Dunder Mifflin paper

I don't watch The Office, but if I di,d I'd probably like to have this box of paper. / via glennplatt


Svpply: Search Results for shelving

Mental note: when looking for interesting things, throw in a tag and see what folks have added to Svpply.


Taxidermy Deer LEGO Kit

David Cole makes good things. This is just one of them.


VisuaLingual 2011 Gift Guide

Speaking of Maya, she made this list and I'm not just selfpimping because she put my t-shirt on there. I like the other stuff. (Particularly that cutting board).


Tattly Gift Boxes

swissmiss and crew keep making more awesome tattoos and ways to enjoy 'em. An honor to be in the favorites batch, really.


Q-Ba Maze

One part building toy, one part marble run. / via @rosenboy


Lucero Olive Oil

Maker of olive oil, balsamic vinegars and tapenades in California. Online store and recipes. / via Robbie



"It's like the McRib of sex" / via everywhere


Luminaria by Tinkering Monkey

Heck, I'd keep these around after the holiday.


Ohio Mini-Print Set

Just opened up a set of these and was filled with delight. For my state, and to Northcoast Zeitgeist.


Warby Parker at Milk Bar in Columbus

I keep wanting to get a pair (or three) of these glasses and I know they have a program where you can get samples shipped to your door to try on, but it might be nice to just go to a store and try 'em.


Field Notes + Tattly

This Firespottter edition is awesome.


United Pixelworkers State tees

Digging this Ohio tee, but fret not other 49 states, they're all available.


EARonic iPhone 4 Cases

These are weird and wonderful. / via thisisnthappiness & swissmiss


sugru – hacking putty

A clay-like substance that is self-adhesive, cures at room temperature, waterproof and flexible. My workmate Tom used this to add bumper corners to his phone that protect it quite well. Tons of uses.


Shopping list magnets

Super colorful. / via thisisnthappiness


Google Catalogs

I'm not a catalog shopper, but I dig the idea of one day not having them in my mail box.


Pantone Postcards

I don't know if I have the address for 100 design types, but I like this. / via thisisnthappiness


New York City Garbage by Justin Gignac

Packaging makes even garbage look desirable. / via LaughingSquid


Amelia’s Needle Felted Dog Sculpture

Pretty remarkable little creations. I'm thinking of pet lovers that would love one of these. The client gallery is particular fun to see scale and comparison. / via Dooce


Freelance Ain’t Free

A statement, a stance, a movement... and also a fine shirt!


Pencil Dice

By Sebastian Bergne / via thisisnthappiness


Jak Prints

Today I'm going to bookmark things I saw while up at the Weapons of Mass Creation Fest in Cleveland. Going to start off with this printing resource. They do apparel printing, paper, stickers, the whole gamut. I'm totally going to them for my next print job. Their samples were above solid.


Mercy, a box of 24 cards

"Never, ever bring this up again" / via thisisnthappiness


33 Beers, a beer journal

Nice way to record the flavor profile of brews.


Hipstamatic iPhone case and mini brand rant

Maybe my favorite case yet (though I'd prefer the type to be less visible or invisible. People will ask, and you can tell them - don't need to go screaming BRAND all the time.) / via @animbear


Chris Hardy will record a cartoon voice (very well) for you for $5.

This among thousands of other weird and wonderful things on Fiverr, which I linked to a long time ago, but was just reminded to return / thanks @andmiriam


Graffiti Cocktail Shaker

Out of stock, but still a hoot / via Matt Brossard


Classic Lineup

Bob & TObin & Mitch & Kevin & Greg / thanks Merlin


Beer Holster

Not sure I need the leg strap, and I usually use my breast pocket for beer, but can't lie, I'd like one of these holsters. A perfect Friday Drink Link from Coudal.



Because I am a gross sweaty sleeper


Alternative Royal Wedding Plate – Kate’s Wedding List

Silly but the design and message wins me over. You'll have to click the thumbnail to zoom in and see the detail. 


Overheard on the Titanic by Austin Kleon

This is easily a favorite of Austin's blackout poems.


Grado Prestige Series SR-60i Padded Headphones

Studiomate Tom says these win awards year after year, and they're reasonable at $79.00


The World, by Paula Scher

A super nice 20x200 print


Lu.ma Camera straps

I want to put this connector on my existing Souldier camera strap. (Sadly out of stock, but noting for later) / via SwissMiss


Mid-century modern nightstand or end table

Great price for what looks like a solid and stylish little table / via bblinks


Out of Print Clothing

Iconic and often out of print book covers put on t-shirts (legally). With each sale, a book is donated to a community in need. Love these lots. / via Stewf


Stamps of Disapproval by Heather K. Phillips

I feel these. / via Coudal Partners


Mouth Man hoodies

These are ridiculous and kind of awesome.


Key Ring Screwdrivers

Cheap and awesome / via Draplin


Naomi Atkinson’s Pixel Patterns

Reasonably priced and pretty darn great / via simplebits


The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

I love Sharon's work and her new site is beautiful. (Quite dig the Quicksand Bold font choice for type elements) / via bblinks



Binder clips don't work for us, so we just got a pack of these for the studio. (PS, Dear Blue Lounge, it's hard to find your cart button!)


County Fair Field Notes

I made sure to get an order for Ohio in before I shared the link, because I'm selfish like that


The Shop I Want

Rands describes it beautifully


Seed Bombs at Anthropologie

Congrats to VisuaLingual, now go open a bottle of wine!


Edit your Consciousness

Spray to forget. (This might be more convenient than hiring the Death Bear previously linked)


Pentax Optio I-10

Always on the lookout for a pocketable camera, this new Pentax looks to be a fine contender (and the big images on Uncrate posts are a treat)


The White Balance Lens Cap

Man I'm always fiddling with white balance, even though there's that auto setting. This product looks like something that might solve the problem.


Star Trek (original series) wetsuits

It's things like this that somehow make 2010 seem like the future we hoped it could be.


Toy Story Legos

The army men are an added bonus


The Necky

I'm going to have to send this YouTube video advert to Kelley. Snuggie Dickies might be all the rage in 2010. (via craplinks)


The Kitsune Noir Poster Club: Inside Look at Frank Chimero

I love process thinking and Frank never fails to deliver. Be sure to follow the link at the end of the interview or hit up the graphic on the sidebar to see all the inaugural Poster Club designs from the likes of Cody Hoyt, Mark Weaver, Garrett Vander Leun and Jez Burrows.


M is for magazine

I'm smitten with this magazine rack. (via idsgn.org's gift guide)


The Book Hook

Now that's a bookmark. Not much of a hook, but no mind (via makenosound)


Tom, Wendy and I share some ideas for holiday gifts

I stand by my New Moon soundtrack selection. ;-)


Duluth Trading Company

to explore


ATshirtBlog’s Holiday Gift Guide

We helped print a few of these shirts, and I know many of the designers and companies on the list. An honor to be among them on this finely curated list.


15 uses for newsprint

The Pencil Factory brings it together. I quite dig this simple design to showcase the works. (via Khoi)