The Return of “Get Your War On”

Seems even funnier if that's possible. (Best viewed as slideshow)

New Theme Song Lyrics: Murder, She Wrote

This is totally weird and silly and also pretty great. / via my studiomate Tom, blame him.

Matthew Baldwin’s take

on Facebook's new messaging service announcement

Stamps of Disapproval by Heather K. Phillips

I feel these. / via Coudal Partners

Ctrl-Z, Ctrl-V & Ctrl -X

When Hell Freezes Over Stationery

from Thornwillow Press. Well done indeed / via bblinks

Paper Tweet

Knock Knock is consistently good. / via Coudal

Is it any wonder people are afraid of Technology?

This tiny clip from Chris Morris' Brass Eye provided tons of repeated laughter this weekend. I can watch it over and over.

Kate Bingaman-Burt’s 500 Worst Passwords Poster

Art that makes you smile is the best art.

wet owl

/via clusterflock

Antenn-aid for iPhone 4

Made me giggle. /via glennztees

Wieners are hilarious

I have to thank SwissMiss and Flickr's "Explore" for making Tom's letterpress test print finding so much love.

Dad Life

This type of rap parody can be hit or miss. But these dads nail it, with aplomb. / video via studiomate Tom

Steve Martin’s Tour Rider

Funny. /via yewknee

Tea Farty: Re-tweeting the Tea Party’s hot air.

This made me chuckle, along with that Facebook group that wants to plug up the oil spill with the complete works of Ayn Rand. Bless her heart. /via linkfilter

The Big Caption

Favorite new site of the week, possibly the month or year /via Coudal

Reminders by Erin Hanson

Worth every click click click! /via swissmiss

Fun with security questions and answers

Good for a grin /via waxy

Imaginary Foundation: Make a difference

Quiet the cynic inside and imagine seeing this flyer on a wall. /via brian

Drunk History : Nikola Tesla

This video was the perfect nightcap / thanks Bill Keaggy

iPad Case/Cover with wings

Started my morning off with a chuckle /via Renauld


a t-shirt I should buy /via denyingphoenix

Signs You’re Talking To A Canadian

Listness aside, I learned some things here and always enjoy learning a local perspective. I didn't know the word pop was preferred over soda in Canada. Same here in Cincinnati! Lots of other fine tidbits /via iamcal


The only thing that would make this fake C-SPAN commercial better is if the healthcare summit was on Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!

Edit your Consciousness

Spray to forget. (This might be more convenient than hiring the Death Bear previously linked)

Need to get over your ex? Call Death Bear

He’ll take away the old photos, letters and socks your lover left behind. (I think this should become an international franchise /via Yewknee)

The man your man could smell like

I didn't see any commercial near as memorable as this during yesterdays game. Well done Old Spice. Video /via joemygod

Unhappy Hipsters

Dwell photos + droll commentary = a hearty chuckle. /via Coudal.

Trademark a proprietary name for your unique mindmapping protocol!

Mine is called "Brainkrumping™" (this is awesome, via Merlin)

Celebrities Riding Invisible Bicycles

Silly meme fun. (via @mel_chirps)

It was album cover day at Whiskerino 2009

hidden amongst the face fur are some true gems.

The Top 10 Biggest Food Network Foodgasms Of 2009

That Rachel Ray half lid one kills me somehow (via jimray)

Jon Ronson on telling his son the worst swearword in the world

Fine readin! (via

Do not reply to these emails from an asshole

It almost never fails when I visit this site: I laugh really hard. And sometimes I feel guilty about it. (via growabrain)

Donut Seeds

by Kenny Shopsin (via SimpleBits) ...and I've already gone back to parenthesis...


It's nice to see the other side of FAIL get some love.

You Are The CSS to My HTML

Not just a button anymore, but a fine tee.

Calf and Half Creamer

Product design gone right.


Now you too can add a squirrel to any photo

Self-Portrait with Squirrel

Very likely falls into "photobomb" category

Holidaying Horrors

Tentacles! (via guyschmidt)

The Battle

A limited edition tee that charts it all out. (Disclosure: We're happily printing this at the studio for the Nerduo that is Mike Essl & Robb Irrgang)

A sex toy, for dogs

Lonely dogs (via linkfilter)

The Lying Down Game

I so want to play this. (via Metafilter, celebrating 10 years of goodness)

An Open Letter to Dwell Magazine

Rewriting the contents (via Matt Haughey)

Fancy Fast Food

It's still bad for you, but look how nice it can look (also via Ben Tesch)

Light breakfast – a photograph by David Sykes

Beans and bangers and balloons (via makenosound)

Pete Hoekstra Is A Meme

I didn’t put milk in my coffee this morning. It was just like being held in a Vietnamese tiger cage.

Magnum v. Solo, sequence comparison

Well done indeed (youtube link, via keaggy)

xkcd – Papyrus

My favorite to xkcd to date

1983 vs. 2005

Spanning the career of George Lucas

Evan Roth: Intellectual Property Asshole Competition

“I have created hand painted canvases of Shepard Fairy’s Obama Hope poster, and Mannie Garcia’s Associated Press photograph and put them for sale on my website…The first person to send me a cease and desist notice wins!”

Cat in Box 2: The Sequel

I loved Maru before, and I will likely never tire of this kitty's shenanigans, with or without boxes. I can watch this over and over. (cat video on Youtube, via Matt Haughey)

E-mail Addresses It Would Be Really Annoying to Give Out Over the Phone.

This might be the funniest link of March 2009 for me (via Gruber, Dooce and likely a few more)

Noah Stokes

The best choice for all your front end development needs. (Gave me a chuckle this site, truth is, Noah's work is rock solid. via a wiseacre on twitter)

Garfield, translated into Japanese and then back into English.

Reminds me how I really liked the old, big-bodied, tiny-faced, little-eyed Garfield of days gone by. (via Linkfilter)

One letter off

A movie poster photoshop contest at worth1000. Don't Mess with the Lohan.

Value Added Tacks

And Pointless Darts and Dartboard by Graham Rawle. Fun and well done.

Josh Freese (NIN, Devo, The Vandals, GN’R) Shits All Over Variable-Pricing Model

Offers Dinner at PF Chang's or Cheesecake Factory, Shrooms, and Mini Golf (still chuckling over this)