Lionbear, owltiger

work by Derek Yu

Science Machine by Chad Pugh

A 40 hour drawing compressed to 18 minutes of behind-the-scenes illustration goodness. Also available as a print. Beautiful stuff. (thx Zachary)

Always With Honor

Better than inspirational posters with cats! (via frank over at *****

Larry Roibal

Draws on top of the news with a pen (via Drawn!)

This is How We Do.

Frank Chimero's process to illustrate is awesome every step of the way. His stuff has soul.

Technical illustration gallery

I'm having flashbacks to engineering graphics 101 at OSU. (via Keaggy)

Illustrations of all your favorite candidates

Obama's looking a little Alfred E. Neuman, but I believe this may be accurate. (via

Happy New Year from Spike Press

John makes good stuff, like this desktop wallpaper.

Carlo Giovani

Most excellent portfolio (love the paper works especially, but everything is top notch) via computerlove

Toothbrush, toothpase mosh

via BS on ffffffffound. Now with direct context.

gary taxali

Always good to revisit his site. His work hangs in our studio proudly. (reminded by Feaverish)

KONG tienda/galeria

Lovely to look at (via veer)

Brainiac the art and life of Matte Stephens

Love. (via Drawn!)

ReForm School: Blossom & Bill Serving Tray

Love the site and the product. (via Amy Mabli over at the

Atlas, Schmatlas

a 128 page hardback book chock-a-block with essential information (fact and fiction), maps, and illustrations about every country in the world.

Maira Kalman – The Principles of Uncertainty

Now free, for all. Yay. (Thank you Thor, for pointing her out a while back)

The Small Print Studios

Good stuff, local I do believe (via Gina the hobby quitter)

The Bearskinrug Sketchbook

So, darn, good (via joshuablankenship)

House Journal

cbuchholz has this great work on his Threadless profile. Good stuff (via intensify)

Stina Persson

Love her use of watercolor.

Ian O’Phelan

Designer, Illustrator or fine artist, I really enjoy this fellas work.

Sports Illustrated Photo Gallery – NHL Goalie Masks

(via growabrain)

Doot Doot Garden Blog

to peruse after work (via draplin)

Edward Gorey : The Gashlycrumb Tinies

A is for Amy who fell down the stairs. (thx bonnie)

We were only being boring

Flip Flop Flying, always good

Charley Harper monograph coming soon

Thanks Todd Oldham, for shining light on this Cincinnatian, a favorite of my mother and grandmother (via ch)

Characters for an epic tale

Lovely postcard. Want to buy. (via feaverish)

Kid Cartoonists

a blog for those under 18 to display artwork (via drawn!)

Muscle Cars: a sketch book

(via Drawn!)

Rod Hunting has awesome drawings

via swapmeat

Laurie Rosenwald, “Red Yellow Green Blue”

Great virtual book for young and old with superfun illustration and type styel (via

Coudal’s current guest editor is providing wonderful illustrations, his website is equally awesome

I've been digging these visual bits since Kevin Cornell and Kate Bingaman's stints.

Carson Ellis

A profile of the illustrator of The Decemberists album artwork. Dig that pen and ink.

Maira Kalman

Because every site needs categories like "succotash" (thank you Thor, for reminding me to look)

344 Loves You

Daily Monster video 'blog (some nice process indeed, via zefrank)

Alberto Cerriteño

Wonderful illustrator (via Drawn!)

Scratchboard & Photoshop Tutorials By Michael Halbert

I have a strong desire to go to the art store all of a sudden (via Drawn!)

Adrian Johnson

Illustrator found via that "Make Your Own Choices" site... Playful classic style.

Custom Pen & Ink Portraits and Cartoons by Jeffro

Reasonable prices, excellent style.

Top Cel covers

scans on Flickr with wonderful illustration (via Coudal)

Allen Lund

A very nice flash interface indeed (via Drawn!)

Steve Mack’s Spot Illustration

Never too many alphabets. Great blog format for these. (via swissmiss)

Josh Keyes: Paintings and Drawings

I really dig these. (via sum1)

Dan Funderburgh’s site

The link of the pattern fellow's website aforementioned (via Coudal)

Jesse LeDoux’s LeDouxville

Charming, fun style (via guesroc)

100 drawings of Tyler Landry

(via Drawn!)

Old Children’s Books

With great illustrational style

The Hall of Best Knowledge

Purely fantastic hand drawn type (via Drawn!)

BorgBlog ( blog)

Jim Borgman shows some process behind his editorial cartoons Books: How Babies Are Made

I really like this paper cut illustration style

Flickr: The Signpaintr Pool

(via Drawn! The Illustration Blog)

madbox-character design studio

sites don't get much prettier than this one