Magic must always triumph

The problem facing modern man now (the reconciliation of intellect and feelings/brain and heart/rational and irrational/mind and spirit/etc. etc.) is compounded by the increasing power of technology and its misuse by those in power who wish only to control.

Keith Haring drawing from 1984. A yellow figure's hands move through the head and stomach

Pull quotes by Jonathan Hoefler

Inspiration and nice type make a good marriage. / via a reply to Merlin’s Wisdom Limo


Jeff Goldblum quotes George Bernard Shaw

If you prefer not to watch video in a tweet, here’s the quote in text.

Jeff Goldblum holds up a finger as he recites a quote as a guest on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Retain a beginner’s mind

Simon Collison collects links and pulls (an excellent) quote from an interview with Thom Yorke and Stanley Donwood as they discuss the visual language of Radiohead's album art over the years.

Kid A amnesia

The rotten apple spoils his companions.

This quote by Ben Franklin, more insight by Helen Rosen

Can You Say…Hero? – Mr. Rogers Profile Interview

This is the foundation of the new movie, which is delightful. "If it's mentionable, it's manageable" (That quote is from the movie, not the interview)

If you go to therapy quote tweet this with the best thing you learned at therapy that way everyone else can get free therapy

Twitter reply threads are so much better than most social media.

The Stakes Are Dire

John pulls a good quote from a scarily solid piece on the upcoming election, and adds some chilling perspective. This shit is keeping me up at night along with other stuff, but it's all so palpable.

Goldie Hawn in an ABC interview.

I've always liked Goldie, and love what she's been up to out of the spotlight (mediation techniques for kids to be more mindful). Dig this quote: “I think it isn't about finding happiness,” Hawn said. “It's about staying mindful about what makes you happy, and those are two different things.”

“Nope, I didn’t say that.” The Buddha

The thing about these Fake Buddha Quotes is that they contain thoughtful bits of value. But it's also a reminder to not always believe attribution. I shall meditate on this.

The history of 22 Iconic Music Logos

Always good to see Mike Essl pop up in quotes.

Trent Walton

"We don’t really have a business plan, except for commitment to one another. " (I'm lifting a quote from The Great Discontent's Twitter feed... Trent is a superb maker and person, this interview reveals such.

Aaron Swartz was curious

Moving remarks and a remarkable quote from the late founder of RSS and Reddit. / via DaringFireball

Mister Rogers and Newtown

Wendy shared this quote over the weekend and it lent a small comfortable space for thoughts after the disturbing events in Connecticut. I'm glad the quote was shared often.

Dollar Shave Club

This video is getting tons of traction for a reason. My only wish is that I shaved more. Choice quote (one of many) "I'm no Vanderbilt, but this train makes hay."

David Foster Wallace’s Syllabus

Read Gruber's pull quotes and thoughts, then click through to read the whole piece by Kate Roiphe.

Christine Wong Yap, Positive Sign #23 & #24

I quite like this pair of drawings. Part of SFMOMA's Positive Signs - a weekly series of interpretive diagrams, quotes, and speculations on creativity, optimism and the lives of artists - / via thisisnthappiness

Christine Wong Yap, Positive Sign #23 & #24

I quite like this pair of drawings. Part of SFMOMA's Positive Signs - a weekly series of interpretive diagrams, quotes, and speculations on creativity, optimism and the lives of artists - / via thisisnthappiness

“Hell is real” billboard off Interstate 71

I've taken a photo like this, but I chuckled heartily at the Toothpaste for Dinner quote that Austin pulls out: "Lest you believe that all of Ohio is this crazy, it’s not. It’s just the rural parts that are this way. And Cincinnati."

Someone once told me “When you want to sound profound, just quote something someone else said.”

Profound indeed. Taken from a small glimpse at what looks to be an awesome show by Frank Chimero at Land PDX gallery. (photos by Pat Castaldo)

Quote Robot – Fast & Easy Website Proposals

Filing this away to explore in depth. Intrigued. /via @khoi

People always ask Jim Coudal ‘What is your greatest failure?’

His response pulled out in this quote is awesome, but click through for the entire interview.

we love typography – a place to bookmark and savour quality type-related images and quotes

with attribution and style! (via gentlepurespace)

From the trenches. My friend Kim lays out her hopes and fears about the economy.

I can't pull a quote because there's so power that comes with her writing. Not a short read, there's lots of politics in there, but I think it's entirely moving and poignant.

Putting Lipstick on a Pig

Some choice quotes

‘Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood’ won’t be shown on many PBS channels starting Monday

To lift the Chris Ware quote from TheMorningNews "The show is fundamentally about clumsy, awkward, uncomfortable real life, and it's one of the last places on television where children can see it honestly reflected"

Steven Heller asked some illustrators and designers to suggest alternatives lapel pin designs for Barack

You know what, Stan, if you want me to wear 37 pieces of flair, like your pretty boy over there, Brian, why don't you just make the minimum 37 pieces of flair? (the link, via Kottke - the quote, via OfficeSpace)

Perez Hilton’s Clothing Line Unveiled

To quote from Sweeney Todd, "Smells like ew"

Girls Rock! The Movie

I quite liked this quote from the trailer: "I've been waiting for so long to finally admit to myself that I'm amazing." Good stuff for girls or boys. Rock indeed. (thanks Amy, I hope we can get a screening in the area too!)

An all-Flash website is the blink tag of web 2.0

This quote from an article about Flash on the iPhone made me laugh for some geek reason. (via steiger)

Alice Walker Quote:

No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow.

Nice simple one color designs.

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I'm going to start a band called Dial Up, and we are only going to play slow songs.