I have the sudden urge to modify an old iPod with an SD card.


hand holding a modified iPod with clear case

Teenage Engineering Record Factory

Compact and portable record cutter that allows you to create your own 5” vinyl records and playback in lo-fi sound. WHOA + NEATO! / via Tom


A record cutting machine brightly colored with orange and white plastic


Change lighting of photos with AI. It's free, so there's all that comes with that. But it's also pretty dang good.


A man holds his cat and three colored dots indicate changing the lighting

TikTok monitoring all keyboard inputs and taps

If you use their in-app browser that is. Which is kind of a huge deal. (Other apps do this too and that's what this post details. TMKY


Alert showing the amount of snooping that Javascript can inject into apps that build in their own internet browser


Text to speech with a AI voice generator. (The pro version sound particularly good.) / via John Maeda


Illustrations of users with different use cases for AI generated audio including an educator, marketer, author, corporate coach and broadcaster

How to Temporarily Disable Face ID or Touch ID

It's very simple on iOS to bypass biometric authentication and require the passcode.


Touch ID Home Button on mobile phone


A free to use, edit, extend crowdfunding tool for Shopify with multiple goals and variants as campaign tiers by Craig Mod. (Excellent video tutorial to boot!) / via Kevin Kelley's post about The Proprietary Path


Screenshot of a crowdfunding website tool


Radically optimize image file sizes with this Mac app or web service. I've used this before but it wasn't until I asked Naz how he got his photographs so wonderfully compressed that it all clicked. Now a tool in my everyday workflow.


App Icon showing a mechanical vice compression a digital image

Canvas Cards

A gallery of card designs created with the HTML Canvas element and JavaScript with editable code to tweak and generate new variants. Created by Luke Patton


Randomly generated card designs


Back-office for a Business-of-One, including company formation, tax, accounting and bookkeeping services. Not available in Ohio yet, but this looks v promising. / via Erik


A stylized logo with the letter C made of many small circles

pocket operator

Teenage Engineering created a pocket operator app to sequence sound and video (for Google Pixel phones). No real idea what this does, but I love their approach to interface design.


AR Art Projector

App that blends an image on your phone with video of your pencil / paintbrush to draw. Once set, you can even zoom around. Fascinating. Da Vinci Eye has another app for murals too.


A phone shows a blend of a photograph and a pencil drawing a picture from it

Prompts plus powerful AI

Two examples show another approach of how tools like Dall•E can generate imagery


An image of a man's face closely cropped on one side, and what appears to be a zoomed out photo of the same man dressed as a sushi chef (but it's not real, it's made from AI)

Asking AI to generate some logos

Janelle Shane's AI Weirdness blog is great. This particular post makes me wondering about job security.


An In and Out burger sign as interpreted by AI... (All of the signs are whacky and misspelled.)

Song Link / Odesli

Automatically scours major streaming platforms to share links for songs, albums and podcasts. I no longer have to link to YouTube videos! (I do fear if the service will exist much longer after a Linktree acquisition...) / via Andy Bell


An icon of interconnected music notes above a grid of album covers

Touch screens in cars are not good

This entire article can be summed up by the title. Don't get me wrong, as soon as fully autonomous vehicles are a real thing? Screens everywhere!


An illustration of a figure trapped inside a screen


It's like Zoom, but funner apparently, breaking out of boxes and adding filters, music, and games.


A whacky circle of videos with filters for video conferencing

Bionic Reading

The most concise parts of words are set in bold which, in theory, guides the eye and increases comprehension. Intrigued to try this with longer text. / via @LukesBeard


A block of text where the first few letters of each word is set in a bold

My 16 Favourite Finder Tips for Mac

I thought I knew MacOS well, but almost every single item on Rory Bowcott's list was an a-ha! / via another link on Belong


A MacOS Finder window with contextual menu open to batch rename files

How to block domains from search results

Luke Harris has a good rundown of options. I just installed the uBlacklist browser extension and I might never have to see an image result from Pinterest or iStockphoto again. Glory!


A preference panel for a browser extension to block websites from showing up in searches

Excel, an overlooked design tool

I've done a pretty good job of making Powerpoint look good, but this is next level stuff. / via Sidebar


An infographic of a circle chart and bar chart

Hyundai IONIQ 5

Need to pay off my current ride and drive it for many more years. But I like to dream of what the next vehicle will be and this new EV from Hyundai presses a lot of buttons (and kept a few important controls as real knobs).


The rear view of an electric vehicle with LED brake lights

Contra Chrome

Online webcomic by Leah Elliott that exposes what really happens when you use the Chrome browser (and other Google services). Be sure to use the arrow pagination tool and not the 'skip to the end' button.


A few introductory panels from a webcomic about Google Chrome. A man holds a tabbed browser window with a speech bubble that reads "Hi, my name is Scott McCloud! I'm a cartoonist and comics scholar. Back in 2008, I created a comic book for Google explaining the inner workings of their soon-to-be-released new browser, Chrome."

Have iPhone Cameras Become Too Smart?

Mobile phone photos look like weird paintings anymore. I'd like an option to turn off computational photography.


Pixelated flowers in a vase on a mobile phone screen

ID. Buzz

This long dreamed about VW moves (slowly) into production (for Europe). The front design is busy, but the rest of the package is compelling.


An orange and white electric van of the future from Volkswagen

The Problem With NFTs

I've seen half of this (two hour!) video but agree with Michael here that it's worth watching to get a better understanding of this emerging (and divisive) technology.


Title card for a Youtube video featuring two NFT characters on a brick wall with the title "Line Goes Up"

How Brian Lovin’s site works

Whoa. This is densely awesome. A personal website that operates somewhat like an OS. Thoroughly engaging and inspiring.


A screenshot of a personal website

NightWatch Magnifying Clock Dock

I already have enough clocks and a charging solution for my watch. But if I didn't I'd totally consider this beauty. / via smartpeopleiknow


A magnifying glass for your Apple Watch

BrickIt App

Throw your lego down and scan it with this app and it will give you step by step instructions to build new things. Haven't tried this, but it sounds far out. / via ProductHunt


A colorful abstract Lego helicopter held by a hand

A portal to feel connected

Marveling at this huge circular screen and camera with real-time feed between Vilnius, Lithuania and Lublin, Poland


A circular video portal

How Uber is Scamming Everyone

Edward Ongweso, Jr. and Gravel Institute present such an alarming and compelling case against Uber I will vow to seek alternatives and understand the landscape of travel options with more thought.


Frame of animation with blue cars circling on roads


After seeing this post on Fonts In Use I am now scouring the internet for a modern replacement of this old Apple utility that was probably better in my memory than actually useful.


Black and white interface of the old Mac OS Scrapbook

Apple’s Privacy Commercial

I had only seen tiny snippets before seeing the whole thing. This really brings clarity to the insanity of tracking. I would actually appreciate seeing a longer and deeper dive. Sadly the video is hosted on Youtube. / via DaringFireball


A man holds a mobile phone with ghosts of privacy trackers dissipate nearby


Give this website webcam permissions and learn sign language (Chrome based browsers)


An illustration of a hand signing the letter E

A Guy and His Boring Startup

His name is Stewart Butterfield. You may know him from Flickr, but he has this new thing called Slack.


Male in white shirt on blue background

A Better Queue

Filter Netflix by Rotten Tomatoes scores and genres. Awesome. /via SwissMiss


Six Years as an Indy Mobile App Developer

"For the past six years I’ve managed to maintain a sustainable app-centric business." the story of Timewerks



New app to peruse NPR's audio content, blending interests, global and local stories. Haven't used but I am enamored with the icon alone!


Lucy Space USB drive

I just saw the movie Lucy and couldn't find an image of this USB drive on the internet so I made it.