Japanese Woman Creates Hilarious Cardboard Cutouts With Her Dog

I’m devolving into cat/dog links. I can’t help it.

Dad Turns His 6-Year-Old Son’s Drawings Into Reality

Well, Photoshopped reality

Artist Draws Fantastical Creatures Interacting with Commuters on NYC Subway

Cute. / via MeFi

High School Musical: A Bad Lip Reading

This is 20 minutes!!! I started watching it and decided I want to sit back and enjoy every minute at a leisurely time. Looks to be a dandy.

Interview with @tasteofstreep

As these things go, this bit of fun is exceptionally well done / via Coudal

misleading thumbnails

so very good / via Yewknee

Smart Phones for Stupid People

A one minute music video

The Mindblowing Special Effects Used On ‘Carol’


Basketball Teams X 80’s Toons

Silly fun, but fun indeed. / via Brand New, Under Consideration

“Later That Same Life” (video)

An 18-year-old and his actual 56-year-old self have a chat in this genuine “time-travel talk show.” (Just a taste of a bigger project hopefully to come.)

Toddler GoPro Hide and Seek

Adorable / via MeFi


HA! / via Coudal

What teens are like in 2016

I just like to read these articles and feel ignorant about Snapchat another day

Passweird – Passwords too Gross to Steal

Got a chuckle out of me, and that background is awesome. / via @tomstuder

Gotta Go!

An app that sends a preset excuse that appears as a text on your phone when you need to motor.

Comedian Jon Benjamin’s Jazz Album Is Full Of ‘Real, Untapped Un-Talent’ : NPR



I’m pretty happy with my dance party. / via Swiss-Miss


Sometimes these things make weird sense. / via Jim Renaud

Doctor’s Typeface

Gave a chuckle. By Orion Creatives / via Keaggy

Downton Abbey Paper Dolls

I’m so cutting out the Thomas & O’Brien ones and creating drama around the desk. Oh, and I’m watching Downton Abbey because it’s on PBS and that makes me feel like I’m doing something mind enriching! […]

Honest logos by Viktor Hertz

Maybe you’ve seen these before, maybe I have. I’m not sure but they’re still sharp with commentary. / via LaughingSquid


Oh Jesus Christ! Fenton!

Oprah and the yelling goat

One last giggle before heading to work. My friend Brent showed me this and I cried. Maybe you’ve seen it already.

Animals Being Dicks

I have no shame in admitting I subscribe to this tumblr. Just one animated gif a page, but worth the clicks if you’re into that sort of thing.

Internet Time Out

I might not use this to send a smackdown – but there’s value in the Popular Time Outs list for those that could use a bit of… help with the Internet. / via yewknee

ibexes are the new mustaches

Hit refresh to see what crafts are the new crafts. Made me laugh (and made me look up what an ibex was, man I’m dumb)

Andy Samberg Prepares for His Matchups

“The New York Times Magazine asked photographer Walter Iooss Jr. and the comedian Andy Samberg to take a look back at several iconic men’s tennis champions.” Here’s a behind the scenes video. I hope to get […]

Sorry for the politic, but this Palin t-shirt, I would wear.

Silly, I know. Just sayin’

dot ugh

An idea for web domains

dot ugh

An idea for web domains