Youtube, now in Super HD!

Click the play link above (via Michael Surtees)

Equal Measure measuring cup

Most recipes call for five thousand drops of water (via fresharrival)

Funny Pie Chart

Heh (via quipsologies)

Whatever Martha

Martha's daughter does the Mystery Science Theater 3000 treatment with her mom's show (via Heather, Down in Texas)

Snap and dine

I would not call this a single use set. (via Make)

People Who Will Ruin Your Party

I'm the person who cleans up sometimes. Sorry! (via rachel)

Essential Life Lesson #1: Over is Right, Under is Wrong

I'm thanking Rachel over at for finding this valuable information about toilet paper arrangement.

I Am Rich : my free version

Here's a web based version of the iPhone/iPod app that Apple pulled. This one is completely free. Simply add the bookmark to your home screen.

Evolution, Lego style

T-shirt that made me chuckle (via tcritic)

Cake Wrecks

Bad decisions in cake decorating (via joemygod)

Speaking of ‘blog pimping… From Bottle 2 Box

Amy up the street (if laws were different, we'd almost be related) started a 'blog about life, raising kids, saving money, and switching from bottled wine to boxed. I'm not only super-enjoying her perspective -- I'm learning stuff to boot.

JOURNEY At The Center Of The Earth

Fan-frickin-tastic (via Coudal) - aside, I saw the movie this weekend, really good 3D effects.

Snack Foods That Sound Like Sex Acts

a set on Flickr (via Cal)

Dress For Dinner Napkins

Lovely. (via swissmiss)

BigDog Beta

If you're familiar with the BigDog quadruped robot, you might find the video of early tests interesting (via crplnx)

Homosexual didn’t get off to a particularly strong start in the first semifinal, but by the halfway mark he had established a comfortable lead.

Note to the religious right: auto-replace is not your friend. (via DF)

Music video for the song “Toe Jam” by BPA (featuring David Byrne and Dizzee Rascal)

Using censor bars in humorous ways. (thx Alonso)

Sugar Bush

As my friend Bob says "So this woman raises and domesticates a she can dress him up in costumes. While he poses."

Mail a brick to junk mailers using paid postage

Wonder if this really works (via stevey)

Uncle Croc’s Block

A rare video featuring the opening theme to the extremely short-lived, extremely GAY Saturday morning kids show starring Charles Nelson Reilly and Jonathan "Dr. Smith" Harris (as Basil Bitterbottom!)

Ninja Star thumbtacks

(via fresharrival)

Hair hats

(via planetdan)

Harvesting creatives (Behind the scenes tour of of an award-winning creative farm)

"Being creative people it's important they get a lot of praise. You know, massage their ego..." (via Noisy Decent Graphics)

National Geographic interviews Nigel Tufnel to get his thoeries of Stonehenge

You know Nigel, he's the lead guitarist of Spinal Tap (via craplinks)

When Twitter is down

you yell 'FAVORITE' at attractive strangers. (thks for the laugh bb)

The One Hit Wonder Finds Its Starkest Graphical Expression

Beethoven Got Laid a Lot

Conjecture why it took so long for "Fur Elise" to be written / made available (via metafilter)

On April 29, Rex Vanderwoodsen set the Planet Douche World Record

for the most popped collars worn at the same time by an individual (thx kate)

Baby Car Logos

It's like Muppet Babies for automobile nameplates

5 Second Movies

To watch later, when I have some time