellent flight site. / via Yewknee

Welcome to the new

Tour of the new and excellent flight site. / via Yewknee

Oregonians in Oregon

Aaron Rayburn goes deep, snaps photos along the way, and makes me wish I would spend more time there!