Flickr: Camera Finder

Interesting tidbits and data on cameras (via derek powazek)



LED Blow On-Off Candles

via Fresh Arrival


craigslist, all visual and stuff.

Wear specs? Believe ‘blogs?

Save money

MARY JANE BOOTS (for girls) – UncommonGoods

I have several friends who will giggle over these and whip out a credit card. If they don't, I will. Thank you, Mrs. Eisenberg

Design Within Reach – Eames House of Cards

I was hoping to see these at the warehouse sale last year, SwissMiss reminds me they are within reach at standard pricing

(w)rapping paper

I prefer Beastie Boys lyrics, but the idea and implementation are great.

JELLIO: limited edition wall art

Check out "Drive In" and remember the days of Snap-Tite and Revell car models (via Autoblog)

Worn Free T-Shirts

Vintage style tee shirts as worn by: John Lennon and Frank Zappa. Great idea.

By Hand

The use of craft in contemporary art (a book I'd like on the shelf, via swissmiss)

Pronto condoms “The best way to get it on”

Nice tagline (and demo video that is relatively safe for work, via duane)

Bush Gnome

for your garden? (via growabrain)

Stereo microphone for iPod video

My bud Erik gives this accessory two big thumbs up. Not that I have a big iPod, but handy to know.

Keys Wallet Mobile Phone, the doormat

I would likely not even look at while walking out the door, forgetting my wallet or phone

Rock your teeth clean

With the Villiage People singing YMCA! Sound vibrations stream from the bristles through your teeth so you hear music inside your head! (sadly out-of-stock via bigdave)

The One-Click Butter Cutter

This super-ugly gadget solves a big problem in my kitchen (via Make)

Western Digital External Hard Drive

1 Terrabyte, great case, pretty and useful lights. Reminding myself to back up (via Wired)q

SCI FI Tech: Sun Jar



I know someone who would really dig one of thse for Christmas. (via Coudal)

Tracey Vest

Her dad is sitting on the couch here, and we started gabbin about his daughter and her purses.

MOO | Share your contact info and your flickr photos

Looks to be quite lovely set of "business" cards. (via plasticbag)

Broi Network Toys 1.0

I kinda like these more than Thomas (via notcot)

Egg Press

(really) great handmade stuff

eBay Express

Why does the ebay logo have a lowercase b and when it's written out it has an uppercase B?

The Original Colorforms Set

An exact replica of the Colorforms Set that launched the company in 1951 has been re-released

Alstyle Apparel

more blank shirts...

Article.1 “fashion” blanks.

Alternative to American Apparel shirts

Wonder Woman Hand Mirror

Found via Slave to Target via swissmiss.

Crayola Multicultural Marker Classpack

Because princesses come in different colors. Golden Beige, Beige, Tan, Tawny, Bronze, Terra Cotta, Mahogany, Sienna

Light Bulbs Light Bulbs Light Bulbs (via CM Harrington)

Propella Trivet

Pot holders that can be folded to fit in the cutlery drawer. (via davidgalbraith)

REUSE Eierbecher

Gotta dig imagining the a-ha moment of a designer. Like the one of this egg holder, er, saucer. (from the keen eye of swissmiss)

Armor of God PJs

Children's Pajamas Inspired by Ephesians 6:10-18 (via Garrison)

Pottery Barn Kids : color wheel puzzle

I'm sitting here with my friend Wendy and she just showed me this in the PBK catalog. The on-screen pictures don't do it justice like the print resolution.

Modern Alphabet Flashcards

N is for neo-plasticism (via bblinks)

CB2 hour glasses

I never thought of an hour glass that measures exactly an hour. Nice and simple

Welcome to CitySkirt™

They have these in my size, but I don't have the right accessories to go with (via unpetitours)

Baby Rock Records

Lullaby renditions of the likes of Radiohead, Metallica, Tool, etc. (via lf)

IKEA picks West Chester

yay for Cincinnati!

Bald Guy Greetings

The fronts have great illustrational style, the insides have a nice bite.

Banana Guard

It's time I note this, because you never know when you might need one (via bigdave)

Macy*s – Project Runway Cropped Jacket, Ruched-Sleeve Tee & Trouser

They don't have my size (via tommyd)

Custom Heinz ketchup labels

(via bblinks)

Turtle Camper by Jeremy Fish

vinyl toy for sale at Magic Pony

Threadless Blik contest winner

art for your walls

Self Destruction Button USB hub

via negatendo

Samsung’s digital memory videocameras

Many with wired (and wireless) detachable lenses (for _extreme_ videography)

Put photos on lots of things, including wallpaper.

Wild Garden Design

I like this site, I like their work, I like the tone (via mighty goods)

Battery powered LED touchlight

via notmartha

Targèt Couture

I wouldn't know what to do with a bunch of stuff that has Target logos blinged all over, but it is interesting in an opposite-of-adbusters kinda way. (via grow-a-brain)

Girls Knit Lounge Pants Swirly Dots

fun pants for kids (via mightygoods)

Customised Digital Ceramic Tiles, Wallpaper and Flooring

Neat. Expensive, but neat. (via FreshArrival)

Stamp mugs

An awesome idea to make those coffee rings count (via populicious)

small roar: cool baby clothes

As seen in the book "DIY: Design It Yourself" edited by Ellen Lupton

Digital Video Camcorder, 129 bucks at Target

Doesn't have many features, but might be fun for a trip or kids

Lego Chess set

(via uncrate)

Orikaso fold flat products

Considering these for camping (via greasy)

The Brief Safe

hide your stash (via bb)