How Brian Lovin’s site works

Whoa. This is densely awesome. A personal website that operates somewhat like an OS. Thoroughly engaging and inspiring.

A screenshot of a personal website

NightWatch Magnifying Clock Dock

I already have enough clocks and a charging solution for my watch. But if I didn't I'd totally consider this beauty. / via smartpeopleiknow

A magnifying glass for your Apple Watch

BrickIt App

Throw your lego down and scan it with this app and it will give you step by step instructions to build new things. Haven't tried this, but it sounds far out. / via ProductHunt

A colorful abstract Lego helicopter held by a hand

A portal to feel connected

Marveling at this huge circular screen and camera with real-time feed between Vilnius, Lithuania and Lublin, Poland

A circular video portal

How Uber is Scamming Everyone

Edward Ongweso, Jr. and Gravel Institute present such an alarming and compelling case against Uber I will vow to seek alternatives and understand the landscape of travel options with more thought.

Frame of animation with blue cars circling on roads


After seeing this post on Fonts In Use I am now scouring the internet for a modern replacement of this old Apple utility that was probably better in my memory than actually useful.

Black and white interface of the old Mac OS Scrapbook

Apple’s Privacy Commercial

I had only seen tiny snippets before seeing the whole thing. This really brings clarity to the insanity of tracking. I would actually appreciate seeing a longer and deeper dive. Sadly the video is hosted on Youtube. / via DaringFireball

A man holds a mobile phone with ghosts of privacy trackers dissipate nearby


Give this website webcam permissions and learn sign language (Chrome based browsers)

An illustration of a hand signing the letter E

A Guy and His Boring Startup

His name is Stewart Butterfield. You may know him from Flickr, but he has this new thing called Slack.

Male in white shirt on blue background

A Better Queue

Filter Netflix by Rotten Tomatoes scores and genres. Awesome. /via SwissMiss

Six Years as an Indy Mobile App Developer

"For the past six years I’ve managed to maintain a sustainable app-centric business." the story of Timewerks


New app to peruse NPR's audio content, blending interests, global and local stories. Haven't used but I am enamored with the icon alone!

Lucy Space USB drive

I just saw the movie Lucy and couldn't find an image of this USB drive on the internet so I made it.