Custom Stickers & Labels Printed by StickerGiant

My friend Paul says they do good stuff here, and they have window clingy things, which I've been looking to get made.

Pax Vaporizer by Ploom

Some stoner told me this was the neatest thing ever. I have to say, it's very well designed paraphernalia.


Automate pet playing and eavesdropping. Please make this reasonable when it comes out. / via Laughing Squid

Everything But the House

I feel like I want to covet this resource, but if you saw the transformation from the old site to the new, you'd be giddy too. They do online estate sales in Cincinnati, OH, Fairfield, CT, and Lexington, KY and it's my go-to place for Mid-Century Modern pieces. Great work by local group Ample.

Collective Cables

Because I always need an extra cable, and there's no sense in paying extra for a boring dirty white one. / via Tom

I bought some goods from Cameron of 1337motif at the last Crafty Supermarket

Instant heirlooms if you're a fan of classic videogames and wood, or cooking, or coasters. Excellent craftsmanship.

Vehicle Diagnostics By Delphi

Pretty nifty device. Checks your car status (engine diagnostics), location, and in new models, acts as a key fob. / via Autoblog

Handmade Ceramic Growler

I own no growlers, but this one at Kaufmann Mercantile looks exemplary. / via Tom

Aqua Notes – Waterproof Notepad

I had an idea in the bathroom this morning and didn't write it down. Totally forgot it and it vexed me all morning. I finally remembered it, but I should really get this notepad. / thx Austin Kleon

SurfacePad for iPhone

I don't need (another) case for my phone, but if I did, I would consider this simple wrap. (and probably be concerned I'd drop it on the corner, which I always do). / via @jasonrbarry

Slim Leather Wallets by Bellroy

Putting a Hide and Seek on my wishlist. Really great looking wallets. / via Tom

Comma Workshop Quilts

These are gorgeous. / via bb-links

Firmoo Prescription Eyeglasses

A friend said they liked their pair of specs from here, and they were pretty darn cheap.

Wood Type Revival – Borders & Ornaments

EPS files (regular and distressed) of decorative wood type elements

EZ-EL Wire Starter Kits

Trying to find an excuse to buy these neato light up wires.

Photoshop Inking Brush by Frenden

I don't have a stylus or tablet input for my computer*, but I'm saving these brushes for when I do. *It has been highly recommended to get one.

Offscreen Magazine — Christmas Wishlist

I've bought many of the things on this list and enjoy them deeply, like Offscreen Magazine itself.

Tree Elves

If I lived in Atlanta, I'd hire the tree elves

Vectors by Spike Press

I quite like this bits and pieces by John Solimine.

The Artwork and Lettering of Job Wouters

This book looks pretty dang solid. Wishlisting. / via Swissmiss

Secret Club Tags – Series No.1

These are pretty darn awesome keychain holders from Three Potato Four / via bblinks

Cincinnati T-shirt

Tom designed this shirt at the studio and the press hasn't stopped spinning since. An instant classic if I do say so myself.

Archer Air Superiority

My curiosity about these three air fresheners is very intense. Notes of charred oak, bourbon, and sour mash? Leather, aftershave and horsepower? Stone, gun powder and timber? Nutty. The good kind.

Unreal Candy

I love this idea, the packaging, and everything else about this candy made with wholesome ingredients. Swooning. My 'buy finger' is itchy.

Portable Rowboat

I never thought I'd need a portable rowboat, but I'm beginning to think i do now.

Frontage by Juri Zaech

This layered font has me hovering over the buy button. / via GrainEdit

Rirkrit Tiravanija Beach Towel

I AM BUSY says the beachtowel.

Fleetwood Macbook – laptop sticker

By Dan Cassaro

Haters Gonna Hate

The pillow by Aled Lewis

Happy Socks

I've long thought I needed "funner" socks. This site has them. / via uncrate


Mother's Day is coming up and I was just reminded by Tattly's Twitter that this tattoo I made would make a fun gift (or homage) for the day. I need to send some to my mom.

Colour Tracks

"9 tracks visualize different styles of music with various colours: Each colour strip stands for one genre and is exactly as wide as the track is long." Beautifully simple.


Maybe this ball of moss in a terrarium is the houseplant I cannot kill.

Zebag Wine Carrier

This looks pretty darn perfect for the amount of wine I store.

Square Register Stand

Turn your iPad into a cash register with this wooden stand by Tinkering Monkey

Dramatic Chipmunk Needle Felted Sculpture

Kiyoshi Mino makes great things.

No.9 Orchestra, scale model

Pretty awesome little set of cardboard figures / via @jenbee

Scrabble Typography Edition

Pricey? Sure. But pretty? Very much so.

“Mono Taxali”

Signed monograph by artist Gary Taxali

Umbra Casa Tissue Box Cover

5 bucks.

Beyond IKEA: 10 Other Cheap, Chic Furniture Stores

A bevy of links by Apartment Therapy. / thanks kindly James!

Henri’s Walk to Paris: Saul Bass’s Only Children’s Book, 1962, Resurfaced 50 Years Later | Brain Pickings

I've had my eye on this for a while. Now please reissue Charley Harper's Biology book!

Basis : Health and heart rate monitor for wellness and fitness

I dig the idea of wearable technology to capture health data in meaningful ways. This Basis product, though not out, looks promising. Kind of like the Jawbone UP with a watch and display and maybe then some / via uncrate

Field Notes: Red Blooded

My favorite little notebook, now in red. And this promo video? It's an arrow to the heart. Great on many levels.

The Wirecutter – The Best Gadgets

It's kind of like Consumer Reports without the noise and a dollop of editorial confidence. / via DaringFireball a while back, but rented thanks to MetaFilter

Michael James Milton

Jen and Naz call them pocket squares and I think they're lovely.

Helo TC Assault

Just filing this away for later. Seems like a reasonable price for something pretty fun.

Kibardindesign White & White LED Clock

Vadim Kibardin created this clock containing only figures with no casing. Each figure has self-contained power supply and independent control, it can be fixed to any surface. A light sensor will switch the clock to white at night time and black at daytime.

Jack Spade – Good Grief Shot Glasses

Genius really. / via tinyursophiliac, thisisnthappiness

Maria Popova’s Book Pickings

A lovely site with book recommendations that span the gamut. / via Swissmiss

The Icon Handbook by Jon Hicks

I'm really really picky about books. They're so heavy when you move. Make them count, I say. This is one of those books I want to have in the real.

Red elephant watering can

I need a watering can and this is the first one that caught my eye. Nice in red or gray. Totally forgot where I saw this, but it was recent.

Spraypaint Sweaters Series

Quite digging Matt W. Moore's one of a kind sweatshirts.

Cast Iron Design Company Store

Fine goods by Richard and Jonathan. Be sure to click on their COMPANY page after shopping at the store and be blown away at how beautiful web fonts can be.

JackBacks : Wood replacement iPhone backs

I just got a case, but suddenly it pales in comparison to this solution.

Inspector Stamps. Portable little rubber stamps

Thinking of all the things I'd like to make for a little stamp. Awesome goodness from the Cranky Pressman / via Northcoast Zeitgeist