A Journey…

Waking up and listening to this album by Hinako Omori thanks to Simon Collison. Having coffee. Easing into Saturday.


An abstract album cover with black and white images set in rectangles on a light gray background. A few lines are drawn randomly

Yo-Yo Ma, and a bit of his impromptu vaccination site concert

Easing into the day listening to this and nodding my head in agreement with Jason. Let's invest in the arts.


After getting his second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine at a clinic at Berkshire Community College, Yo-Yo Ma got out his cello and performed a 15-minute impromptu concert for the others folks at the clinic.

Sarah Cooper’s top 6 tips for creative collaboration in the workplace

Listening is everything for me. I write notes to supplement, but the act is more important than reference.


Ohio music playlist w/ Kim Deal

Listen to Kim and Kyle spin some Ohio tunes. Also? Register to vote.


NPR Music’s 25 Favorite Albums Of 2020 (So Far)

Trying to expand my listening habits. Picking albums from the list to accomplish said goal.


Neuroscience Says Listening to This Song Reduces Anxiety by Up to 65 Percent

Old link that's been in a tab for months. But my friend has started a podcast for sleep and I want to share this with him. Maybe we need a podcast for waking too!


100 Great Podcasts Worth Listening to

For my list of podcasts that ever grows


First Listen: Joshua Hedley, ‘Mr. Jukebox’

If you like "classic" country music, you'll probably really like this. I did.



Dig this poster


Listen to a movie

Over 1400 movies. Looks be be a web only player. Interesting though. (via fresharrival)


Screengrab of Listen to a Movie website

If You Like Music, Or Just NPR, Listen Up

Bryan from WOXY speaks on the hill. (with video)


Robin Williams talks about ‘The Night Listener’ on Fresh Air

I suppose I'm going to have to install RealPlayer to hear this.


Listen to (old) TV Commercials

An extensive archive. Yum it up with BubbleYum