Pizza Checkers by Nate Duval

It's not apparent how awesome this is until you click the image and advance a few thumbnails

Unicalendar 2020

The year all at once, split-fountain gradient + 120 foil emoji stickers. / via

Budapest Poster Gallery

Buy original vintage posters from Hungary. !!! / via DJ Trischler


Wendy says this place is great to get custom greeting cards made. Looks like they do lots of stuff!

UNO Nonpartisan

Red cards are orange, blue cards are purple. This is silly, but here I am noting it.

Where to shop online that isn’t Amazon

Lots of options!

Non-toxic, plastic free laundry and dish detergent pods – Dropps

A Youtube ad worked on me to visit a site. I'm intrigued. I would fathom P&G will be doing this soon (or buy them).

Renogy – Solar Powered Systems & Equipment

Whether you're camping or in the bush, power your things!

National Parks Series at Field Notes

Gorgeous series.

Celebrate Everyone Pennant

Rainbows are fun

Vicky reps Dusen Dusen at Showcase Marketplace

This is old, but is still very effective because I want to buy some of these things. / lulz, via Yewknee

Brand New: Brand and Packaging for Welly

All of a sudden I feel the need to have new band-aids on hand.

Starry Light by Anagraphic

Constellations on your ceiling

Printmaking Craft Kit – Kid Made Modern

Todd Oldham founded a company to inspire kids and parents with creative tools what?! There are SO MANY things I want to get. / via Amy Sedaris

The Best Men’s Jacket

A 28 minute review by Chase Reeves. I didn't realize a jacket review could be so entertaining. / via Marco Arment

DIY Bug Stamp Kit

Filing under gift idea

Turton – Ernest Wright

The only scissor I'd ever need? Filing away, to explore when I am looking to buy my next pair of scissors. / via Kottke

Proteak Carving Board

The next photo shows the scale of this thing. (I'm slowly replacing all the lousy things in my life with good things that should last longer. This cutting board is on my radar.)

Message from Earth

Read the story, then check out the replica plaque in the shop. A really nice gift for space lovers, methinks

Products – Lightailing

Great. Now I want more Legos.

Matt W. Moore’s 2019 calendar

Super colorful

Harry: TRUE Story of Cinderella

Tom's been working on this book for years. It's totally weird and totally awesome and totally Tom.

Beeteeth — Resist!

I keep going back to Dan Christofferson's site hoping things come back in stock.

They Knew Not My Name, and I Knew Not Their Faces — Michael Wilson

I really admire Cincinnati photography Michael Wilson. Anything to support him? I'm there. His love of the craft is infectious.

Field Notes Rams edition

Dieter Rams’s famous Ten Principles of Good Design on the cover. Yes.

Hank’s Pocket

My mom and I saw a woman with one of these and she asked where it came from. It's like a stylish toolbelt. Really neat, sadly sold out but I'm following with a few gifts in mind.

Colorful Backgammon Set

This would make me want to play Backgammon more.

DivvyUp – The Custom Sock Company

Filing away for potential gifts

Cottage Modern Cat House | Tuft + Paw

THIS HOUSE! / via Swiss-Miss


And other patches. It is very, very hard to not buy these, but I need to curb such spending right now and invest in getting the word out about voter registration in Ohio

Denim Jacket Camp Flag • Pretty Useful Co.

I'm more of a patch guy but this makes me want to be a pin guy

Buy Me A Coffee

Sell (pretty much anything) with a simple link. I'm seeing these services pop up all at once.

Leatherman Micra Multi-Tool

I love my Leatherman but I keep it in my glovebox. This would be nice to have on hand all the time. Well, except for airports maybe?

Phone Detox

Let's get a big order of this super solid School of Life thing and split the overseas shipping. Srsly!

Long Distance Friendship Lamp

Dig the concept!

Satellite 2.0 – CanadianCat Company

I think Edie would REALLY like this. / via Grace Dobush

Scott’s Cheap Flights

Just heard this service is really, really, really inexpensive for travels who can go somewhere exotic in short notice.

Marie Varley’s Matchbox series

The screenprints in this series are based on a set of Dutch matchboxes from the 1950's depicting the identities of several airlines from across the world in what as known as the the Golden Age of Flying. / via Coudal


Animated light source for photography and video. (Adding to mental wishlist to try)

A Woman’s Place is Everywhere

Letterpress prints from Striped Lights

Custom t-shirt, apparel, home, accessory manufacturing & drop shipping w/ no minimums

I knew Threadless was doing this, but not to this extent.

Project 62™ – Peoria Wood Arm Chair

I like this new Target brand. Specifically this chair, but there are many other nice pieces. The reality though, is that I do not need anything!

Walnut Monitor Stand

I think I need to raise my monitor. This looks like one of the nicer options. Filing away for later.

Wooden bike storage rack

I think this is lovely.


This fannypack (concept) is funny

sculptures — Paper Acorn

I bought leafy

Kubrick Screenprint — Joe Walsh Design

I like this.

Sport Socks | The Athletic Community

filing these away as a gift idea for a friend. I'm confident they don't follow my link collecting

Cards Against Humanity for Her

I love this company's approach to everything. (Profits donated to EMILY's List)

Hot Dog Belovesie

Filing away for potential costume

GoPro – Karma

I know this drone has been in development for a long time, but dag it seems like a great package.

Campfire Edition Field Notes

So dang pretty. Also? Patch!

Swatch Bloody Orange

Silly name for a fun watch.

A red orange Swatch watch with translucent face

The Colour of Song (print)

A stylised colour wheel featuring the titles of 576 tracks that include a colour in their title. Lovely. /via Coudal

Kathleen Hanna Riot Grrrl Doll

I don't really know her music, but based on this lovely thing, I want to. / via Yewknee

Black Bouquet Print Series by Tad Carpenter

I dig Tad's style.


blackout blinds with city scenes. Dig.