Could this app replace my messy notes that collect shows and movies to watch, books to read and games to play? / via CJ Chilvers’ How to Stay Creative Forever

Screengrab of app that organizes books and movies and tv shows and games and whatnot

Behind the scenes of Severance

Nine (very) short stories about production of the first season. I could watch an hours long documentary about this show.

An overhead shot of four office desks arranged in a pinwheel on green carpet


Set up all your different streaming services, then sort, browse and search through a single interface. / via @hotdogsladies

An interface for the Plex app that combines multiple streaming services

20 television shows

I can usually watch one tv show at night, preferably short and not about murder. This list is right up my alley, with recent favorites and oodles of new (to me) options.

A women sits on a stool with a microphone. She's looking down toward the ground in a reflective moment or beat. She's well lit on a stage with sparkling lights on a black background that look like stars.