Cultivating a creative community

Tina Roth-Eisenberg of CreativeMornings chats with Guy Raz on the How I Built This podcast and it is a delightful listen. I always catch new angles when Tina shares her story.

How I Built This podcast artwork

Blue Monday on Song Exploder

New Order shares the story of how the song came to be.

Song Exploder cover art for the New Order Blue Monday podcast episode

The Secret to Making Friends as an Adult

Queuing up this podcast based on Chris Coyier's post, “3 Kinds of Loneliness

Artwork for podcast that arranges the words "THE HAPPINESS LAB" as a smiley face on a yellow background

A conversation between Rick Rubin and Michael Stipe

This episode of the Broken Record podcast digs into the formative years of R.E.M. and potential future projects / via @davidpurcell505

A man with glasses tilts his head off to the side. He is wearing a blue t-shirt and navy blazer.

Why I’ve Decided to Take My Podcast Off Spotify

A cogent perspective from Roxanne Gay

I duotone treatment of a photograph of a woman looking at the camera, chin in hand

The cabin in the woods

My good friend Erik told his story (well, one of them) to Zoé Brown. I've known him for how many years and I didn't know half of this.

‎Fresh Air: Assessing COVID-19 Risk As The U.S. Reopens on Apple Podcasts

My friend Heather said this was worth the listen

Descript | Create podcasts, videos, and transcripts

DJ uses this for research, interviews, and more. I

First Things First

"You can be creative and make a living" Tina on listening to the universe. (Yay for 16 minute podcasts!)

The War on Everyone

To listen. Heavy important shit.

Charles Schulz Grows Older While His Characters Never Age

Fresh Air's archives are now online!!! Here's one to test the waters. / via @LukeEpplin (and yes, sometimes three exclamation points are correct)

Craig Mod: A Walk in Japan

15 minute podcasts of Craig Mod hiking through Japan (with binaural audio to boot). Mostly the sounds of footsteps, nature, birds, cities, trains, conversations in passing, sometimes a hello. I put these on with headphones when I'm trying to focus.

Gray318 — Jon Gray’s Infinite Covers — Gray318 — On Margins

Listen to this podcast in Overcast to see the designs in question for each chapter of the interview. (I have not tried this but I'm making note to do so!)

Clip sharing with Overcast

Seemingly simple concept must have been incredibly complex to make happen. Great for those that want that soundbite from a podcast to share.

100 Great Podcasts Worth Listening to

For my list of podcasts that ever grows

RABBITS, a podcast

Recommended by a friend. "When Carly Parker’s friend Yumiko goes missing under very mysterious circumstances, Carly’s search for her friend leads her headfirst into a ancient mysterious game known only as Rabbits..."

Shirley Manson on Design Matters with Debbie Millman

"I have always loved sadness... they make me feel like I'm connected to reality instead of fantasy" Upon recommendation

A great new podcast with a twist

Matt says Wireframe by Adobe with Khoi Vinh is awesome. I'm trying to get more up on podcasts because even NPR isn't working as much these days, for me.

Armchair Expert

A podcast by Dax Shepard. I'm trying to listen to more and DJ said these were pretty good. Plus that cover art!

Hobby Horse

Matt Haughey's podcast with "the aim of talking to people about their hobbies and passions they normally didn’t talk about much."

Sleep Stories – The Emperor’s New Clothes by Erik Ireland

My friend made a podcast to encourage sleeping by reading a good story.

NPR Is Launching Its First Podcast for Kids

The new podcast will encourage kids ages 5-12 to find the "wow" in the world. (Hmm, I might enjoy listening to this!)

Best Podcasts 2017

I'm SLOWLY (very slowly) trying podcasts. This is a list of podcasts to try.

Missing Richard Simmons

Had a long drive and couldn't find the right music. This proved to be exactly what I wanted to listen to.

Creative City Episode #32 – Designer Chris Glass

Sat with Tamia for half and hour to blather on and on about stuff. She was gracious to listen!

The Talk Show ✪: Ep. 172, With Special Guest Merlin Mann

I don't normally listen to podcasts, but this one resonated with me. A good balance of topical and not on topic.

Song Exploder

A few folks I highly trust keep talking about this podcast that deconstructs one song at a time with insight and interviews. Really entertaining.

CreativeMornings now has a podcast

I have every belief this is worth subscription.

7 Moving Podcast Episodes

I edited the title to be less vomit. But always curious to hear moving audio. / via kottke

How the Colbert Report is made

I'm trying to find a way to listen to podcasts. This is a perfect episode to inspire me. I'm just 7 minutes in and I'm digging hardcore. (Agreed about Reddit. It's not as interesting as it used to be.) Additional note: Stephen learned how to write through improv.

I’m on a podcast

I met with the fine folks of Gaslight software yesterday and chatted about work and design and stuff into a microphone. It wasn't too scary and they had good snacks!

NodeUp: A Node.js Podcast

I've been told this is geeky and good. Keep an ear peeled for Isaac

The king of Apple talk radio

I mentioned this podcast in a link earlier. Here's a little bit of insight into founder and host, Dan Benjamin. As a bonus, there are links to specific choice example episodes of select shows.

Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

Just sending this link through the stream because I think the Last Lecture is good stuff.

You Look Nice Today – A Journal of Emotional Hygiene

A new podcast from "Merlin," Adam "LoneySandwich"Lisagor, Scott "YourMonkeyCalled" Simpson. Packing it up for my commute this morning. I'm hoping they keep it brassy.

WOXY Lounge Acts: The National

You've Done It Again, Virginia

The Merlin Show

This show will be awesome for Merlin's hair alone

Scissor Sisters Video Podcast (iTunes Music Store Link)

Tidbits behind the scenes before the upcoming albums

Looking for podcasts?

Me too, kinda. Fresh Arrival lists their favorites.

They Might Be Giants are writing a song for every venue they play

They also have a podcast. I am always amazed.

French Maids: How to make a video podcast

Warning: french maid outfits on display (flashvideo via TMN)

Podcast AV

Podcast AV lets you enhance your podcasts by adding links and pictures to them. These podcasts can then be viewed in iTunes 4.9 or on an iPod with a color screen. (via nfotxn)

43 Folders Podcast: Weekly Wrapup Oct 21, 2005

the ending of this podcast is beyond comic genius