Commentary on Paula Deen’s English Peas

I’m just about crying here. Thank you MetaFilter.

The moral of the story is, don’t judge a PT Cruiser by it’s decoration

A parable post tweet from Dooce.

Corgis are the best.

I hit favorite RSS feeds between tasks. These links of Corgi videos and whatnot on MetaFilter made me smile so much, I want to revisit and check ’em all out. But my break is over.

It’s okay to not like things

A short little fun video. Has language (dick). / via waxy

Spelling police

Extra like

When Harry Met Sally 2

With a few adjustments. Funny. / via MetaFilter

Who Needs a Bike Lock?

A cuffed Segway


Speaking of social networks, this new one is available now on all platforms. Cuddleparty! / via laughingsquid

Everything looks official with tiny leaves around it

/ via

Alternative Royal Wedding Plate – Kate’s Wedding List

Silly but the design and message wins me over. You’ll have to click the thumbnail to zoom in and see the detail. 

Vaginas don’t chew hot mints

I’m just getting all potty-mouthed around here, but this video made me cry a little. / via kansasliberal’s delicious links

“Mario” – SXSW 2011 Film Bumper

Tom just sent me this to distract me and it worked. If you like Super Mario, you’ll probably enjoy this video. (Youtube)


Recreated romance novels never looked so good. / via Coudal

Hipster Trap

Got a chuckle out of me even though daylight savings time has messed up my morning. / via @nczeitgeist

Lone(ly) Wolf

A quick little fun piece (part of a fine growing collection) by Aled Lewis

I’m hearing it’s going to be called SkankJank this year

I won’t lie, I superenjoyed SXSW last year. Not gonna make it this year, but if one wants to be a superdouche… Watch this video!

Glass Beer Boot: 48 ounce Hand-blown German Beer Boot

It’s really worth a moment to check out the promotional video on this product page (scroll down) / via towleroad

Variety Of Unsustainable Business Models Make Up Extremely Hip Neighborhood

The Onion manages to make even a “news” photo superfunny / thks Tom

Radiohead buzzkill

The new Radiohead video becomes a lot less cool if you play a Maroon 5 song in the background. / via Matt Stevens English Grammar For Dummies

Just linking it up for the first review, which makes me giggle like a 4 year old. / via @toddbudnikas

The Return of “Get Your War On”

Seems even funnier if that’s possible. (Best viewed as slideshow)

New Theme Song Lyrics: Murder, She Wrote

This is totally weird and silly and also pretty great. / via my studiomate Tom, blame him.

Matthew Baldwin’s take

on Facebook’s new messaging service announcement

Stamps of Disapproval by Heather K. Phillips

I feel these. / via Coudal Partners

Ctrl-Z, Ctrl-V & Ctrl -X

When Hell Freezes Over Stationery

from Thornwillow Press. Well done indeed / via bblinks

Paper Tweet

Knock Knock is consistently good. / via Coudal

Is it any wonder people are afraid of Technology?

This tiny clip from Chris Morris’ Brass Eye provided tons of repeated laughter this weekend. I can watch it over and over.

Kate Bingaman-Burt’s 500 Worst Passwords Poster

Art that makes you smile is the best art.

wet owl

/via clusterflock