Natural Soundscapes of Rocky Mountain National Park

Choose from dawn, morning, evening, environmental or weather. Good backdrop for zoning out or in. / via MetaFilter

Rocky Mountain National Park mountains at sunset

Goodnight, Metal Friend Mix #21

Seth Werkheiser's mix of spooky doom, ambient, gloomy tunes to help you fall asleep. I think these tracks are great for focus while working or thinking, or thinking at work! It's like being in some sci-fi movie.

Graphic design cover for a mix of spooky doom, ambient, gloomy tunes

KOOKOO Birdhouse

A contemporary twist on a cuckoo clock that features field recordings of real birds and goes to sleep at night.

A modern cuckoo clock


I love Austin Kleon's train of thought about putting space in-between things. I've long felt this way about books, imagining the next chapter as I fall asleep, but this is a whole other level.

A black and white cover of a zine

Goodnight, Metal Friend

Seth Werkheiser's mix of music and sounds for sleep

Neuroscience Says Listening to This Song Reduces Anxiety by Up to 65 Percent

Old link that's been in a tab for months. But my friend has started a podcast for sleep and I want to share this with him. Maybe we need a podcast for waking too!

Sleep Stories – The Emperor’s New Clothes by Erik Ireland

My friend made a podcast to encourage sleeping by reading a good story.

How to Sleep – The Atlantic

to read when I'm having insomnia because of Voledemort

100 Blocks a Day

"Throughout the day, you spend 10 minutes of your life on each block, until you eventually run out of blocks and it’s time to go to sleep..." Excellent thinking here. / via swiss-miss

Are Sleepless Parents More Creative?

I honestly stopped reading this at the headline. But I'm saving this link for pestering my friends when they are exhausted. / via Mark Weaver

Sleep: Loss

A moving essay by Bill Hayes

Sleep Cycle alarm clock

I tend to get up naturally pretty early of late, because I'm reading before bed I think. But this app/notion seems very intriguing. /via jasonsantamaria

Can Sleep With

Just in case you needed a range (via cal)