Would I do it tomorrow?

One way to gauge participation is to ask this question. Thing is? I'd invariably say yes to more if it meant I could cancel what was already planned.


Sunrise over mist and mountains

24 Hours in the Creative Life

Advice to young, mid or late career artists. Many favorites but "Learn how to advocate for yourself." from Joaquina Kalukango is a standout this morning.


A graphic that reads "24 Hours in the Creative Life"

Attempting to find more fun

A challenge to achieve, but these four steps feel solid / via smartpeopleiknow


Illustration of colorful balloons against a blue sky

Why I’ve Decided to Take My Podcast Off Spotify

A cogent perspective from Roxanne Gay


I duotone treatment of a photograph of a woman looking at the camera, chin in hand

Tiny Love Stories

Touching reader-submitted stories of love with no more than 100 words. This NYT series has been going for a while. Just learned of it thanks to Rachel on the left.


Two happy women and a plate of food

Find your own rainbow

An enlightening Twitter thread about how Bill Grundfest cultivated comedians in Greenwich Village / via SwissMiss


A rainbow in front of a mountain

A Grand Unified Theory of Buying Stuff

Lots of links to this piece by Paul Ford for good reason: the payoff at the end is inspiring when we consider experiences we hope to achieve when buying stuff.


A illustration of a man shopping for electronic devices

The Magic of Pee-wee Herman in a Dark Year

Dan Sinker writes about finding light in the darkness of a pandemic, and the timeless joy of a Playhouse


A black and white photo on the set of Pee-wee's Playhouse

Gratitude Zine

I very much enjoyed sitting at the kitchen counter while the Thanksgiving meal cooked, filling out this little number by Austin Kleon.


A black and white zine template about gratitude


I love Austin Kleon's train of thought about putting space in-between things. I've long felt this way about books, imagining the next chapter as I fall asleep, but this is a whole other level.


A black and white cover of a zine

Retain a beginner’s mind

Simon Collison collects links and pulls (an excellent) quote from an interview with Thom Yorke and Stanley Donwood as they discuss the visual language of Radiohead's album art over the years.


Kid A amnesia

Merlin’s GitHub of wisdom

Whenever you meet someone new, ask them what they're most excited about right now. Everyone interesting is excited about something right now, and they'd probably love to tell you about it. (And many more!)


Random bits of wisdom typed out in white letters on a black background

Tetris tames trauma

"24hrs after a traumatic event, or as soon as you are safe, play Tetris. It SIGNIFICANTLY reduces likelihood of intrusive memories." A fascinating thread with links.


Colorful cubes are stacked

Nick Cave on Charlie Watts

And three other related questions. A dense, concise and lovely reply. / via Daring Fireball


A man with silver hair in a suit smiles and looks off to the side


9 panels about growing by Grant Snider / via my friend Shannon


An illustration of a tree with the words "Shadows Dance" written

Stewardship of global collective behavior

"Addressing the harm wrought by dramatically restructuring human communication of the span of a decade, with no aim other than selling ads." Of all the challenges we face? This one is so very important to address.


PNAS logo over mountains

Five-finger breathing exercise

Ground yourself in the present moment to calm down


An illustration of swirling mist around a hand by Nathalie Lees

The Fresh Start Challenge

From the NY Times: "As pandemic restrictions begin to ease, we all have the opportunity to rethink what life looks like going forward. Our 10-day Fresh Start Challenge will share daily tips for mindful living, stronger connections and healthy habits."


An illustration of an inner dialog

3 Most Important Questions

Grab some pen and paper and take 24 minutes. Started my day doing this exercise by Vishen Lakhiani. to consider life experiences, growth and contribution. A powerful draft to consider the future. (Thanks Emily)


A man in a blue shirt and blue hoody

Write to find out.

"When you’re writing, you’re trying to find out something which you don’t know." - James Baldwin. This and more ruminations on writing by the late author. / via @voicesandnoises


A black and white photograph of James Baldwin

Our iPhone Notes Are Poetry

"People don't open up your Notes app and look through your notes. It's sacred." this and lots more good thinking about the notes app / via Om Malik


A hand holding a mobile phone reflecting a tree in bloom

Something to look forward to

"It can be a very minor thing, and it can be a major thing. But you always have to have something you’re looking forward to next."


books and markers strewn across a desk

Love is a verb

It's not a permanent state of enthusiasm, it's an actual practice


A drawing of two folks at a piano, one hugging the other

My spirit animal for March 2021

Actor Sheila Hancock on what a year in lockdown has been like for her and why she thinks we need a revolution.


A capture of online video of a woman with captions and some branding for the BBC

Ten reasons to write a book

Among the solid list of reasons, it clarifies your thinking. / via Swiss-Miss


Ten reasons to write a book

Queer Designers Share Their Vision for the Future of Design

I stumbled on to this article thanks to Rachel, but enjoyed clicking all around IDEO's site.


Manager README

I really love this. Martyn Davies has a user manual on how he likes to work. There are too many choice lines to share. The concept is not unique, but it is solid and I aspire to write my own README. / via Rachel Kwon


A yellow field with black type that reads "As your college"

How Garfield Helped Me Make Peace With a Culture in Decline

Try getting into Garfield variants: remixes of the original strips that testify to the internet’s limitless invention. Upon recommendation by Thor


garfield remixes

Ewok Banquets and Hobbit Joy

"What if we were wrong this whole time? Wrong in thinking that joy only happens at the end?"


You and the Thing That You Love

A film by Nicholas Maher. A worthwhile 10 minutes.


A title card for a movie with a man wiping sweat from his brow with a t-shirt

3:45 PM

A lovely animation indeed. "Don't live in the grand scheme of things"


A Brief Guide to Noticing

and navigating toomuchery. 45 seconds well spent!



Jack Cheng’s weekly letter on creative work, technology, and the art of living.


Advanced Topics in Reminders and To Do Lists

I'm mad about scheduled and looping reminders, but these ideas elevate the notion / via Andy Baio


Commit to the journey

Consistently shipping the work, despite the world’s reaction, despite the nascent nature of our skill, despite the doubts. /via Swiss-Miss


You Should Go to Bed Super Early

Says them


The Gandalf Option.

I try and herald the positive, but I also struggle with combatting the wicked. This is a good frame of reference I should invoke when I forget.


Fear is a Liar

– if you choose...


Apple’s Relentless Strategy, Execution, and Point of View

This expanded thread by Steven Sinofsky is from June, combined with the announcement of the M1 chip and cursory performance projections, it is an _excellent_ read on many levels outside of tech. (Particularly business strategy or personal goal setting)


five nice things – Michael Sippey

This is a good exercise. / via waxy


The Keep Going Song

I'm behind on my RSS feeds. This was a delightful moment to soak up.


21 Lessons for the 21st Century – Yuval Noah Harari

My friend Erik is reading this to stop from doomscrolling. He says it's good.


Nick Cave – The Red Hand Files

I didn't know Nick Cave had a site. But now I do. And it is very good. / thanks DJ and Austin Kleon!


Nick Cave is showing us a new, gentler way to use the internet

"We all needed to draw ourselves back to a state of wonder. My way was to write myself there … but I also realised that I was not alone in my grief and that many of you were, in one way or another, suffering your own sorrows, your own griefs."


A City Liturgy

"In a time when we’re encouraged to distance, my hope is that this may simply be one more thread to connect us." Lovely thought and practice from Megan.


Advice from Ten Years of Leading Remote Teams.

Aside from a topic that applies to my workdays, it's nice to see Greg’s spiffy new home for content online. I never unsubscribed from his RSS.


A Walk is a Tool and a Platform

I went to this conference to hear this talk by Craig Mod. It was worth it. And you can see it without a flight!


Being a Noob

When I was young, I thought old people had everything figured out. Now that I'm old, I know this isn't true... And yet today I realized something encouraging about being a noob: the more of a noob you are locally, the less of a noob you are globally.


The Design Squiggle

a simple illustration of the design process / via ThingsToClick


21 Stories of People Who Walked Away

(I might be ready for a dumb phone.) / via Andy Baio


Middle Age Misery Peaks at Age of 47.2, Economist Says

I'm on the slope down to happiness! YAY. / via Paul Bausch


Find the wonder and the marvel of an ordinary life

Advice that works for adults as well as children


A more satisfying way…

to reflect on your end of year/end of decade accomplishments / via CreativeMornings


The year of enough

This collection of Jocelyn's favorite thinking from 2019 has some gems.


Learning to See

In order to make things you need to understand them. In order to understand them, you need to first learn to notice them. You need to see the little details of the stitch on the handbag, or the almost imperceptible swipe animation on the app’s login screen.


Amy Hoy “Can we talk about actually why the peloton ad is so bad?…

...the answer isn’t sexism, or that it’s hard to convey an inner journey in an ad the problem is copywriting" a thread on Twitter that is BANG ON


Nick Offerman explains how true creativity—and knowing how to do things with your own two hands—can lead you to a happier, more fulfilled life

Lots of good in here. About serendipity, knowing when to stop editing, favoring quality and tons of recommendations at the end


First Things First

"You can be creative and make a living" Tina on listening to the universe. (Yay for 16 minute podcasts!)


Apple’s 2019 Holiday extended ad

I so very much believe in sharing what we've lost and what we have