Pablo Rochat solved losing the Apple remote

It’s a very solid idea and still keeps the port open for charging.

Apple Remote in couch cushion

Kylie Minogue’s impression of that AI voice

Short YouTube clip of Kylie doing a bit from Padam on a radio show as auto-generated text to speech. Whenever I think of AI voices, I pull up this video and laugh! Every. Single. Time.

Kylie Minogue on a radio show

A bearded dude in an orange hat

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation is clapping back in support of their emblem on social media. Some chuckles in the replies / via Brand New

Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation emblem

Siegfried & Joy

I laughed, out loud... and then watched this video more times than I wanted to count. Their 'gram is chock full of more laughs. / thanks Ben

Two magicians in fabulous fake tiger fur coats and sunglasses hold up a gold piece of fabric for a magic trick

The Other Forty-Eight States

This joke about Marvel's universe of movies mixed with Sufjan Stevens made me laugh. I doubt it's funny to many.

A fake screencap of a Marvel presentation at ComicCon that touts the release of Sufjan Stevens albums

What do you want to add?

MetroCard top off / existential crisis

A metro card balance screen that reads "What do you want to add?" with two buttons below. One button says "Add Value" the other "Add Time"

The final dance in Dirty Dancing

...but they’re dancing to The Muppet Show theme tune. / thanks for the bright spot Doug

A woman in a white tulle dress is lifted above a male dancer with her arms outstretched

They mic’d up their 4 year old snowboarding

There is not only wisdom in this Tiktok, but also joy. Weewhoo! / via @realdougwilson

A 4 year old weaing a dinosaur coat snowboarding

Carter Trozzolo


A young man in glasses and winter clothes is exhausted by shoveling snow

Park My Spaceship

Overlay spaceships from Star Wars, Star Trek, Mass Effect and more on a map for scale. Then press the play button to fly around. Fun. / via @CincinnatiPhil

A Millennium Falcon parked on a baseball diamond

Fish Operated Vehicle (FOV)

Scientists track fish’s movements with LIDAR, which let it “drive” towards a target that it could see outside of its tank. / via The Morning News

A goldfish drives around

Busy Simulator

This immediately made me laugh and then also feel very anxious. Great for Zooms or phone calls when you need to part. / via waxy

A web app with icons for productivity software and their notifications

Inspirational monsters

I went down a rabbit hole looking at the work of Gemma Correll. Here's where I started.

Funny Halloween illustrations

False Knees Clear Skies

A thought in four panels

A drawing of a bird on a clear blue sky

Yoga with a dog

Secret the Australian Shepherd and Mary the girl do some Yoga.

A dog and woman, each doing yoga

Interview with Angry IKEA Guy

Service industry jobs need better pay and protections from horrible people. / via

Angry IKEA Guy TikTok

This cat backpack

I would like this backpack very much. At the very least to share it with Edie. / via my nephew Matt

A chair for needy pets

Simone Giertz has made the chair I and millions of other folks need.

A chair for needy pets

Cold Hog Dog Pie

WARNING: This 50 second Youtube video is gross and hilarious. I blame my friend Tom for sharing it with me.

Totally Fixed Where We Are

Well this just made my morning.

A family makes a music video

Zillow – SNL

I burst out laughing over this bit last night. As did many.

A man with glasses looks skepitical

How to Photograph Squirrels Without Photoshop

(Short video) Squirrels are very curious / via MeFi

Chomp jumper

Two of my friends liked this on Twitter so now I have to share it.

Animal interrupting photographers

/ via Metafilter

Pretending to conduct the score to the housewives

I will not watch this show, but I would watch this version. / via Yewknee

Conducting the Housewives

And Now a Message from Mask Spokesman Bane from The Dark Knight Rises

I also recommend following Jason's link for the Auralnauts Star Wars bit.

New Stuff by Gary Larson

"I’m just exploring, experimenting, and trying stuff. New Stuff. I have just one last thing to say before I go: thank you, clogged pen."

Brimley/Cocoon Line Calculator

I will cross the Brimley/Cocoon Line on Sep 13, 2022

Book Covers Improved With Googly Eyes

I agree with my friend Thor. It is true.

Instagram for Win95

3D buttons will come back in style

Instagram 95


Tough decision? There's no need to choose — Split the universe and do both. (As heard on This American Life)

Universe Splitter App

An egg beats Kylie Jenner

to become the most liked Instagram photo. ever... That's a good egg.


Cats In Abercrombie Bags

Day brightener. / hat tip to Thor for this one

Eleven Raccoons Stuck Inside Porch

I watched the whole thing

40 Text Designs Fails That Are So Bad They’re Good

Good for a Friday chuckle / via DJ

Vicky reps Dusen Dusen at Showcase Marketplace

This is old, but is still very effective because I want to buy some of these things. / lulz, via Yewknee

True Facts: The Lemur

This is Brenda's little tree now.

Popeyes ‘Emotional Support Chicken’

That's funny. What's not terribly funny? Outside food on airplanes and folks abusing the system with emotional support animals, but those are different stories.

Finalists of 2018 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Many of the feels / via Casey

I’ve watched this video, oh, about two dozen times.

And I will likely watch it 100 more.

For almost a decade the internet has quietly maintained an obscure Futurama joke

I have no strong feelings one way or the other 👍🏻👎🏻

When u babysit ur annoying sibling

Just a lil Instgram video of a cat chillin'

Matchboxes Depict Cats Making Questionable Decisions

These are great. And if you go to Arna Miller's Instagram account (arnamiller) you can see the sweet tiny press that made the matchbooks

Donald Trump in New York City

Dig the style of these New Yorker cartoons that provide comic context to Donald's tweets / via Thor

Pee Tape and Robert Mueller III Prayer Candles

Some might say poor taste, but I digress. I laughed.

Lulz: Hurts Donut Tide Pod Donuts

Posted there because I don't like linking to Facebook.

Animojis Takeover TV

This is really well done.

Arbitrary Stupid Goal

Studiomate DJ said this book was worth a read. This mini-site provides some FAQs. Maybe tangentially related, but enough to let the voice show through.

Thomas the Tank Engine stunts

Well done little video

This Cubs Minor Leaguer is Really Committed to a Season-Long Gag

Taylor Davis mugs for the camera just right

Generic Millennial Ad

I'm exhausted of Millennial h8, but this is totes funny

Cards Against Humanity for Her

I love this company's approach to everything. (Profits donated to EMILY's List)

The Internet, So Glorious

I keep watching this "Forever Spinning Kid on GoKart" video

Nice one Dad

Dad jokes. That's it! (and that's all right) / via Swiss Miss

Elle Fanning fanning

Video gave me a chuckle

Flow Chart Shows You What Chart to Use

/via Coudal

Minecraft in real life (ANICUBE)

Heh. / via Kottke