Good-bye Magic Mountain?

Six Flags puts six parks up for sale or closure (via Mark)

What You Can’t Say

to read (via ze)


Sadly, these napkins don't appear to be for sale. (via peter in albany)

The smart egg that shows you when it’s boiled to perfection

(via we make $ not art)

the politically incorrect alphabet

(via jwz)

Taking candy from a baby: Critics call foul over LA (photography) exhibition

It reminded me of helplessness and anger I feel about our current political and social situation. (via shan)

cityofsound: From A-to-Bee

wayfinding/wayshowing entry about a book, something to read later (via Coudal)

The world’s largest things

A travel planning guide

Guitar moves

These moves exist as pieces of stage flair (via deansabatino)

Put photos on lots of things, including wallpaper.

Men Knit.



FInd the non-Starbucks near you (via the Opine)

New color pencils cater to ‘adult coloring’ boom

Mitsubishi Pencil Co. has drawn attention with a new set of coloring pencils designed for adults as a coloring boom among middle-aged and senior people continues across Japan. (via jockohomo)

Interesting facts and figures about the book industry

One-third of high school graduates never read another book for the rest of their lives.(via alteeffour)

Bulletproof rose broach


Transparent Canoe-Kayak

'Round here, all you'd see is brown water underneath - but I like the notion (via shan)

What was the number 1 song on US charts when you were born?

Mine was Benny Hill "Ernie (The Fastest Milkman In The West)" - of which I've never heard of before. (via tony)

Does Jessica Simpson Really Know Your Name?

No, they just have backup singers insert your name into a song (via towlerroad)

Limited Edition Candy

a photoset on Flickr

Chinese New Year in Shanghai is crazy (see for yourself)

The videos make me realize, I like fireworks far, far, away (via grow-a-brain)

cityofsound: Design. Architecture. Football.

To read later, via Coudal

The Golden Age of the Internet

An excellent analogy of how, if we eliminate net neutrality, things willl be different online (via linkfilter)

List of fictional expletives

As used in movies and the like (via TheMorningNews)

FTP Demystified

One of the fellas from Panic splains some terms and concepts about FTP

ASIMO History

Honda's humanoids are shown in the chronological order of development since 1986. (via fj)

How do you tell a book club from a terrorist cell?

About the NSA and "social network analysis" (via linkfilter)

10 ways

Veer backtracks and illuminates the source for that zoomy thing

Mr. Rogers speaks to the US Senate

Bookmarking this link (from waxy) if only to remind myself it's okay to let your voice quiver from time to time. Stand for something.

Growing out of your Hummer?

Flickr: Keep an eye on things you’ve left comments on

I had no idea (via hicksdesign)


mosiac tiles to infinity (via a techmonkspeaks)

designers are poor

i can vouch for that (via plasticbag)

Fast Food: Guess the Calories!

I did horribly on this quiz (via linkfilter)

How Small We Are

I had no idea the earth was so... small (in comparison to other planets). An information design challenge not yet fully realized

Visual Harmony

translating the ideas of John Whitney, animating sounds (flash animation via grow-a-brain)

Release Dates of Movies, DVDs, Books, CDs and Video Games (via intensify)

Muppet Wiki

As Andrew Huff says, the logo is indeed awesome (via me3dia)

German Beard and Moustache Championships

A few photos on yahoo (via wholesomegoodness)

Single-Letter Google Hits

A is for apple, J is for J-lo (via rw)

Strange Ghana Coffins

If I didn't want to be cremated, I'd want one of these (via land-o-links) | popular urls to the latest web buzz

Pretty (small) type, lots of content to devour (via vasta)

FRONTLINE: watch online | PBS

54 episodes (via stevey)

It’s time to get rid of the penny.

They cost more to make than they are worth (via land-o-links)

Seed: State of the Planet

Sublime information graphics. A look at what we've done and where we're going. (linkfilter)

Alice Walker Quote:

No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow.

Mapping religion in America

Ohio is more heathen than I thought (via David Galbraith)

superfuture city

Urban cartography for global shopping experts is the tagline. To dig into when I have time. Lots of time. (via inertiastar)

imhoFAQ timeline of knowledge-representation, part 1

it's like the history of the universe, concisely

Tartan Week

Sadly, I will not be able to attend the Tartan Day Parade in NYC (via vern)

Camera symbols

The Troubled History of Beards

Today, pogonotrophy is normally accepted in society; but in the past, growing a beard could cause quite a few problems. (via linkfilter)

how to feel miserable as an artist

(via drawn!)

Study fails to show the healing power of prayer

on Reuters via Linkfilter

Mexican Coke: The ‘Real Thing?’

It's made from sugar cane, not corn syrup. And now I want to try it.

Seven rules for corporate blogging

Nicholas Carr picks on Microsoft blogger, but once you're past that perhaps well warranted pick, I think there's some good points to ponder for businesses who think they need a weblog

Dooce: A can of worms

I'm totally torn between getting into "Big Love" and just screaming at it. Regardless, Dooce covers touchy subjects, and does it ever so well. Blogging at its best.

Mighty Mouse Easter Egg

via the always pretty to visit electro^plankton

Site-Flavored Google Search

I saw Make using something along these lines. To look into later...