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hank green in one of those light fixtures that looks like a dandelion, I think it's from IKEA

How It’s Made: LEGO Sets

Did some surfing to learn more about how LEGO is made and this video was the best I’ve seen thus far. I could watch a miniseries on this topic, from ideation to execution.


Lego factory

World Weather Map

This would be a lovely screensaver any screen, including a television. Mesmerizing in scale.


World weather map with temperate gradients

River, a visual connection engine

I don't really know what's happening here beyond surfing by like images, but I dig on several levels, the vibe, speed and sound effects. It'd be neat to surf through one's personal library of photos like this. / via Kottke


A grid of images

RSS Feeds from Apple

Mostly music charts, but there‘s Apple News, dev info and movie trailers too. / via Luke Dorny


laptop on gray gradient background

Public Announcement

Brand consultancy and media company with a homepage chock full of links and some fine keyboard navigation throughout. Their website is part zine, art project, commentary and probably a few other things I haven’t figured out yet. Fun!


Public Announcement written on a tennis ball

Correct the Internet

Due to human bias, search engines have learnt to prioritize sportsmen in search results, even when the facts put sportswomen first. This site was created to inspire change.


Correct the Internet

An interview with Geoff McFetridge about the interfaces in “Her” and then some

Seems like a good time to re-watch “Her.” Though the movie is almost 10 years old, its view of AI and interfaces is quite prescient. Scene: Firing up the OS for the first time.


screen grab from the movie Her. An interface shows a letter being hand written

Santa Is a Psychedelic Mushroom

Smitten with the story and production of this piece by Mathew Salton with additional animation by James Bascara.


Colorful illustration of a reindeer head on a bright yellow background

Record grooves

Had I never seen these before? I have no idea, but they're neato.


Microscopic view of a record player needle in the grooves of a vinyl record. The grooves look a bit like a canyon.

Small Seasons

A more fine-grained way of thinking about the year in two week sekki. We're at “Drops of dew on grass” at the moment. More insight from Ross Zurowski / via Rachel


Dew drops on grass in the morning

Behind the scenes of Severance

Nine (very) short stories about production of the first season. I could watch an hours long documentary about this show.


An overhead shot of four office desks arranged in a pinwheel on green carpet

How science progresses

Pluto, quarter of a century apart


Two images of Jupiter, one pixelated, one sharp

How a Book Is Made

Excellent photos of the humanity, machinery and process.


A book on a printing press

The inspiration behind the Rivian palette

There's not too much to the story (it's nature!), but dang Rivian has the best color line-up of any vehicle manufacturer.


An soft green electric pickup truck in front at the edge of a forest of trees

1984 Mazda RX-7 Rally Car

I'm not sure if Bring a Trailer archives auctions, so I'm downloading a few photos of this gem to my favorite vehicles folder. That paint job is chef's 💋.


1984 Mazda RX-7 Rally Car with rainbow stripes in the snow

Topography of South America

This single tweet led me down a wonderful rabbit hole of understanding the unique geography of South America.


3D rendering of South America's topography

How to make your home smell like a Williams Sonoma store

Sometimes I have extra rosemary when cooking. Going to try this sometime! /via smartpeopleiknow


A pot filled with water, lemon, rosemary and peppercorns

Dense Discovery

Kai Brach, founder of OffscreenMag, has been putting out this solid email newsletter (digital publication) since 2018. Every issue has something good.


Homepage of an email newsletter titled "Dense Discovery"

So proud of my brother

After being in retail over the years, he decided in 2021 to spend his free time getting certified to help others. He now helps those struggling with addiction find treatment in Cincinnati.


A man on a news program

A thread about value in life

Sorting through a strangers home and finding something worthwhile.


An album filled with black and white photos


A nationwide network of cat sitters. Handy! / via SwissMiss


A kitty cat on an abstract yellow shape

Marry me?

Ben Bartlett designed a "mirror thingy" that spelled out Marry me? when reflecting the setting sun. (His fella said yes.) / via MeFi


An array of gold colored hexagonal mirrors

Toyota Tacozilla

Sadly, this camper truck concept is not real. But I can dream.


Toyota Tacoma Tacozilla

Merlin’s GitHub of wisdom

Whenever you meet someone new, ask them what they're most excited about right now. Everyone interesting is excited about something right now, and they'd probably love to tell you about it. (And many more!)


Random bits of wisdom typed out in white letters on a black background

What a Wonderful World

Started the morning with my heart out to this man playing guitar for his captive audience, a dog named Maple who recently passed.


A golden retriever rests their head on the leg of a person playing an acoustic guitar

A portal to feel connected

Marveling at this huge circular screen and camera with real-time feed between Vilnius, Lithuania and Lublin, Poland


A circular video portal

Juggling from above

Taylor Glenn shifts the perspective of the skill / via MetaFilter


A woman juggles 5 different colored balls, filmed from above

Thinking of her

Heather Cox Richardson delivers essays that are steeped in history and incredibly thoughtful. Often she covers the political moment in context, but this week is all about Mother's Day and it's so good.


An old family photo in sepiatones

All about houseplants

The basics of selecting, watering, lighting, and overall caring for houseplants. / via Laura Olin


An illustrated plant with callouts for car instructions

Ten Years Ago

Look at what the web looked like 10 years ago. I love looking back! / via Kottke


The colors of Mister Rogers’ cardigan sweaters, 1979-2001

His mother knit the sweaters.


Stephen Meszaros : Prototyping Tools

Breaking down the pros and cons to some of today’s most popular prototyping tools and applications. / via Subtraction


Steve Albini on the surprisingly sturdy state of the music industry

I love optimism based in experience. I'm a third through this long piece. Devouring slowly.


The American Room

Behind the nation’s closed doors, with YouTube... and Paul Ford


something & else

A nice tumblr of things that fit the description / via @jessicahische


The Great Discontent: Merlin Mann

"You are probably not as screwed up as you think you are. And even if you are screwed up, it’s time to start acting like you’re not."


Merlin Mann looks grumpy at his phone

China primary school in a cave

Almost looks like an art installation (via scott simpson)


NOLS is putting their videos online

The outdoor leadership school based in Wyoming shares some insights. This video is all about getting the right fit for your hiking boots.


I love this bit from an interview with David Foster Wallace

I’ve got a much less clear idea of what the point of art is, but I think it’s got something to do with loneliness and something to do with setting up a conversation between human beings.


Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

with rollovers! Find out who's who (via yewknee)


What single book is the best introduction to your field (or specialization within your field) for laypeople?

Folks from MetaFilter respond (via themorningnews.org)


Big Bear Rescue on the Donner Memorial Bridge

A most excellent story. (via notes)


A Theory

about artists (via torrez notes)


A photographic collection of faces found in everyday places.

I think every car has a face, but this takes it to a whole 'nother level (via swissmiss and fresharrival)


Minipop Cross Stitch

Inspired by FlipFlopFlyin, and made real with old fashioned technique (via yewknee)


Shedd Aquarium Beluga Calf Update

On Aug. 16, Shedd Aquarium welcomed a new beluga whale. Cutie (via bblinks)


Zazaziza – For no good reason

I haven't figured out this site (I'd call it a blog, but isn't everything a blog?) But with titles like "The theory of everything as a Rube Goldberg Machine" I'm coming back for more. (via wm$na)


Jim Henson’s Time Piece

9 minute work on YouTube by and starring the man behind the muppets (man he was young - via clusterflock)


I was born on a Monday

(via armstrongcircus)


There’s a lack of depth on the internet, a world with an atmosphere just one pixel thick

Objects are dematerialising, reduced to little square jpgs that you can shuffle through.


Identifying Electronic Components (aka the real Transformers)

Lots of potentiometer (via Make)


Mule Design Studio’s Blog: How To Visit San Francisco

Word on the burritos in the Mission


Solving the enigmas of everyday design

12 clicks that add up to pretty nifty (via coudal)


Music Stars Real Names

Pat Benatar? Patricia Andrejewski, and LOTS LOTS more (via feaverish)


Who Participates And What People Are Doing Online

With a social media tilt (via fimoculous)


Computer Arts profiles Coudal Partners (from a while ago I suppose, where’s teh date?)

It's good to see this gang. Don't think I've ever seen them all together, but I'm guessing they are the SwapMeat models. (via Serif)