Park + Vine – grand opening June 1-3

Cincinnati is getting green. Looking forward to this new shopping destination

Hair Portraits – Prints for sale

Beautiful stuff (another one via Serif)

Moustache May 2007 : Bazaar

Great gifts abound

She Wee

A device to allow women to urinate standing up

Noted for when folks say something costs too much

A Fred Segal t-shirt

The Books. Playall. A DVD of videos

This would make a great gift for someone I know (via the skinny over at

Wire & Twine : Momergency Kit

I wrote about this in my journal, but long story short: I can confidently pimp this product.

Softies that eat other softies

Very cute (via Make blog)

Giant R/C Mario Kart Racer

Boy do I not need anything more on the shelves, but this is kawaii. (via uncrate)

Brandon Bird: “Signifier and Signified”

The Noam Chomsky van

Jen Bekman on Art

If you forego the newest version of the iPod or wait until those gorgeous boots go on sale, you can add original works and larger prints to your burgeoning collection with the money you save.

Slot machine + watch

Hautegadget (via land-o-links)

River rock (drink) coaster

Like a door mat I may have linked up a while ago, but smaller. (via rarebirdfinds)

Frame Tape

Just what it sounds like, at (thank amy)

Celebrity Weighing Scales

How do you weigh compared to celebrities? (via swissmiss)

Babygadget: Bong-Bong Boxer

I suppose these offer a framework for hitting your little sister or brother (via awholelottanothing)

Taz Ah: Mugs with a surprise

(via rarebirdfinds)

A very awesome refridgerator magnet

Now if only all fridge's had magnetic fronts (via fresh arrival)

Popgadget: LED Candles

(via notmartha)

100 goodies for 10 bucks or less

Another nice find from

Toy : City inside a firetruck

Man, This is cool, and a bargain at 35 bucks. (via mightygoods)

I’m not a plastic bag

(via BenettonTalk)

swissmiss: Have a Soup? Have a sandwich? Have both?

I would use the heck out of this soup and sandwich set.

The Boring Store: A Tour of 826CHI’s Chicago Spy Shop

I so wanna go here and just drink in the lovely graphic design (via kotkke)

Chocolate Bubble-Wrap

(via dooce)

Fur-Ever Creations

Custom yarn. From your pet's fur. (via ze)

Anamorphic Cups

"Anamorphic" refers to a distorted image that only appears normal when viewed with a special device. Thought of Tina and BB when seeing these. (via yewknee)

Eisenhower Interstate System, simplified. Limited edition print

I've been fiddling with maps myself recently, this is one is pretty and a great deal

Lightsaber + Umbrella

(via crioknight)

Space-saving table

For the breakfast nook

Vestax Handy Trax Portable Turntable

Not a Sound Burger, but pretty neato (via Brodie)

The Havoc Heli(copter)

Super small remote control Helicopter. 40 bucks. Must stop paying attention to the TV.

Design Within Reach – Warehouse Sales: New York Metro and Cincinnati Area

That's right. NYC and Cincinnati in the same breath. Bargain time. This weekend.

The possibilities to make disturbing tissue boxes are endless. (via Coudal)

Hercules Hook

Sitting here in the delivery room and Billy Mays starts screaming on the TV. Everything he sells is awesome, but these hooks actually look extra awesome

The Curiosity Shoppe

Crafts and kits and stuff. To explore later, via drew-o-rama

Aquarius Records

I've been told by too many good people that Aquarius Records is awesome, so I'm posting the link to help make it sink in... (the most recent hat tip to Dave White)

Grateful Palate

My friend Mr. Pratt highly recommends their custom roasted coffee blends that have been designed by American and Australian winemakers... but it looks like they have so very much to offer.

A Guide to Food Photography Gear

The title pretty much sums it up

Anti Monkey Butt Powder

Pirate poofy tee

Found after looking at an equally great robot mug over on

NYC’s Limelight to be future mini mall

We have an Urban Outfitter church in Cincinnati, so I can sorta see this. I suppose. (via towlerroad)

One Less Bag

By Fling (via Cool Hunting)

Photos on pillows?

Yes, and more

suckadelic / shop / toys

(language NSFW) but the Gay Empire figure (halfway down this page) and all the others for that matter, are a hoot. (via Yewknee)

Welcome to Mr. McGroovy’s Box Rivets

For my friends with kids to check out. (via swiss miss)

Constance. A collection of 40 New Orleans Artists

diggin the site and the book

Target : Playmobil Advent Calendar

Xmas in the Park. My friend Wendy says this is a great way to start the day. Great price to boot.

DB Fletcher

(see link below as to how I got here)

Gizmodo is right… Neatest table, perhaps ever

DB Fletcher Capstan Ilona expanding table

MiniMax 500GB Hard Drive

Iomega makes the most compelling product I've seen from them in a while. Very nice. (via gizmodo)

Top 10 Gifts For People You Hate

"A singe ticket to any event" Cruel. (thanks Bryan)

Dirty Coast

Some updated shirts from the fine folks at Dirty Coast

77 Design Gifts Under $77

Core 77 kept me entertained through this swell gift guide.

Leave The Light On

An oil lamp that looks like a match about to burn out. Superneato, via swissmiss


Hold hands inside a shared mitten. Lovely. (thx matthew)

I’m a Mac

The t-shirt. I like.

The Bargainist

I like the idea of a site that brings together specials from around the net instead of into my email.