The Catalogue

A short film that "places the viewer into the position of a remote and dispassionate agency, observing humanity as a series of units whose value is defined by their spending capacity and future needs." (via arkanjil)

Compare your height to famous people

Charles Barkley has an inch on me (flash via linkfilter)

I am a Foetus

The graph is at the bottom (via alexmizell)

How they named companies

IKON - copier company name derived from I Know One Name. (via land-o-links)

New VW Ads in Da Haus

Umpimping rides (via robotwisdom)

1,300 Cereal Boxes

Galore! (via grow-a-brian)

Live webcam for the setting of Brokeback Mountain

It's gallery 6, "Three Sisters"

LED lights on shower head

change color with water temperature (via tundrababe)

Foodblog round-up

Exhaustive list of food blogs, podcasts, forums and resources (via linkfilter)

How to pronouce Sigur Rós…

...the band members, and other icelandic sounds. All 'r's are of course rolled. (with mp3 samples)

Let them sing it for you

oh this is fun (via Coudal)

Screw the minibus

Here's what I don't get... There are windows on the inside, but not the outside? Otherwise, this would be a fine ride. Er... HOUSE. (via land-o-links)


Letter-writing without envelopes, cutting or glue - I wish the logo was less...(searching for right word) just less.

LED Throwies

Led light + tape + battery. (via plasticbag)

Four Presidents and a Funeral

Wall Street Journal opinion piece on Coretta Scott King's funeral

Cliche Finder

A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link.

Three Wise Monkeys

A collection of games, activities and teaching ideas by language teachers in Japan

Five Simple Steps to Typesetting on the web: Dashes

I never know how to use these. Perhaps I will learn the art of hyphenation and dashing

How The Japanese View America

on electro^plankton


Upload your 3d model, get a crystal made (via dizzi)

Enzyte is fake

Who'd a thunk?

Da Vinci movie will open Cannes

Any adult can distinguish reality from fiction. But you cannot expect a child to make proper judgements.


Interesting photo grids of similar folks (via land-o-links)

Verse By Voice: Coudal Partners

A meme worthwhile. Poetry read into an answering machine.


Twenty People with 20 seconds to describe something they like without saying it (flashvideo via intensify)

100’s of Interesting Google Maps Locations

(via coudal)

Woman and caregiver die in apparent suicide pact

A real life Harold and Maude (via cbertsch) – The Dirty Dictionary

They don't define a Cincinnati Bowtie.

I Used To Believe : The Childhood Beliefs Site

From Sean, "When I was 6, I was afraid to go in my aunt's closet because I once saw the ghost of a little boy inside it. Some years later, I looked inside with a flashlight only to find a mirror in the back of the closet"

BBC News The Open News Archive

video archive (via

Dave Werner: Portfolio coming soon rap

(via FreeOrange and somewhere else)

Sushi 101 (quicktime)

Amtrak map

Hmmm, the path to NYC from Cincinnati is a long and winding track


I'm not sure I equate wabi-sabi with simplicity, but I like both

The Always Amusing Euphemism Generator

She seemed like a shy girl when they met, but a few drinks later, they were yodeling in the sacred bucket.

My Dinner With Google

Put your ingredients + the word recipe into the search engine. Assemble dinner.

The perfect martini

by Jim Coudal

Chipotle DSL (Don’t Stand in Line)

Order Chipotle online. Now if only they delivered and didn't use Flash...

To Blunt the Razor’s Edge

Who knew November was Beard month...

Battlestar Galactica Lego Goodness

I miss when Lego sets were little generic pieces you could turn into anything. Poo Bionicle (via fraying)

Big Dave’s Cow Pages: Cow Sounds

Lotta moos (via growabrain) Coded Cover: Kate Bush

Interpreting the rocks on Kate Bush's album


Free directory information. The catch: you must listen to a local ad. Sounds good to me. (via Make)

How single people are facing financial meltdown

I don't mind being single, but man there's some parts that REALLY suck (via plasticbag)

Miniature Earth

If we could turn the population of the earth into a small community of 100 people, keeping the same proportions we have today, it would be something like this...

Global gas prices

I should look into some diesel VW or something tiny soon

Creative Think

Allways loved this book. Nice to see rotating creative tips on the home page

Disinformation : Gateway to the underground – news, politics, conspiracy and weirdness

1 in 3 every american homeless man is a military veteran

Gladiator™ GarageWorks

Organize that project room, put in a fridge