Hundreds of Beavers

I randomly see something come across my feeds and then realize there is a screening tonight in Cincinnati with filmmakers and beavers at the showing and man I wish I could go. Filing away to watch this black and white slapstick movie in the future!

Two persons in bunny outfits frame in black and white film

Godzilla Minus One, in black and white

A black and white version is coming to theaters and I haven't seen the original color release and now want to see both! / via benbrown

Godzilla in black and white

Eddy Goldfarb

Thanks to this CBS Sunday Morning segment, I now know the person who created Stompers (and a BUNCH of other iconic toys) is named Eddy Goldfarb and his daughter made a documentary about him, toys and aging.

Four toys and games designed by Eddy Goldfarb

Motion picture title design by Tim Girvin’s studio

So many of these are etched into my brain. It’s nice to connect the work with a studio. / with a tip of the hat to Brandon Schaefer’s blog filled with quotes and other bits of inspiration.

Title treatments for The Hunger, Dracula, They Live, The Last of the Mohicans, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and The Quick and the Dead

Robtober 2023

This year’s selection of horror flicks from Rob has revealed there are a lot of Saw movies! Not sure I could stomach those, but there are a handful of others on the list that pique my interest. Wondering if I’ve seen Peter Jackson’s Braindead.

Robtober 2023


Curated links to the very best documentaries across a bunch of streaming services. (No idea why they call it Rockumentaries when all sorts are included) / via Rachel

A grid of documentary selections

Poor Things Trailer

A film with quite the pedigree of writing, directing and actors. This looks delightfully dark and intriguing and fun. / via Yewknee

Still from black and white trailer with a woman feeding a pug / chicken combo animal

Greta Gerwig on the classic film influences behind Barbie

The Barbie marketing machine is in overdrive, but this tidbit on Letterboxd is a trove for understanding the director’s aim. And also a great list of movies to check out and revisit.

An actor portraying Barbie looks through an oval frame that represents a mirror

Trevor Morris looks at movies on the horizon

I'm excited for what’s in store for 2023 after reading this list that includes upcoming work from Trevor’s favorite directors and sequels.

Spiderman Across the Spiderverse screen cap

The Cross Cut’s favorite movies of 2022

Filing this away as there are both overlaps with my favorites and lots of flicks to add to the list. / via Yewknee

A still from the movie After Yang

Robtober 22

If you're looking for horror movies to get psyched up for Halloween, Rob has a list. Check them out, his life depends on it.

Robtober 2022 graphic with ransom note typography and blood splatters

An interview with Mike Mills about C’mon C’mon

Just watched this movie (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️) and it was soul filling with lovely, quiet performances and emotion. Been trying to devour more about it and this interview helped expand the concepts.

Black and white still from a movie where a man in a white button down shirt carries a young man on his back in the midst of a parade in New Orleans

Big Bug

Jean-Pierre Jeunet (director of Amélie!) has a new sci-fi movie coming out in February on Netflix. It looks colorful and fun.

A robot vacuums a floor in a colorful set of a home

Robtober 21

Each year Rob Weychert schedules new-to-him horror movies for each day of the month. On this year's list is Magic with Anthony Hopkins that both terrified me as a child and inspired me to get a ventriloquist doll.

A VHS screen reading Robtober 2021 with a timecode

52 comfort films – to watch again and again

Writers, readers and filmmakers create a list of favorite movies. Some gems and some I've yet to see. If I had to pick one to add to the list today I would say "About Time"

A collage of movie characters on a pink background

Kodak Super 8 Camera

Wow. Pretty amazing throwback to analogue. / via Coudal

A modern super 8 camera

The movies Khoi Vinh watched, February 2021

I love Khoi's thoughtful bite-sized insights to movies.

A still of a family in the movie Minari

Beginners (2010)

With the passing of Christopher Plummer I'm asking friends if they'd ever seen Beginners. It's such a very good movie, and the descriptions of it fail to capture what the movie is really about. (A little bit of everything.)

Building The ‘Harold and Maude’ Jaguar E-Type Hearse

I've been revisiting favorite movies. This car always stuck with me.

“What’s a critically reviled film that you think is great. Not like, “it’s a guilty pleasure”, but a movie you’re like, “what is wrong with everyone? This is good.”” / Twitter

This thread is gold if you've ever looked at the array of streaming options and had no idea where to start. I love folks sharing their favorites.

Who Gets to Call It Art?

A wild ride through the 1960s downtown New York art scene as seen through the eyes of legendary Metropolitan Museum of Art curator, Henry Geldzahler. added towatch / via Yewknee

Popeye Village Malta

I saw the movie Popeye at age 9. (I thought it was magical back then.) I always thought it would be fun to go to the place it was filmed. I guess you still can? / via @ADuralde


Stream Classic Cinema, Indie Film and Top Documentaries, with your library card. (Sadly CIncinnati's public library doesn't seem to be a part of the system)

7 Movies Everyone Should’ve Talked About in 2018

I've seen two of these (Spiderverse and I, Tonya, both of which were excellent). Putting these other 5 on the list (though some were already there).


Adding to my mental queue to watch this movie.

Oscar Bingo 2018

Jessica Jones makes these up every year and shares a printable PDF for your Oscar party. Or heck, you could just print one for yourself.

Oscar Bingo card with an Oscar statuette


10 bucks a month, see as many movies as you want (in 2D) in theaters in your area. Just did a search and every theater I go to is listed. I don't know the catch. There has to be a catch.

Swiss Army Man

What a bizarre and intriguing trailer

From Film to Poster

Clips of movies that inspired their posters

About Time (2013)

I think this movie is really quite endearing and very good. Best watched without reading too much about it or watching a trailer. If you like sweet love stories with a bit of a twist, rent it. (Sadly not streaming anywhere at the moment)

Annie Atkins designs for The Grand Budapest Hotel

Dream job. Awesome results (just saw the movie, v. enjoyable). /via Kottke

Can I Stream.It?

Search Netflix, Hulu, Google Play, iTunes, and more, for movies to stream instantly, rent, and buy. / via DaringFireball

Four rules to make Star Wars great again

I not only appreciate the sentiments, but this plea is animated awesomely.

Actors laughing between takes

That's all.

Without VFX…

Without VFX, Iron Man 2 is the story of two men, with soft spots on their heads, getting into trouble in their pajamas.

Judgment Dave: You Know What Movies Deserve Oscar Nominations? Other Ones.

I quite love Dave White's movie reviews, and even though this list is set up as a slideshow, it can't take away from some fine film selections that got overlooked by the Oscars.

My watching year, 2012 – Austin Kleon

I always enjoy Austin's lists. There are many on here I hope to see. (And I recommend Bernie whenever I get a chance)

Behind some of the special effects in Skyfall

I thought this movie was awesome, and I've been saving this link to delve into at some point. Turns out, it's _really_ meaty. I'm saving it for later. / via daring fireball

2012 Netflix Streaming Christmas Movies

Included in this list? A Crackling Yule Log Fireplace if you're into that sort of thing. (I am)

Here Now: Pete Rose

ESPN Films and Grantland's first in a series of videos about sports and sport figures. This makes me want to visit Vegas and shake Pete's hand. / via DaringFireball


Just saw "Jiro Dreams of Sushi" and Naz's insights sum up my feelings better than I could. A fine and beautiful film.


In my opinion, this is the best site out there that doesn't have a mobile version or app. Oh, it'd benefit from such things, but for now? It's just nice to have a place to note the movies one watches without junk yelling at you to buy something or feel like a tool.

Gregory Crewdson Movie

A look into the process behind this photographers intricately set photos. / via aphotoeditor

William James Murray Art Print by DKNG

A lovely print showcasing each film with a simple icon. Dig it. / via LaughingSquid

The Hobbit: Filming at 48 fps

Interesting find from Cameron Moll. I'm intrigued more by Peter Jackson's new movie as well as understanding better why fewer frames feel more film-like.

Visualizing Signal Strength

V. clever use of long-exposure to capture WiFi networks

Roger Ebert’s favorite movies of 2009

Speaking of which (and not on the list) - I need to stop surfing so I can catch Fantastic Mr. Fox on the big screen while I still can!

1983 vs. 2005

Spanning the career of George Lucas

Garrett Murray sheds light on some Star Trek lens flares

I thought they looked non-digital in spots. I liked 'em, along with the whole darn movie!

30 movies that are going to be released in 3-D

Some PIxar mixed in there brightens my spirits.

The Art of the Title Sequence

Grabs and insight of titles from movies (via Khoi / Subtraction)

Listen to a movie

Over 1400 movies. Looks be be a web only player. Interesting though. (via fresharrival)

Screengrab of Listen to a Movie website

The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne Works Toward a More Personal Freakout

Interview on Wired. Touches on Kubrick, Pink Floyd, and Christmas on Mars (to read)

Thank you for smoking

Not the movie. I'm very much digging when Roger Ebert mixes the screen with thoughts on the world at large. In this case, he examines a the Bette Davis stamp.