Simon Collison’s 2022 in music

I'm still sifting through year end lists to find new things to read, play and listen to. Colly’s collection is presented so darn good.

Top albums of 2022 collected by Simon Collison

Tina’s 2023 Intentions

SwissMiss had a birthday, and she kicked it off with intent and goals and fortitude. Also of note, her call to find ways to celebrate her 50th: The responses are gold.

Some Wonderful Things From 2022

One of the highlights of the year was seeing Jason Kottke return to regular posting after sabbatical. He wraps up some of the good things from the year. Also, sabbaticals should be way more common.

Atlantic Ocean and rocky shore

The Cross Cut’s favorite movies of 2022

Filing this away as there are both overlaps with my favorites and lots of flicks to add to the list. / via Yewknee

A still from the movie After Yang

A Year of Culture

Dan Sinker has a new blog (yay). His last post for this year collects things he’s read, watched, heard, and experienced that made the year better.

Little Devil book cover