Please Don’t Divorce Us

We have a beautiful thing here. In fact, everyone should be so lucky. (the video on this petition page got the tears flowin' here)

The Gay Alphabet

Well done animation made tongue-in-cheek for recruitment purposes. (via joemygod)

Animated colorful characters

The Times Of Harvey Milk

Full length film available for viewing at Hulu

Our Mutual Joy

Newsweek's cover story about Scripture and gay marriage (to read)

“Prop 8 – The Musical” is pretty dag awesome

Starring Jack Black, John C. Reilly (and many more!)

A Marriage Manifesto… Of Sorts

Everybody out of the pool! (via Alonso)

A list of rights and responsibilities of marriages in the United States

In case one might think marriage was just for folks that could procreate

Apple is publicly opposing Proposition 8

and making a donation of $100,000 to the No on 8 campaign

Uncle Bobby’s Wedding

A librarian responds to a parent's request to have a book moved/removed from the children's section. Very well put (via Metafilter)

The New Old Gays – The New York Observer

Project Runway Season 1 contestant Austin Scarlett is New Old Gay, Project Runway Season 4 winner Christian Siriano is New Gay. (via joemygod)

Dave & Alonso Get Gay Married (at the La Brea Tar Pits)

And Graham made a movie. Every bit of all of this is made of goodness.

Uncle Croc’s Block

A rare video featuring the opening theme to the extremely short-lived, extremely GAY Saturday morning kids show starring Charles Nelson Reilly and Jonathan "Dr. Smith" Harris (as Basil Bitterbottom!)

DeGeneres talks to McCain about gay marriage

"We are all the same people, all of us. You're no different than I am. Our love is the same." This isn't about words, it's about equal rights in the eyes of our government.

Who is the Gay Rapper?

Jay Smooth asks and though there might not be a answer, his reasoning is more than satisfying (via tsoya)

Anderson Cooper Loves Bears

Funny stuff on Joe My God

PSA for marriage equality

Moving. (thanks john)

Michael Stipe Press Announcement

I'm trying not to be jaded about this.

The Frugal Fag finds the Make It Work shirt

and manages to make me crack up before 9am, which is hard. (PS, I have a note from my doctor, I can't shave my beard)

A clip of an Oklahoma state representative saying what she feels about gay folk

Essentially, being gay is a bigger threat to the US than terrorism.


An environment created by antigay postings on Internet blogs that spreads hate, produces fear, and is still protected by free speech.

When I Knew

Videos of folks that reveal when they first realized they were gay.

Gay Eustace contemplates the wedding ring and the future it represents

A future characterized by family and commitment, and dog collars

Jake Shears and Jeff Whitty of Avenue Q to bring Tales of the City to musical stage?

Choire links it up on Kottke. I might favor this better than a Sordid Lives TV show.

What’s a bear run?

Bears congregate at bear events often called a "Run" that take place all around the world and usually involve activities, food, contests, sight-seeing, and hobnobbing.


A promotional video for an upcoming bear run in Spain. Note: makes stamp licking and beards seem almost not safe for work.

Political semiotics: New significance for old signifiers

Forget Barbra Streisand albums and leather chaps, the new gay stereotype = Middle aged, married, conservatives with "family values" (made me grin, via

Rowling Shocked by Response to Gay Dumbledore. SHOCKED, I say.

She says, "It has certainly never been news to me that a brave and brilliant man could love other men. He is my character. He is what he is and I have the right to say what I say about him."

For those writing in, the Wikipedia has a good introduction to the “Bear” community. I guess.

I'm supposedly an otter, but whatever. It's all fun and games until the labels stick too much.

Senator/Former Miss Teen Heartland Responds to Gay Sex Scandal

Dunno if this is for real... I think it is, but it's funny.

Jackie Beat – Baby Got Front

File under: Not really safe for work. Mesmerizing makeup on Jackie there. (via victor)

Provactive gay rugby advert

well done

Would Jesus Discriminate? (dot com)

Ruth loved Naomi as Adam loved Eve (via joe)

I love sweaty basketball players

George Takei answers that NBA homophobe (youtube, via towleroad)

suckadelic / shop / toys

(language NSFW) but the Gay Empire figure (halfway down this page) and all the others for that matter, are a hoot. (via Yewknee)

Are they Queers, Ms. Henn?

Some choice comics from the fine folks at Chick Publications, publishing gospel literature for over 40 years (via davide)

Gay congressman’s spouse denied benefits

Under federal law, pensions can be denied only to lawmakers' same-sex partners and people convicted of espionage or treason.

Travolta and pal ready for takeoff

Is Scientology the new toaster?

Gay marriage and transitive verbs

A wonderful read with too many quotes to pull out

John Cameron Mitchell Sings Phish’s Waste

The man behind Hedwig sings at his brothers wedding (okay quality flashvideo via xkot)

John Waters interviewed in Butt Magazine

"How can you use the word “husbear” or “significant otter” and not smile?" (via Trey)

Another Gay Movie Theatrical Trailer

I guess Richard Hatch did this before jail

Seed: The Gay Animal Kingdom

For too long, biology has neglected evidence that mating isn't only about multiplying. (via towleroad)

Philips Bodygroom’s ballsy advert

Shave everywhere, add an inch to your **** (via towlerroad)

Gay Merit Badges

Some of these aren't safe for work in the language department, but they're a hoot nontheless (via AJ)

Federal legislation would give gay couples equality in Social Security

Same-sex couples are denied more than 1,000 federal benefits that other taxpayers are entitled to. (I don't want the term marriage, but some standard rights would be nice)

Emotions flare over same-sex marriage

"Senator, when you took your oath of office, you placed your hand on the Bible and swore to uphold the Constitution. You did not place your hand on the Constitution and swear to uphold the Bible."

Rufus Wainwright at Carnegie Hall, June 14th 2006

Peforming the complete Judy Garland 1961 concert

Motorcyclists Roll to Soldiers’ Funerals

A band of motorcyclists rolls around the country from one soldier's funeral to another, cheering respectfully to overshadow jeers from church protesters.Fred Phelps is heartless and dumb.

Live webcam for the setting of Brokeback Mountain

It's gallery 6, "Three Sisters"

Sing along with Willie

about the secret lives of cowboys – Protect marriage for ALL families

I'm not sure I approve of this type of information being public knowledge, but if fraud is rampant, we need some verification.

towleroad: The Great American Smoke Out

I wish I knew how to quit you (via kitchenbeard)


An archive of gay paperback artwork from the 50's and 60's (via Nayland through Thor from DesignObserver)

Gay on the Range

Wranglers – vintage fabric

aka, the gayest fabric ever


Um, this link is to a gay QuickTime movie that will make purses fly out of your computer screen. Safe enough for work. (via ThoughtNot)

Farm Family: In Search of Gay Life in Rural America

A film maker travels to Wisconsin, Wyoming, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New Mexico