You Are The Friction

This book looks awesome. (Click on the dots to view a small gallery)

New Work: Defining the Pinterest Illustrated Style

Matt Stevens' work for Pinterest is chock full of good energy.

Andrew Kolb’s Chrono Trigger-themed cuckoo clocks

I didn't play Chrono Trigger, but if I did, I'd want these clocks. Er, I kinda still want them.

On the Road Illustrated, Paul Rogers

Super scrolly! /via This Isn't Happiness

Fantastic animated illustrations by Robin Davey

Love these, lots

The DIY Skillmap Poster

I still wish I had kids to use the heck out of this service. But for now at least, there's this lovely poster.

The Hyrulean Book of Biology

A Zelda and Harper inspired piece by Andrew Kolb

Drawn! 2005-2013

The natural close of a good thing. John Martz lays it all out, and dagnabbit if it doesn't all make sense and make me sad to boot. Things are different now, but Drawn! was one of those places that lived comfortably in my reading favorites.

Russ McMullin’s Scratchboard Tutorial

I just got some scratchboard. Going to learn how to use it.

The Kama Sutra Project A-Z

Wonderful concept and illustrations by Malika Favre. / via Coudal

Vectors by Spike Press

I quite like this bits and pieces by John Solimine.

Awesome Man

by Manish Sehrawat / via Drawn!

Post Typography

One of the most innovative presentations of work I've seen on a website. Also? Awesome work. / via swiss-miss

The tactile work of Maricor/Maricar is beautiful

I want to pet their type. / via idlemountain

Matt W. Moore and Attik UK : Coca Cola London 2012.

More fun than the official logo.

Fabio Consoli’s postcard designs

Fabio wrote in and asked if he could interpret some of our "50 Ways to Help the Planet" - I am super happy with how his work turned out. Really wonderful work. An honor to provide some content.

Drawn’s Favourite Books of 2011 – John Edition

Graphic novels, illustrated books, comics, design and then some.

Tim Boelaars

Has excellent work. / via Netdiver

Saul Bass’s Henri’s Walk to Paris to be reissued in February

I've always wanted a copy of this book. / via Drawn!

Adam Parks’ Illuminated Mixtapes

Illustrated and presented in a lovely fashion. / via swissmiss

Beast of Burton

Mikey's collecting fine examples of bears. No, not that kind, the other kind.

Dan Cassaro

You might know this fella as the force behind The State Mottos Project, but he's more than a mastermind. I challenge you to find one piece of anything less than pitch perfect in his body of work.

Oliver Barrett

Linework extraordinaire. I have this idea in my head of a certain classic style, Oliver hits it. (and he's a damn fine designer to boot).

Junyi Wu, Dogs

I really like her style. / via Iain McGregor

Dschwen™ ::: David Schwen

On second thought, just go to David's site.

Christine Wong Yap, Positive Sign #23 & #24

I quite like this pair of drawings. Part of SFMOMA's Positive Signs - a weekly series of interpretive diagrams, quotes, and speculations on creativity, optimism and the lives of artists - / via thisisnthappiness

Christine Wong Yap, Positive Sign #23 & #24

I quite like this pair of drawings. Part of SFMOMA's Positive Signs - a weekly series of interpretive diagrams, quotes, and speculations on creativity, optimism and the lives of artists - / via thisisnthappiness

Darren Booth Hand-lettering & Illustration

I've seen Darren's work before, but never connected the dots. His approach and results are sublime.

John Paul Thurlow’s Hesher poster

Thurlow's Cover Series was/is great. It led to this excellent commission. / via artbear

‘Me and My Friends’ by Little Aaron

Fun illustrations added to old photos make this book by Aaron Stewart quite adorable.

The (Pixelated) Camera Collection

/ via @keoshi

The Wonderful World of Illustration (on Dribbble)

Great collection of work from folks on Dribbble.

Brian Cook Illustration: Tweet

From sketch to finished product.

Someone once told me “When you want to sound profound, just quote something someone else said.”

Profound indeed. Taken from a small glimpse at what looks to be an awesome show by Frank Chimero at Land PDX gallery. (photos by Pat Castaldo)

Matt Stevens’ AirMaxes

I'd seen these visual interpretations of the Nike Air Max 1 during the tribute series, but the collection has since grown in even more wonderful ways.  / via @madebyarchetype

Made by Many goes SouthWest

Fab hand-drawn page showing what this company is up to at SXSW. Related: Got here to Austin yesterday myself. /via JenBekman

Tavis Coburn’s illustrations for the BAFTA Nominees

I quite dig this blend of mid-century style and well polished skill. Check it out on Kitsune and follow the link to see some of Tavis' older work.

Why He-Man and Skeletor are mortal enemies

Now that, is a birthday card.

Illustrated Celebrity Tweets

This concept of using your imagination works, I say. (and you don't even have to be a celebrity) /via

What If: Famous Superheroes Had Beards?

Superheroes being a loose term. (via armstrongcircus + laughingsquid)

Art Vinyl’s sleeves of the year

My word it's almost December. Anyway, I can stare at that new Flaming Lips cover for very, very long moments trying to figure it out. Lots of solid choices on this list. (via yk)

A Growing Pile of Work by Siggi Eggertson

It's like his work was made specifically to be brought together in motion.

Some excellent T’s

From the New York Times T Magazine (via Scott Hansen)

Don Kenn illustartes on Post-It notes

And does it extremely well (via Drawn!)

Tools for Living SoHo Artist Window Series

Design Within Reach is having artists do up their NYC storefront windows. I like this spin by Mike Perry (@142 Wooster Street)

The many faces of a Space Invader

By Logan Walters (via Jen Bekman)

More of the string section

Wil Freeborn was asked to sketch 4 days of concerts by the BBC SSO at the City Halls in Glasgow. The results are lovely. (as seen on Clusterflock)

I quite like these Friends With You posters

Even through cute-monster and hold-poster-while-showing-hands fatigue!

Lost Charley Harper Paintings Rediscovered

See 'em July 11th through August 8th in Cincinnati, then they'll travel the country. Very cool. Marking the calendar.

Rodrigo Fuenzalida : Birds

Illustration (and some process) with a dash of Charley Harper and Lucho Rodríguez.

Orba Squara took at 10 day roadtrip across the US to promote his new album

And the resulting site is a fantastic marriage of music, type, and image. Tis Flash, but worth it. (via Yewknee)

IE6 denial message for

I wish all error messages were this fun sometimes (via @scottboms)

1960s BOAC Timetable

A beautiful piece of graphic design from before I was born

Sage Variations

While checking out Zachariah O'Hora's sign design for Sage General Store in Long Island City, I not only enjoyed his work, I learned a few new words.

Eight Hour Day

Katie and Nathan combine illustration and design. I love their work. (You may have seen Katie's "Eli No!" - a book for children about a charming troublemaking dog circulating the net)

Tom Gauld’s Photostream is really a Comicstream or Illustrationstream

Either way, it's a great visit (via Frank Chimero)

And the Pursuit of Happiness, In Love With A. Lincoln

by Maria Kalman (via TheMorningNews)

Value Added Tacks

And Pointless Darts and Dartboard by Graham Rawle. Fun and well done.