5 minute no-knead baguette

Recipes for fast and easy French baguettes are making the rounds. I like the calm presentation of Steph Ango, but any promise of quick and easy bread gets my attention.


Sourdough bread sliced open on a cutting board

Miss Ada’s Whipped Ricotta recipe

Thanks to Tina I’m adding Miss Ada Restaurant to the list next time in Brooklyn, and filing away this recipe for the future, and by future I mean as soon as possible


Mediterranean small dishes photographed from above

Noodles in ginger turmeric broth

Dense Discovery’s 222nd issue included links to a few vegetarian recipes that sound quite tasty. Gathering ingredients for this one and the peanut soup.


Turmeric soup with chickpeas, bok choy and noodle

Little Goat Recipes

I've been to Little Goat in Chicago a few times and it is incredibly good. I want to buy all their seasonings and try every single one of these recipes. Magic Green Beans.


Little Goat recipes

Holiday Cookie Recipe sorter

Combine categories and find a recipe


Raspberry-Ricotta Cake Recipe

I've made this twice, once as a cake, once as cupcakes. It's SO EASY AND SO GOOD. / thanks Kathryn!


12 Stunning Cookies That Will Impress Everyone You Know

These are the recipes, but seriously, start with the video


Gorgeous. Beautiful. Lovely. Drooling. 12 holiday cookies by Susan Spungen

She has an art background and a few of the cookie designs were inspired by Ellsworth Kelly. Also? The person behind the camera added extra awesomeness to this video. The accompanying Times showcase of recipes also has excellent photography.


Japanese Beef Bowl with Bok Choy

This was a Kroger Prep+Pared meal kit recipe. I was hoping the recipe existed somewhere online. It didn't. It does now. It's tasty.


Chipotle — The Not-So-Secret Guac Recipe

They took this recipe off their website, but the web remembers. Also? This is a wonderfully delicious and simple recipe


No-Knead Bread Recipe

Fingers crossed I get some yeast soon / via Matt Haughey


What Is Ram-Don? Parasite’s Noodle Dish Tells a Class Story

A bit of history about the relationship between Japan and Korea, social classes and a recipe / via Rachel


Lemony Turmeric Tea Cake Recipe

I keep mistakenly buying turmeric again and again. Maybe this is a way to use some of it?


Quick-Pickled Onions Recipe

I've been making a simpler recipe with sugar. This looks better and nuanced. Elevates taco night!


The Not-So-Secret Guac Recipe

This is my go to guacamole recipe. Works almost every time if the avocados are spot on. (I also use the whole jalapeño.) Thanks Chipotle!


Cookbook Clubs

A group of friends all make recipes from the same cookbook and gather to share the results. "We enjoy—not only the food, but an afternoon spent connecting with friends and getting to know new members" / Sounds most excellent via Stephen


Macho Nachos

There's a deluge of fast recipe videos online. This one doesn't look very healthy or unique, but extra points for keeping me engaged to the very end.


46 Cookie Recipes from All Over the World

I should not be looking at this before bed, but what a great way to explore recipes. / via Kottke


The world’s best pancake recipe

I want to find REAL buttermilk.


Vegan Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Tom made this and brought it into the studio and it was DELICIOUS!


Easy chocolate and ‘bent’ banana ice-cream recipe

Into a blender or food processor throw in 4 frozen bananas, 2 heaped tablespoons of natural yoghurt, 2 teaspoons of cocoa, and 2 teaspoons of honey. Blend.


Presely’s Pantry: Egg Roll Recipe

I met Nicole when I was out in LA a few weeks ago and she is one of those folks with an excellent combination of sweet and zany and oodles of good energy. And if these egg rolls are anything like her tamales, they are delicious.


Lucero Olive Oil

Maker of olive oil, balsamic vinegars and tapenades in California. Online store and recipes. / via Robbie


Readers’ Holiday Cookies and Recipes

"Readers submitted recipes and photos of their creations, which ranged from classics like gingerbread and rugelach to more unusual sweets."


Caesar Salad – Kind of, but better

A recipe on Delicious Days that just made my mouth water / via feaverish


Homemade Pop Tarts

A recipe at Smitten Kitchen /thanks Coudal



Recipes for your waffle iron. (The s'mores one is making my stomach rumble) Saving this for my friend John. /via FreshArrival


I have never made French Toast, but this recipe might push me to do so

On what looks like a most excellent (and delicious) weblog, "How To Cook Like Your Grandmother" (yummy thanks to Metafilter)


Tomato Gorgonzola Soup

It's soup time of year. I'm going to leave the red peppers out of this recipe. (thx Wendy)


Pumpkin Dip

It's that time of year again. Just had to dig up this recipe and text it to a friend.


Equal Measure measuring cup

Most recipes call for five thousand drops of water (via fresharrival)


Fish Tacos with Salsa Verde and Radish Salad

A recipe that is making my stomach grumble with desire.


Chipotle Rice Recipe

I'm going to attempt this at home tonight.


Stained Glass Cookies Recipe

Pretty (via kevinrose)


Macaroni and Cheese

Martha's recipe. I've word this is tasty, I'm determined to find out. (via wallace)


Chipotle Recipes

I let out an audible gasp of joy when I clicked over to this. (thanks to kates random musings)


Jar Restaurant’s Chopped Salad

This recipe for a salad might be the thing that makes me like olives. Matt's journal makes me hungry and happy to view. You might also check out his orange blossom sugar entry: great on many levels.


Ginger Tea

A simple recipe from Martha.


wordless pancake recipe

(big image, via Make - and I now have internet access again!)


Tortilla Soup Recipe

Nothing crazy, just a recipe I want to have on file.


Grilled Cheese recipe : The Caribbean grill

This one is the pick from 6,000 entries through a contest sponsored by Dupont.


Sonic Cherry Limeade Recipe

Can of Sprite, cherry juice (Libby's Juicy Juice works), and Limes


Allrecipes | Recipe Ingredient Search

Type in what you have/want (or what you don't)... (via populicious)


Cooks.com – Recipe – Sauerkraut Balls

Just have a craving for these. Mac's up in Columbus has the best.