Stay close to nature, it will never fail you

A letterpress print with this fine notion from Frank Lloyd Wright (via bblinks)

Dyson Air Multiplier

A fan without blades. Neato. Can't wait to 'fee' one. (via uncrate)

Repro Depot designs

Vintage-Inspired Textile Designs on CD (what's a CD?) by Chronicle Books. This looks like a nice thing to have on the bookshelf in the studio.

A magic wand for your tv

Gestural UI finally comes of age. (via FreshArrival)

Jude Buffum has prints of “Mushroom Recession” available on canvas

This, an excellent piece from the 8 Bit and Beyond collective show fusing art & videogames in Philly. (which I found out through

Frank Chimero has just added t-shirts to his shop.

I'm running out of adjectives to extoll praise of Frank's goods. I love the feeling he creates with his style and palette. It transitions great to cloth.

Personalized Felt Pennants

I can think of a few little folk (and myself) that would like one of these.

Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM Standard Zoom Lens

That last link with the (AWESOME) aquarium video? It was shot with this, the most reasonably priced and versatile lens I've yet to see to fit most any Canon camera, including my own. I'm officially placing it on my wishlist, but if anyone has another suggestion, please drop a line!

Kitsch Café

I love what Drew finds and makes, and how he puts it all together. It's icing on the cake that he's just down the road.

Lester Beall Postcards

Eyeing these til payday (via Draplin)

32GB CompactFlash card – $62.00

This is a very good deal for a ton of capacity. (thanks Marmot!)

Mr Tea Towel

I find this to be more compelling than André the Giant's mug in some way. (via Clusterflock)

Portland General Store, Lisa Brodar’s products for men

Oh, I know it's more stuff. But this looks like beautiful "stuff" that could help me moisturize AND improve home decor. Win. Win. (There is also a line of products for women, via Uncrate)

Slip on sleeve tattoos

I suppose I need to work on my guns before I get these pantyhose for my arms. (via byrdhouse)

Draplin Design Co.: The magnificent poster

Easiest 20 bucks I've ever parted with.

Best Made Axes

I never thought I'd say an axe was pretty. (via nedwright)

Wood Box Supply

Pretty straightforward, these folks sell all kinds of wooden boxes. (via alex cornell)

Saving money with your iPhone

Amy points out some nice apps I wasn't aware of. Must dig into some of these when I'm back in the states.

A fanny pack for your head

Ack. (via zefrank)

Tiny Mix Tapes Vol. 1: Darfur – The first release from the music blog with a big heart

Studiomate Tom just got the vinyl and it's a solid affair from cover to content. Also of note, all profits aid victims in the Sudanese region.

Seed Bombs

Practice random acts of gardening. (a local feed, seen on a Grain Edit twitter)

Fate to Fatal

A few folks have asked if there'd be any of the vinyl we helped Kim and Kelley print up. There (were) a handful, with some special color experiments for sale to boot. UPDATE: The limited edition has sold out.

Felted Mouse Booties with PrettyLittle

Wrapping up the day with this nice profile on Etsy seller Lacey Smith. (via MeFi)


Or bookshelf talk-bubble. Either way, I like it.

Japanese masking tape

Pricey but oh so pretty (via Jen Bekman)

Photography by Feaverish

I'm often copping Aaron's links, but I admire his photos to boot

Best USB flash drive ever?

It's up there for sure.

Partners & Spade

Art Museum mixed with retail. Filing under things to do in NYC

The Pantalaine

Whoa. Snuggie mates with afgan(s). (via craplinks)

Häagen-Dazs: Five

FIVE ingredients! Deliciously beautiful concept. Must try. (as seen on 37signals and Uncrate)

Moon Shine Lamp & Shade

My friend Anne is helping us shop for a light for our living room. I'm loving the organza here.

Stuffed Robot

has a great About page to go with the fun shopping experience.

You Are So Last Year, the Shop

The Modern Logger Poster is sublime

Dooce looks at clocks

I'm saving this link for my friend Anne, she is addicted to wall clocks

Kelley Deal Goods

We quietly launched this page a few weeks ago and I keep meaning to link 'em up but stuff keeps selling out. I break out in a big smile every time Kelley sends over a new batch of items. I love every single thing she makes.

Sew Bettie makes fun fabrics

I'm digging quite a few (via notmartha)

Bill Nye Paper Recycling Factory

It's pretty easy to make paper, but this kit makes it nice to have all the tools available for 30 bucks. Great for kids to learn the concept of recycling, or anyone looking for things to do. (via Make)

10 Awesome Things With Mustaches

Some fun things I hadn't seen before on this list.

Origami Sticky Notes

Cute and reasonable (via uncrate)

Duchess, Clothier of Portland

One day, I'd love to have a suit that is made to fit me, vest required.

The Wondermark Holiday Pin Set.

In addition to the beard poster, I must admit this fine hand-crafted pin set is smashing.

Hierarchy of Beards Print

by Wondermark. Very awesome (via JoeMyGod)

Teeny Tile : Two inch square ceramic tile with your image printed on it

Cost : 5 dollars, Delivery time : about one week. Sweet (via swissmiss)

The first mall

The Typographic Desk Reference looks pretty smashing

Written and designed by Theodore Rosendorf (via Joshua Blankenship)

Super Hero in a Box

Superfun, at Restoration Hardware? (via swissmiss)

First Aid Kit at Design Within Reach

Reasonably priced and very nice to look at (via uncrate)

Snow Angel Letterpress Cards

Fantastic (via gentlepurespace)

Inanimate characters stickers

Make anything seem alive (stickers of eyes and mouths)

LEGO Factory: Custom Design Your Own Model

Build a model virtually, order the pieces, share your model, marvel. (via monkeyairplane)

Sharon Montrose “Baby Deer”

Adorable photographic print (via the sweet joannagoddard)

The Leg Lamp inflatable lawn ornament

Keep it classy this Christmas.

Lumberjack briefs

It is a sin that these are not available in XXL. An awesome find nonetheless, via jockohomo


Mix and match images from anywhere on the web, to create outfits, interior designs, or any kind of collage. (via Mark Barilla)

The Muppet Whatnot Workshop

I always wanted to make my own Muppet. Though 90 bucks, this is very likely one of the coolest things on the planet, ever. (via MeFi, reminded by Storey)

Vers – Hand-crafted Sound Systems for iPod

This is a beautiful alarm clock / amplifier (via uncrate)

The New York Times Store: The Obama cover

I went to 3 bookstores and each one of them were sold out of every single paper. I wanted this one. I hope I can get it (the store is currently getting hit hard)


Magnetic "pixels" for say, your fridge. (via fresharrival)

Charley Harper Illustrated Baby Tee

at Old Navy

Amazon Windowshop Beta

Browse the new stuff each week with a zoomy thumbnail interface. Neato.