Excel, an overlooked design tool

I've done a pretty good job of making Powerpoint look good, but this is next level stuff. / via Sidebar


An infographic of a circle chart and bar chart

Word Hippo

Whenever I need to find another word for something, or definition, pronunciation, antonym and even translations (great for branding exercises) I go here. A super valuable tool. / via Erik


A duotone image of hippo and a baby hippo

Firefox Relay

Create randomly generated email addresses that forward to your real inbox. Handy. / via Paul Bausch


Icons illustrating different email options

Duotone Generator

Simple browser based tool to create duotones.


A cat done in duotone of orange and blue

Better Twitter

Hide promoted tweets, trends, who to follow and more! Since installing browser extension I've been transported back to a quieter and calmer time. A plugin for Firefox and Chrome by Razvan Caliman


The Twitter bird