The End

A sticker, for your tube (via feaverish)

Dominic Wilcox: Anti-Theft Bike/Car Device

Stickers to rust and scratch 'em up. Genius really (via feaverish)

Young Architect Kit

Oh this looks fun (via

ReForm School: Blossom & Bill Serving Tray

Love the site and the product. (via Amy Mabli over at the

Atlas, Schmatlas

a 128 page hardback book chock-a-block with essential information (fact and fiction), maps, and illustrations about every country in the world.

Motherboard Christmas Tree

10 bucks (via rarebirdfinds)

Baby’s first Air Purifier


Rare Bird Finds holiday gift guide

Is it that time already? I like the coffee press for one among other things

The White Stripes his and her lomo cameras

I do like the ring flash on Megs

Lauren Alane

Needle Felted Birds and Handmade Goods

Ralph and Bethel

Have I linked to some of these felted birds before? No matter, they are awesome, and I want one. Or two (via Flickr Blog)

Alphabet of Endangered Species in the British Isles

Jaw dropping excellent design. (via it's nice that)

icon notepad

Write big between the lines (via denyingphoenix)

Skeleton Keys

Rubberized covers for your keys

Beer Can Wraps

(via rarebirdfinds)

the Octonauts

Dreamy illustrated kids books (via cameronmoll)


limited edition art (and I quite like the site)

Snapshot Mirror

Polaroid edition

11 Items You Don’t Have to Buy Organic

No one can touch the mango (via kevin rose)

The Construction Site : Cuboro

Want. (via cal henderson)

What Would an Angry Scotsman Do?

Spin the wheel and find out (via rarebirdfinds)

Cast Iron Square Grill

Must buy something along these lines to cook the steak and chicken in the freezer

The Swash Belt Buckle

Superfun for the typography set

We finally update the home page of Wire & Twine!

With a new product for the kids and for the season. More goodies soon!

Someday I’ll have a hairy chest

And other new fun wry shirts for baby (via rarebirdfinds)

20×200 (The preview)

Great art for $20

Bakers Edge – The Lasagna Pan

Coming soon (via NotMartha)

Clip-on MOOPocket

Fun holder for your Moo cards (via Wonderland)

Modern art for the nursery and then some

Nice stuff (via Wendy)

My Pet Fish Soap

made me laugh (via bblinks)

Cross Filament Bulb & Base

Available at Urban Outfitters (via itsnicethat)

Brush and Rinse

Toothbrush that can redirect water from a faucet to your lips for easy rinsing. (via magnetbox)

Sesame Street – Pinball Number Count clock

1 2 3 4-5 6-7-8-9 10, 11 12 (via yewknee)

Flat light

I am enamored with this artwork. Flat Clock is awesome too.

Sky Lanterns

Hmmm, these look neato - site looks poopy (via cool hunting)

Giant cupcake cake mold

So yummy


Wooden blocks make letters and things. (via Coudal)

Vibram FiveFingers

What a strange looking shoe

Chest of Drawers

My mom would like this. I think. (via bblinks)

Tea is the new coffee

(via kevin)

Big Lebowski 8-Inch Figures

I don't know about you, but I take comfort in that. It's good knowin' he's out there, the Dude, takin' her easy for all us sinners. (via pep)

bumper dumper

Use in Disaster Relief, Hurricane and Earthquake preparedness, and other situations where a sanitation situation may occur. (via clusterflock)

Astronaut Jesus

(via Rachel)


Flexible containers from pail size to small tub size. Handy for the garden, farm, or any household I'd guess (via fresharrival)

Nike Vintage Running

1970's grade nylon (via joshuablankenship)

Lap desk

It's not ugly, but it is cheap. Amy - you need something like this for your "laptop"

kitsch 4 pc. magnet set

My fridge allows for magnets, these would be nice (via brucelev)


disturbing and weirdly wonderful (via bblinks)

Hand carved wood mustache: The banker

fab Etsy find via swissmiss


meat haute coutoure

Modern Kids Messenger Bag

under $20 at the MoMA store (thx jim)


Bags you won't find anywhere else. (via swissmiss)

Design Within Reach – Recycling Bags

Great deal, lots of space. As seen on Swissmiss a long while ago, and now ordered for the studio

They look like boxes, but they’re soft

and you can sit on them

Charles & Marie: Sakurasaku

The cherry blossom glass (via rarebirdfinds)

Etsy :: Firefly Lamps

Dang. Sold out (via mighty goods)

The Abduction Lamp

Love this lamp (via yewknee)


I may have noted this site before, but I've been tinkering with this "Store Maker and shopping cart" webservice and the attention to detail is simply fantastic. Full report later.


Accessories for larger individuals. (thks diz)