Turn old greeting cards into a book

Send in greeting cards and postcards folks have sent to you and get a book back. (There's an option to get all the originals back.) As a hoarder of such things, this intrigues me, and has a tiny vibe of Nick Bantock’s Griffin & Sabine.


Handwritten postcard copied to a book

Beflo Standing Desk

I would consider trading in my desk for this beauty.


Standing desk

Polaroid i2 Camera

Manual and automatic modes, a sharp lens (not glass, but sharp) and oodles of options that can all be managed in camera (like long and multiple exposures) without the need for an app. This YouTube review by In An Instant makes this latest rig look like a real winner.


Polaroid i2 Camera with rainbow graphic emanating from lens

BlockFace – A Stamp Kit to Explore Typography

Another fine Kickstarter project by Martin Schneider bringing Will Mower’s type to many. This set of geometric stamps can form all sorts of letters and whatnot.


Blockface geometric stamps that form letters of the alphabet

Ghost Golf Belts

I don't golf, but I love the notch-less belt I got here. I count it among my better investments in life. (Got the “Bubba” but they have oodles of variants.)


A belt without notches

A Mid Century

This poster from Eaton Print Shop made me chuckle. / via Chris Streger


Mid poster

Electronic Materials Office Keyboard

I'm not a keyboard person, but this Altar 1 ultra-low profile, wireless mechanical one forged from sustainable materials might sway me. / via Gastón


Designy keyboard

Simple Mortgage Calculator

Trying to answer the simple question of how much house can we afford is made difficult by awful search engines. Shawn Hickman made this spreadsheet for non-financial experts and it looks quite good and worth the price. His overview video provides insight.


Screenshot of a simple mortgage calculator spreadsheet

Vulf Stuff

Vulfpeck made their merch Open Source—anyone can make goods and split the profits with the band (details). Andrew Neyer ran with it with delightful results.


Hockey Puck that reads Vulf

Trying patch

Dan Sinker wrote about trying. He’s now made a patch to remind himself to do so.


A patch that reads TRYING

Pat Kim x Hanji Edition

This moiré woodcut print is enchanting. (Watch the short video) / via Scott Boms


Moiré woodblock print

Frank Lloyd Wright Racine Collection

Steelcase is opening up orders on a line of desks and chairs re-imagined from Frank Lloyd Wright designs. On all my trips to FLW places, furniture was scaled for shorter folks and frankly, not comfortable. The pieces are not boring though.


Steelcase Frank Lloyd Wright desk and chair

CAMP Wooden Block Set

Young Jerks designed the blocks and packaging. (And tho they didn't design it, this woodie station wagon in the CAMP store by Candylab is also pretty darn awesome looking.)


Colorful wooden block set

52 Clutter Free Gifts

Kathryn texted this list and I found Becoming Minimalist have expanded it to 99 ideas. But I like the easily digestible image version for starters.


A list of 52 clutter free gifts that include experiences, consumables, classes, memberships and gifting your time

The Soundburger is back

We celebrated this portable record player back in the day. And now it's back and with Bluetooth to boot! / via Tom


A very portable record player

Big Blanket

I too find that most blankets never have enough coverage. Filing away for gifts. / via @dansinker


A dog wrapped in a large gray blanket


I've linked to these felt wall tiles before, but I really like the simplicity that Jeff Sheldon employed.


Beige vertical wall tiles made of felt with items pinned to them

Customize a Hawaiian shirt with your pet

A convergence of things I appreciate very much


A Hawaiian shirt with cat faces tucked behind palm leaves

Hasbro Selfie Series

It's pricey ($60), but just the fact that it's possible to get a good 3D scan from a phone and get an action figure made is really neato. It'll get cheaper.


A person smiles and holds an action figure with a 3D printed model of their face on the toy

Golden Gate Bridge in type

Lovely letterpress print by Cameron Moll coming soon. Pre-orders of the limited edition open now.


Golden Gate Bridge artwork made of typography

The Ones

CW&T's favorite things based on guiding principles of simplicity, timelessness and long lasting design. / via belong


A hand holds a 10 outlet power strip

Lego Galaxy Explorer

Agreeing 100% with Greg Storey that I'm here for Lego revisiting classic themes. Related: The upcoming Lion Knight Castle.


A Lego spaceship superimposed over a real photograph of stars at night

The New Walden

A hardcover edition of Thoreau’s book, annotated, designed and illustrated.


A book with a design that has these words on the cover "Henry David Thoreau - When I wrote the following pages, or rather the bulk of them, Ilived alone, in the woods, a mile from any neighbor, in a house which Thad built myself, on the shore of Walden Pond, in Concord, Massachusetts, and earned my living by the labor of my hands only. I lived there two years and two months. At present I am a sojourner in civilized life again."

Snakes of Wrath

Young Jerks sure can build momentum. This is one of the most striking landing pages for a future Kickstarter game I've seen.


An illustration of game tiles with red and black snake sections

Jean Jullien Monograph

I'd display this book with the cover exposed. It's so delightful. And then there's the insides!


An orange book with cover with a minimal illustration of a face with a bright and curious expression

Whimbrel Stamp Alphabet (and font)

Alex Tomlinson developed a font based on a 1940's Bird Lore magazine and a set of stamps to boot.


A bird for each letter of the alphabet illustrated on different stamps

Lego Optimus Prime

Srsly just had to catch my breath reading these words while waiting for the page to load. / via jasonsantamaria


A Lego robot made of parts of a semi truck

National Parks Poster

by Steve Wolf Designs. Dig.


Yellow and black poster with icons for U.S. National Parks

GO Logic 1100 Model

As John Maeda put it, “Prefab homes have come a long way.”


A modern prefabricated home with solar panels at dusk.

Every Day Goal Calendar

Simone Giertz has a new store and one of the products is this electronic goal tracking calendar that was previously a Kickstarter project. She also has a fun white puzzle and some other items of note!


A person touches a date on an electronic wall calendar that displays every day of a year in rows of months and lights up when you select a day

Hyundai IONIQ 5

Need to pay off my current ride and drive it for many more years. But I like to dream of what the next vehicle will be and this new EV from Hyundai presses a lot of buttons (and kept a few important controls as real knobs).


The rear view of an electric vehicle with LED brake lights

TX-6 Field Mixer

I have little idea what this device does, but I want to press all the buttons, slide all the sliders and turn all the knobs. I also want Teenage Engineering to build a car.


A hand holds are small electronic music mixer with various buttons, sliders and knobs

Imago’s Thingery

Borrow instead instead of buying. This Cincinnati thing-ventory has garden supplies, tents, tools, tiki torches and more. / via Kathryn


A logo made up of gardening tools with the words "The Queen City Thingery"

VanMoof S5

The latest version of their electric bike, with better visibility, security, powertrain and design.


An electric bike

ID. Buzz

This long dreamed about VW moves (slowly) into production (for Europe). The front design is busy, but the rest of the package is compelling.


An orange and white electric van of the future from Volkswagen

Charley Harper’s Cool Carnival

Celebrate the Year of the Tiger or a certain football team going to a Super Bowl.


A tiger face illustration on a gray t-shirt

Believe blanket

Stunning type design by Valentina Casali / via Jessica Hische


A black and white blanket with ornate type that reads BELIEVE

A Grand Unified Theory of Buying Stuff

Lots of links to this piece by Paul Ford for good reason: the payoff at the end is inspiring when we consider experiences we hope to achieve when buying stuff.


A illustration of a man shopping for electronic devices

606 Universal Shelving System

Fell down a rabbit hole and filing this away as I'd not heard of Vitsœ before (but I'd certainly seen this shelving many times). Fodder for dream space. Design by Dieter Rams in 1960.


A rendering of a bookshelf with drawers

NightWatch Magnifying Clock Dock

I already have enough clocks and a charging solution for my watch. But if I didn't I'd totally consider this beauty. / via smartpeopleiknow


A magnifying glass for your Apple Watch

West Elm Mid-Century Desk

There are a ton of configurations for this workstation. It's over-priced with veneer wood, but it inspires me to dig around some second hand shops to find something scuffed up


A fake mid-century modern desk

Luka TV Stand

My friend SwissMiss loves this piece dearly and I must say, it's a lovely twist on a TV stand.


A TV stand with vertical slats

KOOKOO Birdhouse

A contemporary twist on a cuckoo clock that features field recordings of real birds and goes to sleep at night.


A modern cuckoo clock

Carta Bench by Burrow

This will be the first of many links where I gather ideas for home furnishing. Sorry if you came for cool stuff. I don't use Pinterest and I don't plan to start.


A modern styled bench

Tattly Stickers

Tattly expands beyond temporary tattoos to these repositionable vinyl stickers by artists, illustrators and designers.


A wide array of colorful vinyl stickers by artists and designers

Tangled Puzzle

I feel like I could (happily) complete this puzzle by Vratislav Pecka


A puzzle made of colorful lines intertwined

Toyota Tacozilla

Sadly, this camper truck concept is not real. But I can dream.


Toyota Tacoma Tacozilla

Le Puzz

A new brand of puzzles that capture a vibe. Keen packaging to boot. / via UnderConsideration's BrandNew


A puzzle of matchbooks

Easy Plant

This link is potentially dangerous. Online store for plants with self-watering ceramic pots.


A cutaway view of self-watering pot with a plant and roots visible

Everyone is Awesome

A new Lego set coming in June


Lego minifigs in a rainbow colored assortment


A hydroponic stand to grow food indoors. Self watering and self fertilizing with optional lights. My friend Lindsay has one of these and loves it. Comes in a variety of sizes.


A vertical indoor garden


Going beyond recycling with a guide to zero waste practices and a trove of links to resources for shopping in bulk and composting to boot. / via DJ


A woman filling a jar with grains

Cube Portable BBQ

This is a pretty fine looking charcoal BBQ. / via Kathryn


Everdure orange portable charcoal BBQ

Little Goat Recipes

I've been to Little Goat in Chicago a few times and it is incredibly good. I want to buy all their seasonings and try every single one of these recipes. Magic Green Beans.


Little Goat recipes

Auto-Converting Optimus Prime

Of course there is a big kid inside me that marvels at the level of miniaturization that makes this possible. The adult version can wait a decade for when it doesn't cost 700 dollars.


A 700 dollar Optimus Prime toy figure


Geometric felt tiles for the wall that add visual interest and dampen acoustics. Preset designs, all customizable and reasonably priced compared to commercial options. / via Joe Mesa


Everybody Tissue Box

I feel like this Dusen Dusen tissue box holder would make any room a little better.


A fun printed tissue box with stripes and smiley face

Hiller Goodspeed Matchboxes

Ooo, these are nice indeed. And lots of other fun gifts at MC Pressure / via SwissMiss


Mini Cocktails Shot Glasses

It's a good thing these are unavailable. I envisioned some really fun photoshoots with Edie.


Tiny cocktail glasses

Loftie alarm clock

I've got one of those sunrise clocks. It's nice but the buttons are weird. This feels like a much more elegant (and feature packed) solution. / via SwissMiss


A minimal digital alarm clock with soft night light