CSS Zen Garden is 20 today

Admission, I never was good at CSS. I made things with tables and visual editors. But the CSS Zen Garden taught me how to see, understand and articulate CSS. Dave Shea reflects a bit on how important it was (and still is). I'm linking to Andrew Lohman’s contribution, but really the joy is in clicking around the archives at how others re-interpret the page!


Sample page on CSS Zen Garden with mid-century modern design by Andrew Lohman

Fridge-worthy moments

Loved the bit on Jacobi’s home page that lists fridge-worthy moments (some with links to fill in the gaps). Filing this as inspiration to consider in reflection and also looking forward!


Graphics and photos on the home page of a website for Jacobi

Pull quotes by Jonathan Hoefler

Inspiration and nice type make a good marriage. / via a reply to Merlin’s Wisdom Limo



Naz Hamid’s personal website

For a long time this domain linked to other online homes for Naz. During the pandemic it started to evolve. Now it is a new destination unto itself. Thoughtful details abound.


Naz Hamid’s home page

The 2023 Type Trends Report by Monotype

There are waves of vibe that crash into our visual shores through type. Monotype always collects keen perspectives for a surf report. / via Brand New


Type Trends Report 2023

Cat flyer for kindness

Brad Montague made a flyer with a cat. It’s invitation to step out and do something for someone else (and available to download and print).


HELP! Cat poster with tabs to pull off with things you can do to brighten someone's day

Unsung Heroes

Here’s a great place to dive into Scott Bom’s personal website that has the best buckets of navigation and a fresh coat of paint. Be sure to delve into Documenting for a stream of inspiration and type releases. (But all sections are filled with goodness)


Screen printed posters with folks that change the world

Smith & Diction’s Pitch Deck

All wrapped up nicely in a Figma presentation with tangent links to moodboards and samples.


Smith & Diction's design process chart that includes logo, colors, type, messaging, brandwork and styleguide

Book covers by Pino Tovaglia, mid 1970s

I'm in dire need of a large stack of colored paper. / via a Present & Correct tweet


Book covers with mid century modern design

Wesley Verhoeve – How I Started My Career as a Professional Photographer

I first was enamored with Wesley’s work with One of Many that he references here. It’s inspiring to say the least to see his growth as photographer. / via Om


Portrait of Michael Moran by Wesley Verhoeve

It’s the Coolest Rock Show in Ann Arbor.

And Almost Everyone There Is Over 65. (This thread by Joe Bernstein is a great introduction to his article about the “Geezer Happy Hour”).


Older folks dancing at a club

I want to go to Sweden and have some fries

And a burger. Delighted by this identity by Kurppa Hosk. Also, I want to play Wipeout again. / via Brand New


Visual identity representing color and type in 3d landscape with characters of cheese, fries, onions, ketchup and mustard

Kazam Magazine

Speaking the Eames Institute, they have a (virtual) magazine to share stories about people, projects, and ideas that are shaping a better tomorrow. I kinda wish it was a real magazine, had an RSS feed or both!


Hands screen print an abstract print with orange and blue rectangles

The Library of Congress: Dietmar Winkler

Reminding myself of the trove that is the Library of Congress site, thanks to Antonio of AisleOne.


Screen grab of Library of Congress website with search results for Dietmar Winkler

Yuni Yoshida’s promo for エルピス

Those aren't glitches, those are stacks of books, pads of paper and writing instruments. Think that's neat? Enjoy lots more of their work.


Poster for television program with three characters framed by what appears to be digital glitches but are physical items

Nothing great is made alone

Wonderful work from Collins sharing the Figma story. Bonus? Reading the "+ Project Information" backstory to get a sense of the journey.


Nothing great is made alone

Paul Rand’s Logo Presentation Books

A trove of logo concept books from Rand. Many of these identity studies weren't approved. Still great to peruse.


Spread from a logo presentation for a new Ford logo. A model T in red is part of the composition

Visions Not Previously Seen

Barbara “Bobbie” Stauffacher Solomon mixed Swiss graphic design principles with West Coast Pop art stylings, essentially creating supergraphics, and in doing so shaped the history of design. / Revisiting this link for inspiration


Graphic design by Barbara Stuaffacher. Very minimal geometric shapes and san serif type on a white background

Emma Bers

Dig the life and humanity of Emma’s graphic design. Bonus interview on It’s Nice That: If I’m Not Having Fun I Scrap It.


Colorful loose graphic design posters


A digital moodboard organized in chapters, and publish a new one whenever the mood strikes by Joshua Blankenship. For when you need some visual vibes in your #moodscrolling #ffffound


A mood board of cool graphics

Right On! A Documentary on Student Protest

AIGA has a solid deep dive (and video thumbing through pages) of this distilling reports of campus protests. David L. Burke's design keeps the vibe of a zine in a paperback format. It's gorgeous.


Dave Rupert’s bookshelf

Tucking this sortable page of books read (or listened to) in my virtual folder of personal website inspiration. / via a secret RSS post in a roundabout way


Screencap of the bookshelf section of Dave Rupert's personal website

Caitlin Keegan’s Corita Kent Series

Colorful visual interpretations of Some Rules for Students and Teachers / via Doug Wilson


Illustrator with beakers that reads "Consider Everything An Experiment"

Cool things people do with their blogs

A lovely collection from Wouter Groeneveld of many folks building interesting features into their personal sites / via Yewknee


Cool Things People Do With Their Blogs


New type design practice and foundry from Erik Marinovich. Just cruise around the specimens pages to get a solid dose of vibrant type goodness.


A graphic design layout showcasing fonts by NuForm

How Brian Lovin’s site works

Whoa. This is densely awesome. A personal website that operates somewhat like an OS. Thoroughly engaging and inspiring.


A screenshot of a personal website

Be My Eyes

This is awesome. An app that instantly connects a blind person with a sighted volunteer who can tell them what’s in front of them via screen sharing.


A person holds up a mobile phone camera pointed at a bike

Merlin’s GitHub of wisdom

Whenever you meet someone new, ask them what they're most excited about right now. Everyone interesting is excited about something right now, and they'd probably love to tell you about it. (And many more!)


Random bits of wisdom typed out in white letters on a black background

Risolve Studio

Print and design studio run by husband and wife team Sebastian and Lyndsey Burke. They do everything from prints to books/zines. Filing away for later!


Up close detail of Riso printing

Everything around you

Apple tips their hat to Steve Jobs 10 years after his passing. A moving short video.


A black and white photo of Steve Jobs at a prototype computer

An interview with Frank Oz

There's some heaviness in this conversation with puppeteer and director Frank Oz, but I wish it was three times longer. And Stepford Wives wasn't that bad of a movie.


A black and white photo of a man with a mustache, a bear puppet and a pig puppet with lovely hair

The Gap by Ira Glass

I've heard this audio a handful of times and seen it visualized perhaps more than once. But it never fails to remind me of the work. / via @misterbisson


Burlap print with the words "THE GAP" on a line

Group X branding

An anonymous group of artists and curators making things happen in Philly. Now with a fine identity to mask their identity. Always solid seeing what Smith & Diction make. / via Under Consideration


Group X by Smith and Diction

Gergely Gizella’s personal website

Is unlike any I have experienced. / via Belong.io


A still from an animated personal website

My friend is a wizard

I can't wait til Erik gets his second vaccine and the fluorescent ombre beard he has dreamed about for years. But for now? I'm excited right alongside.


An old wizard in a hat

Yamato Groups identity refresh

The presentation of this update is as lovely as every element combined. / via UnderConsideration


Yamato Group new symbol mark on a truck

Plus Equals

A quarterly zine in which Rob Weychert explores algorithmic art with a focus on combinatorics.


Visual pieces combined to make new forms

A thread about how videogames can change a life

Sometimes Twitter showing what your friends liked is a very good thing. Also? Firewatch is a great experience!


A sunset in a videogame

Bad Feeling

Editorial project fetching entries from online forums related to emotional and psychological struggles. / via Fonts in Use


Ram’s Palettes

Colours taken from Dieter Rams legendary production collection for Braun. Made by Chad Ashley. / via Paul Bausch


Dieter Ram's palettes

12 Legendary BMWs

I'm mostly here for the graphic illustrations / via AirBag


BMW supercars

3:45 PM

A lovely animation indeed. "Don't live in the grand scheme of things"


“YOU&ME&ME&YOU” mural by Anthony Burrill

So simple, so good.


You&Me&You&Me Mural

Block Studio

Greg Storey posted a link to this site for design agency site and though I can't read it, I love how different it is.


Nix & Kix

Admiration for a very nice logo with some good tangential links.



VITTI brought on Mike Freedom to bring this character to life for their brand. This is a great story of how that came to be and their process. (Built on exposure.co - which is a great tool for sharing stories)


this book you are holding…

is an unkempt garden. Saw this posted on Fonts in Use and thought I'd share it with my friend DJ and also here. Been thinking about print a bit more of late.


Japan by Car

Gorgeous illustration by James Gilleard / via Seth Werkheiser


An illustration of a Japanese road scene in pink and blue tones

Original Pattern Brewing Company

A bit zeitgeist of modern design, but I still like looking at this identity very much


Esquire magazine, September and October/November 2020

Lovely art direction across the board


Nashville Design Week 2020

This event has passed, but I stumbled upon the site and fell in love with their take on gradients (and lovely type to boot). Who says you can't make Squarespace look neat!


Colorful abstract shapes in gradients with blue type set on top

World Chess – Official FIDE Gaming Platform

There are indeed some nice design elements on this site and the store is stocked well / via @Brilliantcrank


World Chess Site

Chris Davies’ Middle Eastern Kitchen brand work

Dig this identity and packaging "inspired by Middle Eastern ceramic tiles, which are often used in their kitchens." / via UnderConsideration


1972 U.S. election, CBS News

Akihiko Seki's graphics are sublime



Found via UnderConsideration, but these Vietnamese, Filipino and Thai spice starters look awesome. A bit pricey, but SUPER pretty.


Omsom spices and asian dishes very colorful

The Typecraft Initative

"Working with Indian craftswomen to create beautifully designed typefaces, while also inspiring them to learn design skills via training workshops" / via UC


The Young Jerks have a new website

I could look at this CAMP project page for hours


ALLSHIPS | A Creative Community

"We stand for quality over quantity, substance over numbers, cohesion over conflict, opinion over algorithms, thoughtful content over snackable, sugary, viral hits. We stand together, not apart." / via Luke Beard


Buro Destruct

Bookmarking this Flickr stream for when I need some typographic inspiration


various colorful record covers from the 60's and 70's