An overhead shot of planes and missles and people

I wish those weren’t missiles

But Ognyan Stefanov's photograph of the Bulgarian Air Force and their equipment is remarkable.

And elaborate still life photograph with items collected during a pandemic

Quarantine Blues

Quarantined in his flat in Chicago, Leonard Suryajaya started using the walls of his apartment as a canvas for elaborately staged tableaux. This and lots of other great new photographers and work on the Foam site.

Photo of black woman with elaborate headpiece

Black is beautiful

Brooklyn-born black photographer Kwame Brathwaite inspired new viewpoints, visual language and a movement to celebrate black lives in the 60's / via Creative Mornings newsletter

A photo of circular balconies on a high rise in China

Balconies in Guiyang, China

I'm also mesmerized with this photo by Jord Hammond

Earth from space, black and white photo

Earth Restored

Toby Ord has digitally restored a selection of photos taken of earth from space. They're magnificent.

A sharp photo of a wave crest

Be There, Be Present

Nick Pumphrey spent May 2020 showing up to the sea with his camera. The results were beautiful and the realizations deep.

Maria Svarbova

Fantastic and beautiful photography / via

Foodomat Grocery

Vintage Supermarket Photos

On December 13, 2005 I posted this, my first link from swiss-miss

On Belonging

A collection of stories and photographs about the feeling of unity and belonging from the Over-The-Rhine community in Cincinnati. Wonderful work by Asa Featherstone, IV.

A first person drone


This product feels like an amalgamation of racing videogames and photography and VR and I'm so very curious.

A modern super 8 camera

Kodak Super 8 Camera

Wow. Pretty amazing throwback to analogue. / via Coudal

Enoch Ku’s Ordinary Sacramento

An ongoing project documenting the visual language of the Californian city

A photo of Japan

Huh, by Craig Mod

Craig's new newsletter where you get the alt text of an image in your inbox that links to the zoomable photo!

“Good photography is not “what” you see, but “how” you see”.

This MetaFilter post is dense with excellent links to, a photography site that I didn't know about.

Animal interrupting photographers

/ via Metafilter

Search the word “sky” in your camera roll

Machine learning has some benefit

Orange computer

Docubyte’s Guide to Computing

A gorgeous visual history of computing from 1945-1979

Fun with photography

Specifically with an iPhone, but the principles could be applied to many cameras.

Hong Kong in the 70s and 80s

Gloriously dense and colorful photos / via Present & Correct

Exposure Collections

Curated photo galleries based on topics. Really wonderful perspectives here.

NeRF in the Wild

Blending photos to make 3-D scenes

The Coronavirus Unleashed Along the Amazon River

I don't love scroll hijacking interactivity, but the photos by Tyler Hicks for this piece are, powerful. / via belong

Stranger Fruit by Jon Henry

Black mothers and sons recreating the Pietà by Michelangelo. Chills

Scenes Of Isolation Amid Pandemic In The Vermont Countryside

Word and images by Tara Wray


FotoFocus Pledges 2020 Biennial Budget to Emergency Art Grant

Kudos to this local organization for shifting rapidly to provide financial assistance to artists and venues in Cincinnati

A Photographer’s Parents Wave Farewell

Patterns can be powerful good / via Andy Baio

Exposure New Tab

Chrome extension to show an image from Exposure whenever you open a new tab.

A Walk is a Tool and a Platform

I went to this conference to hear this talk by Craig Mod. It was worth it. And you can see it without a flight!

Indian Photographer Shoots Stunning Macro Photos Using His Phone

And they're really, really good / via MetaFilter

Noah Takes a Photo of Himself Every Day for 20 Years

Somewhere over the holiday break I downloaded the Everyday app to do this. My selfies are all over the place. Noah has his gaze and alignment locked in.