Angels with Attitude

Contest rules: Professional pictures, should not be extremely or overly retouched. When will the stigma of Jon Benet fade?

10th Anniversary Redneck Games

East Dublin, GA - with events like Armpit Serenade, Butt Crack Competition and Mudpit Belly Flop

The Mongoose and The Weasel

A St George's Day fable

Look, Nobody Cares That You’re a DJ

I don't really care if you have rare original first-press Joy Division vinyl, you're still just a douchebag with a record player.

The New Sesame Street

The Count finally has to confront his obsessive-compulsive disorder

forget-me-not panties with sensatechnology

The chastity belt for the new millenium

Futurama Taglines

Spiderman’s Greatest Bible Stories

Nude Soccer


Darth, remixed

Lifecycle of Bloggers

The Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson Show



A movie (QuickTime)

50 Worst Hairstyles of all time

Stuck at Prom

Duct tape ensembles

Screen Clean

A screen cleaner that works

#10 Pretty Ugly

Strong Bad Walks in Footsteps of Darth, Lex, J.R.

on NPR

Fat Dynamite


Barbie USB drive

Anthropomorphisizing technology

Responses to “God Bless You”

I appreciate that.

Protect our troops – from the womb to the war

Buy this holiday ornament and support the culture of life

The Portion Doctor Kit

Take charge of your eating habits!

Meet Dennis Madalone. He loves America. Really, *really* loves America. Oh, and sad ’80s haircuts.

America is all about the delicious unchecked freedom to use your paltry sums of money to score cheap porn DVDs and expensive coffee drinks...

The Ten Greatest Albums of All Time

+ tongue in cheek

QDB: Quote Database Home

I'm going to start a band called Dial Up, and we are only going to play slow songs.

How to get fired

Repeatedly change your boss' homepage to, and then put a repair request into the IT department from his email.

Video loops in poor taste

Or interesting taste, depending how you look at it. (flash + odd navigation)

“Women will get sterile just looking at you.” – Charles De Mar

This and many more Star Wars convention tragedies

The Official Blog of Fetus Spears

I currently reside in my mother's uterus where I am spending my gestation period blogging, podcasting, chatting via instant messager, making daily appearances on my webcam, and doing the occasional interview via sonogram.