Girls Knit Lounge Pants Swirly Dots

fun pants for kids (via mightygoods)

Customised Digital Ceramic Tiles, Wallpaper and Flooring

Neat. Expensive, but neat. (via FreshArrival)

Stamp mugs

An awesome idea to make those coffee rings count (via populicious)

small roar: cool baby clothes

As seen in the book "DIY: Design It Yourself" edited by Ellen Lupton

Digital Video Camcorder, 129 bucks at Target

Doesn't have many features, but might be fun for a trip or kids

Lego Chess set

(via uncrate)

Orikaso fold flat products

Considering these for camping (via greasy)

The Brief Safe

hide your stash (via bb)

Rhodia Mouse Pad Paper Pad

30 sheets seems a bit skimpy, but I like the notion. (via feaverish)

Helvetica pencil case

An awesome cheap gift for the designer friend of clean aesthetics (via bb-blog)

Natures Earth

Cat litter that doesn't smell like cat litter

NASCARĀ® Crock pots

It's so hard to choose. (via djmrswhite)

Wendy Mullin

New York City designer of custom guitar straps & designer clothing

You can put your weed in there

(via land-o-links)

electro^plankton: Monome

device made up of an 8 x 8 grid of tactile pushbuttons with LED feedback and MIDI sounds

Moon Rocket

cardboard rocket for kids (via swissmiss)

Buy (reprints of) old circus collateral. Mind you, the site is loud to start off with (in Dutch)

Oh Joy!

Weblog with categories like: 10 Reasons I Love, Designers + Artists, Sketchbook, and I Heart Bob (via kate)

superfuture city

Urban cartography for global shopping experts is the tagline. To dig into when I have time. Lots of time. (via inertiastar)

Hairy Monster Guide

Limited edition prints that I really like (via swissmiss)

Tiny lamps on a 9volt battery

v. cool. (via Make)

Personalized Kids Videos

Pretty cool for the young'uns... Have their name and photo inserted into videos featuring Dora, Arthur, and more...


Walking staff + monopod + tripod (via dizzi)

adidas | adicolor

Get a pair of white adidas and a box of paints (via coolhunting)

Pl>y Underwear

Boxers for your iPod, or International Male goes 'lectronic.

rockmade – interesting stuff for the home

(via coolhunting)

Binth: Beautiful paper goods

via bblinks (not to be confused with boing boing links)

Fireplace DVD

I did a search for "fireplace" on google video and saw a clip from this DVD. I only bookmark it to ponder buying it.


Upload your 3d model, get a crystal made (via dizzi)

Buttons! (The kind you put on your denim jacket)

This link is for the designs of SwissMiss

Computer mice of different sorts

(via growabrain)


handheld device that instantly identifies and/or locates any celestial object visible to the naked eye (via scobleizer/memeo)



Cool Tool: The 5 Year Journal

nifty idea... a paper journal for just room enough for high-lights, of five years, on one page. (via swissmiss' recommendations, Kevin Kelly) Recycled, Sustainable and Natural Products

I'm surrounded by Ramtha loving hippies

Wax Sandwich Bag

these are hard to find.


nerf shoes

Panic Goods – Nice T-Shirts For You

Now with Katamari

Baby Bush Toys

Simple Products for Simple Minds

The Little Friends of Printmaking, Madison Wisconsin

(via Drawn! blog)

Wranglers – vintage fabric

aka, the gayest fabric ever

Mobile LED Billboard

Oh I can think of a dozen phrases to help soften my road rage with this thing...

Wall Maps

7 bucks a piece. Might come in handy as wrapping paper or canvas.

I really like these baby blocks

from Stitch in Chicago


For All Your Travel Size Item Needs


Posters (via Coudal)

Protect our troops – from the womb to the war

Buy this holiday ornament and support the culture of life

Uniquely oversized versions of everyday objects

Jesus Inspirational Sport Statues

Christmas is going to be so easy this coming year.

Josh Rubin: Cool Hunting

Lots of neato stuff

Cool Hunting