The Cheese & Pickle

David Swanson writes about this British sandwich and I'm determined to make one. The (Branston) pickle is unique, with 23 ingredients and a taste "closer to an Indian chutney" / via @dansinker

Cheese and Pickle sandwich sliced in half next to a jar of Branston pickles which are more like a relish

McDonald’s POV: 5 Minutes of Lunch Rush

I thought it was just the algorithm taunting me, but I guess these first hand videos by Stephen Patula are getting around. I find these mesmerizing. Also, living wages should be the thing.

First person view making food at McDonalds

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Are Perfect, No Notes

"Why shouldn't we take a moment to appreciate a reliably happy-bringing thing?" Nodding head vigorously. / via @dansinker

Stacks of Reese's chocolate covered peanut butter cups

The best way to cook a frozen pizza

In brief: Thaw it first and then crank up your oven. I'm so doing this next time.

A stack of frozen pizza boxes

I want candy

Specifically this Duluth Candy because of the sweet job Studio MPLS did for their brand and packaging! / via Under Consideration

Two candy bars with a very designed package

How to cut all the cheeses

Cheesemonger Anne Saxelby illustrates the best way to cut, serve and store all the cheeses. #aspirational-work-title

A still frame of a video with a woman center screen wearing a goldenrod sweater and holding a round block of cheese

Little Goat Recipes

I've been to Little Goat in Chicago a few times and it is incredibly good. I want to buy all their seasonings and try every single one of these recipes. Magic Green Beans.

Little Goat recipes

Nihilist RB’s – Northside Yacht Club

I just had one of these sandwiches for lunch and it was awesome.

The Mesmerizing Geometry of Malaysia’s Most Complex Cakes

Learned of these gorgeous mini desserts thanks to Naz Hamid – The Taco Bell Chili Cheese Burrito Locator

Taco Bell allows individual franchise owners to choose whether or not to carry the Chili Cheese Burrito at their locations. Some choose to carry it, but sadly most do not. This tool will help you find out which carry them / via Paul

Best Canned Tomatoes, Ranked by Wirecutter and NYT Cooking

I don't know why I'm linking to this, but I am.

The American restaurant is on life support

Great. We're not simply facing a retail apocalypse... (Says the guy who now cooks with meal kits...)


Locations in NYC. Single seat booths. Wordless ordering. Great specificity. Intrigued and added on the bucket list / via Thor

What Is Ram-Don? Parasite’s Noodle Dish Tells a Class Story

A bit of history about the relationship between Japan and Korea, social classes and a recipe / via Rachel

Whats on the menu?

With approximately 45,000 menus dating from the 1840s to the present, The New York Public Library’s restaurant menu collection is one of the largest in the world

Make 2020 the Year of Less Sugar

This is the sponsored link bait I need.

How 10 Famous Artists Would Plate Thanksgiving Dinner

This intrigues and disturbs me.

This Is the Beginning of the End of the Beef Industry

Cows are not optimized to make meat; they’re optimized to be cows. It takes 36,000 calories of feed to produce 1,000 calories of beef. In the process, it uses more than 430 gallons of water and 1,500 square feet of land, and it generates nearly ten kilograms of greenhouse-gas emissions

20 ideas for making better salads

I've been washing my greens wrong / via Kottke

This Animal Activist Used to Get in Your Face. Now He’s Going After Your Palate.

Have you had an impossible burger? I'm okay with this future.

The June Oven

Your baking, roasting, air-fryer, dehydrating, phone connected oven with camera is here.

The Surprising Resilience of Failed Fast Food Chains

Interesting read for those that wondered what happened to Chi-Chis and Rax, etc

Not Just A Crock: The Viral Word-Of-Mouth Success Of Instant Pot

I have one. The chicken soup is amazing.

Day Dreamers Limited Food Faces

A fun book with work from Ferris Plock / via Yewknee

The Eastman Egg Company

Egg Sandwiches and Craft Coffee in Chicago. Just making note that I want to have a joint like this in my neighborhood. / via Coudal in a roundabout way

The case for eating cereal for breakfast again

Interesting, and dang if cereal ain't the easiest thing to "make" / via Swiss-miss

Brooklyn Bar Menu Generator


Small Cheval

A menu with 3 food choices is my kind of menu. (They have lots of drinks though). Placed in my Chicago "todo" file.

9 Foods to Stop Buying and Start Making Yourself At Home

Yeah, it's a listicle, but I haven't made all this stuff and I know I'd enjoy it

Cincinnati Foodie Decks

10 bucks off at 52 local restaurants. Some new to me, some favorites. Really incredible deal and resource. (hat tip to my neighbor Joe for the gift!)

i am a food blog

Bobby Solomon (always Kitsune Noir to me) posted about this food blog, with beautiful photos, nice whitespace and playful type. There's something about it I like and reminds me of a concept I'd wanted to do for my own album. Filing it away. / via @thefoxisblack



I've been fascinated by this meal replacement drink since it's crowd funded preview. It's now available and pricey for sure, but I figure it'll even out eventually.

ROSE by Carte Noire

I am now very hungry

How to season a cast iron pan

the long version

Blue Apron: All the ingredients you need to cook a meal.

I've seen these types of services before, but this one hits the right note (10 bucks a person) and let's you customize based on dietary needs. Pondering. / via Uncrate

Rick Bayless – Frontera Black Bean Chili Starter

This stuff makes a great base for AWESOME (and a little bit kicky) chili.

Samantha Lee makes great looking food for her daughters

A lovely body of work. / via LaughingSquid

Big Green Egg

This was on some Buzzfeed article of things you should spend money on. Just filing this earthenware grills (called a kamado) away for the day I have a patio or outside space...

Green Bean Delivery

I see bins for this organic food delivery service in my building's foyer. Wondering if I had ingredients selected for me, would I find serendipity in cooking? Pondering...

Freezer Jam: A Baby Step To Canning

Just learned of this concept and now curious to try it.

21-Day Vegan Kickstart Program

Tom's been doing this for a few weeks now, and I have to say, our lunches "in" have been pretty darn delicious. I never thought I'd dig kale this much.

Influenza Sorbet – Jeni’s Ice Cream

Cayenne pepper, ginger, Maker's Mark bourbon, honey, and cold- and flu-fighting orange and lemon juices. "Cures whatever ails you." / via ThisIsntHappiness

Creamed Kale

I saw this on Twitter (forget who linked to it) but I've been keeping the tab around ever since because I want to make this. Now I'm saving it for the future. This link is my Pinterest.

Why You Should Spiral-Cut Your Wiener

I'm doing this, and grilling the bun. / via Ed

Fat or Fiction – Chocolate

This "infotography" project by designers Anna Brooks, Christina Winkless and David Paul Rosser is supberb. (click the icons on the right to see other food categories) / via it'snicethat

Stately Sandwiches

Super digging the tasty series of state sandwiches by Kelly Pratt that has been making the rounds. I wonder what the Ohio sandwich will be. No matter, I'm looking forward to it being arranged neatly.


Saw a cooking show in Germany about this Japanese savory pancake. I want to make them. This is my reminder.

rhubarb + ginger crumb bars

I am going to make these. / via swiss-miss

Pantone Color Tarts

Deliciously awesome / via LaughingSquid

How to Store Vegetables Without Plastic

I've been doing many of these vegetable wrong. / via

Restaurant Style Salsa by The Pioneer Woman

My friend "The Brown" says this salsa is a force to be reckoned with, but I think that's because it has RO*TEL in it and she's addicted to that brand.

Tea bag cookies

/ via thisisnthappiness

Diner in Brooklyn – A Fine Menu Experience

I want to go to this Diner joint thanks to Naz's post.

Cauliflower with mustard-lemon butter

My friend The Brown just sent me this thinking I'd like it. I think she's right.

Lucero Olive Oil

Maker of olive oil, balsamic vinegars and tapenades in California. Online store and recipes. / via Robbie

The Dinner Lab

If I lived in New Orleans, I would beg to get in on this experiment with local chefs at random locations.

PaleoPax Tasting Box Subscription

For those that eat like cavemen, or simply like basic snacks. / via @jackcheng

Pizookies at BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse

Alright, I just read about these deep dish cookies served warm with ice cream on a tweet by @nicoalaryjr - Looks like we have a location in Cincinnati. I must go.

How Carrots Became the New Junk Food

I haven't read this article (instapapered), but it was this photo of the carrots by James Parker & Jamie Chung that made me do a doubletake and want to dive in.