Aptos, the new Microsoft default font

For 15 years it has been Calibri, a thoroughly uncomfortable san-serif. Aptos looks much nicer and is quite robust. / s’more insight on The Verge


Aptos font graphic

The expanded San Francisco font family

The base type for Apple OS gets more expressive style widths with a great overview of how and why to use each. / via Merlin who says "This man has amazing hair"


Variations of the letter a in width and weight


A variable font built around an axis of photographic exposure / thanks K!


Screen grab showing the variable nature of a font called Exposure that opens or closes like an aperture

Bjørn Karmann’s Occlusion Grotesque

Typeface carved into the bark of a tree. As the tree grows, it deforms the letters and outputs new design variations, that are captured annually. / via Yewknee


A man sits on a chair in the woods and carves an alphabet into a tree trunk

Noto Emoji

An open-source emoji font in multiple weights (and a single color, even the flags). Jennifer Daniel has the deets and download link.


Rows of single color emoji depicting a chick emerging from egg, unicorn, flower, alien, tire, and pita sandwich

Fonts Knowledge

Elliott Jay Stocks on helping build a library of materials and guides to help folks understand, explore and choose type with purpose. A great resources from the Google Fonts Team.


Various typographic symbols

Cartridge font

Inspired by old video game labels, Cartridge is a new display sans-serif that evokes quintessential 80s vibes - by Dan Cederholm


Colorful type showcasing a retro font called Cartridge

Stop using icon fonts

For one thing? Icon fonts are notoriously bad for accessibility


A graphic that says SVG with radiating lines

Simon Walker’s Pizza Hut Font

Tasty type


The awesome Mac OS Catalina fonts you didn’t know you had access to

This ALMOST makes me want to upgrade to Catalina. But I won't. / via Craig Mod


Braille Institute – Atkinson Hyperlegible Font

Focuses on letterform distinction to increase character recognition, ultimately improving readability / via ignatz


Variable Fonts | DSType Foundry

From san to serif? Mind Blown / via Trent Walton


Fontjoy – Generate font pairings in one click

Fun little tool, though I wish I could influence the options a bit more on the frontside of things


Canvas Credit Union – Fonts In Use

It's weird that the mark is also a logotype and there's also a combination of a wordmark. Heck, I'm confused, but I dig it.


Lydian font: The Nancy Drew typeface is all over new books – Vox

I'm all for humanist. I have to thank Chobani for a bit of that love.


Coniferous by OHNO – Future Fonts

as soon as I’m back on my desktop, I’m buying this typeface


The Mystery Font That Took Over New York

By Rumsey Taylor


Storefronts in NYC

El Mosca redesign – Fonts In Use

Dig this identity


Dyslexie Font

A special font developed and designed for people with dyslexia to make reading, learning and working easier


Adobe Has Created Five Fonts From the Lost Lettering of Original Bauhaus Designers

Meticulously completed and digitized by renowned type designer Erik Spiekermann and his students. Two are available in the Creative Cloud now, three more to come! / via Kathryn


Calligraphr – Draw your own fonts.

Fill out the form, get a handwritten font


Alphafont 2018

Nice exploration of type from Matt W. Moore


Piccolo – Fonts In Use

Lovely system for seed packaging