A list of favorite albums of 2021

Simon Collison’s favorite music of 2021

Colly curates music he finds interesting each week and then makes a huge list with meaningful descriptions and links to streaming services at the end of each year.


A profile of a man and a timeline of movie stills

Hans Zimmer career timeline

Dig this series from Vanity Fair where creative folks describe highlights (and low points) of their career. This one from Hans Zimmer makes me appreciate his soundtracks even more.


Small record covers printed out on square Moo cards

Browsing music another way

Jon Hicks wanted to "Restore some kind of physicality to my digital music collection" and I think he succeeded. (Scroll down to the link for Leigh's video demonstration)


A teaser for a new album for the Swedish band ABBA

ABBA Voyage

There were murmurs that new ABBA music would be coming for some time, but now that it's just days away? Yeah, I'm giddy.


A woman in a red dress sings surrounded by a rock quarry

Opera + a rock quarry

I've kept this post from Kottke alive at the end of my RSS reader for 2 weeks because I didn't want it to go away, so I'm saving it here.


A bearded man with glasse holds a bundle of sheets and towels and fabric items

Dancing to Sirens

I asked about the song playing and Erik said it was the same musician that did the Xanadu cover linked earlier. Here's a story about his new song - "a tribute to a time that is hopefully over."


A fox rides a bike at night

The Smile, live

Metafilter collects links to videos and downloads for this performance at the virtual Glastonbury festival. Featuring Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood (from Radiohead) with drummer Tom Skinner.


A rock band comprised of four young women performing a song in a library

The Linda Lindas “Racist Sexist Boy”

Poser. Blockhead. Riffraff. Jerkface.


Multiple TikTok screenshots of a bearded man in a beanie singing into a microphone

Hide and Seek, harmony build

I love falling into rabbit holes of harmony. I also realize this is likely lip sync'd, but that's okay. The premise is solid.


A synthesizer with wood paneling

Homemade modular synthesizer

It certainly looks neato. / via Tom


An album cover in deep purples with a portrai of a woman lit quietly from the side


A wonderful way to ease into the day with this track from the album Vulture Prince by Arooj Aftab. Thanks Simon!


Two musicians dressed in beige on a small black stage in a sandy environ

Your Power

Billie and Finneas Eilish perform the single out in some sandy place (Simi Valley?). Dig all the tones in every way.


A tan map with text about music in Cincinnati

Escape your geographic music bubble

Shake music monoculture with this data essay by The Pudding / via Creative Mornings (excellent) email newsletter


Album cover with an astronaut Helmut


Trent Walton started a project making music, collaborating with his sons and packing it all up with not just album artwork, but mini videos (that loop on Spotify) for each track. I dig everything about this.


Woman holding red balloons

girl in red “Seratonin”

"This is terrific." - @hotdogsladies / Agreed 1000%


A woman with curtains for hair

Scratchcard Lanyard

An excellent video by the band Dry Cleaning, directed by Rottingdean Bazaar / via Frank Chimero


Silhouette of a man with a hat done in charcoal

J.S. Ondara “Lebanon”

I linked this song back in 2019. Got lost in the tracks today and went down a rabbit hole. Bringing it back to the top cos it holds up.


People on stairs choreographed for a music video

Noga Erez “VIEWS”

Featuring Reo Cragun & ROUSSO. Currently watching this video from the beginning to the end whenever I need a transition.


After getting his second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine at a clinic at Berkshire Community College, Yo-Yo Ma got out his cello and performed a 15-minute impromptu concert for the others folks at the clinic.

Yo-Yo Ma, and a bit of his impromptu vaccination site concert

Easing into the day listening to this and nodding my head in agreement with Jason. Let's invest in the arts.


Radio Garden

Spin the globe and jam out. / via Coudal Partners


Nickleback is on TikTok

They're off to a good start. / via Links I Would Chat You if We Were Friends


Miley Cyrus: Tiny Desk Concert

Happening now. Kicking off with Fade into You... This is going to be good. (It was indeed good, but it was also TOO SHORT! I know, that's the format. But still.)


Tiktok: The Sea shanty ‘Wellerman’ has gone viral

This stuff gives me goosebumps. Imagine if TikTok started to make high quality audio and video stems a part of their platform...


Seth Werkheiser is starting the year off with a daily loop of music

Perfection is the enemy of done


Lubalin Closing Out 2020 on a High Note

Saw the attorney general one and was pleased to see a larger span of music.


Gordi – Heaven I Know

Live on KEXP. I've heard of Gordi before, but hadn't heard this. It's a sublime, building performance / via SeanSharp



Taylor Swift’s new album drops at midnight.


For The Longest Time (Quarantine Edition)

Whoa, oh ohhh oh


Harry Styles: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Did I ever link this up? My WORD it is GOOD. (Hold on, it benefits from a wee bit of scrubbing)


Air Conditioned Dork

This music video definitely captures a vibe, feelings and beauty / via yewknee