Hypnotic browser/mobile puzzle game using satellite images and a soundtrack from Space Shuttle recordings / by Nadya Suvorova


Circular puzzle using satellite imagery

Snakes of Wrath

Young Jerks sure can build momentum. This is one of the most striking landing pages for a future Kickstarter game I've seen.


An illustration of game tiles with red and black snake sections

Waffle Game

Took me three days to figure out what was going on, but this is one of the Wordle variants that hits a sweet spot of gameplay and challenge. / via Emily


A word game with tiles that are colored light gray, yellow and green forming four connected squares

The better of two sci-fi franchises

In this NY Times crossword, either WARS or TREK would work. Schrodinger's Puzzles kind of boggle my mind.


A Schrodinger's Puzzle in a crossword


You get 5 tries to guess a single word each day. It's like Mastermind, but with language. Super fun. / via Waxy


An online word game called World