Every Day Goal Calendar

Simone Giertz has a new store and one of the products is this electronic goal tracking calendar that was previously a Kickstarter project. She also has a fun white puzzle and some other items of note!


A person touches a date on an electronic wall calendar that displays every day of a year in rows of months and lights up when you select a day

House of Bust (not quite but possibly soon to be on Kickstarter)

If you click on this link you will never stop seeing these busts in your social media feeds. But I want an RBG one.


Hey Robot

The Kickstarter is over but I would fathom this will be available shortly thereafter. Also? Still digging that package.


Hey Robot by Frank Lantz

A (Kickstarter) game where teams compete to get their smart speaker to say a specific word. Love that box mockup! / via waxy


The Symbolikon is an archive of 650 ancient symbols for designers

when I support a kickstarter like this o don’t really need a reward. I just simply want that person to do the thing they’re so passionate about.


Open Press Project

3D-printed etching press. Print your own or get one in this Kickstarter. (Those prints!)


A New Approach to Our Work on Drip — Kickstarter

This is exciting, as Andy and Andy bring good people together and make great experiences.


Fireball Island returns

I never had this board game growing up, but I could rectify that with this Kickstarter...


The Creative Independent

A resource of emotional and practical guidance for creative people. You can get lost here for a long time. Looks like it's funded by Kickstarter. Really nice. / via Meredith


Papier Machine Vol.0

Gorgeously designed interactive electronic paper toy by Papier Machine - Kickstarter via thisiscolossal and my friend Thor



Kickstarters version of Patreon, subscription funding for artists / via DJ


Loog Pro & Loog Mini: The ultimate beginners’ guitars by Rafael Atijas

A three string beginner guitar / Kickstarter via Daring Fireball


Element Blocks – Periodic Elements You Can Touch

A Kickstarter I'm pondering...


Comp, a new take on a classic notebook

Love this concept, hope it goes great (and the price comes down!) - Kickstarter / via DJ


Ulo by Vivien Muller — Kickstarter

Best looking security camera I've seen.


Pressing On: The Letterpress Film by Erin Beckloff — Kickstarter

I know Erin, she's good people and her heart is totally in this. Backing with high hopes!


Even more Awesome Wood Toys by Vlad Dragusin (Kickstarter)

That woodie wagon is super cute.


A-holes: A type book by Curtis Canham — Kickstarter

I'm all about that t-shirt. Fun project. (And I didn't know a-holes existed)



My friends up in Columbus just launched a Kickstarter to get these earbud cord management things into wide production. I've been using an old test model for years and dig it, immensely. I'm looking forward to having a stash for the office, home and car. Seriously.


Cardboard Standing Desk

You can now buy these outside of their initial Kickstarter.


Cardboard standing desk

Pixel Press: Draw Your Own Video Game

Another Kickstarter, but I can afford this one! And it fulfills a life dream: make a videogame. / via Yewknee


Monkey Light Pro – Bicycle Wheel Display System by MonkeyLectric — Kickstarter

Gah. Outta my price range, but these bike wheel lights are super neato. / via LaughingSquid


OpenFrame: A simple, flexible way to display prints & photos by Jeff Sheldon & Matthew Smith — Kickstarter

Here's a Kickstarter that will easily get funded. (Want)


Lumi – Inkodye

New (excellent) video and kickstarter campaign for this ink system that uses the sun to print on fabrics. / via LonelySandwich


“Be Here Now” – The Andy Whitfield Story

This actor from TV's Spartacus passed away from Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and this Kickstarter is attempting to fund the story about his battle. I love the title of this film, which harks back to a book of the same name, "Be Here Now"


Kickstarter Expects To Provide More Funding To The Arts Than NEA

A have a chunk of my budget going to folks through Kickstarter projects. I find it very rewarding, even if there weren't awards. / via LaughingSquid


The Ink Dial

Terrence Chouinard has been printing for a long time. Good stuff, lots of heart and the best quality. He's created a system to measure ink consistently and launched a project on Kickstarter to help see the project come to life. Time's short, but hopefully this idea will get off the ground.


Make Capitalism Work For Me! by Steve Lambert

A Kickstarter project with gumption. Up in Cleveland to boot!


Weapons of Mass Creation Fest | Cleveland, OH – June 11-12

Just a few more days and this thing needs a few more dollars kicked in to succeed. I really want to go to this so I'm crossing my fingers it crosses the threshold! Okay, I will stop pushing Kickstarter projects for a while now. Promise. (But this one's good!)


Kickstarter Project: The Many Monsters of Sadness (film)

A friend and local is part of this group that's been making films for a good while now (really beautiful films, deep, dark and funny). They're raising funds for their next endeavor through Kickstarter. 


Nate Wessel’s Frequent Transit Map for Cincinnati (for realists) got funded on Kickstarter

He's going to be talking about it at the CAC on May 23, 2011.


LetterMpress: A Virtual Letterpress on Your iPad by John Bonadies

Another fine looking Kickstarter project / via @glennplatt