Nice spin on website design by Konst & Teknik

Shift Nudge – Interface Design Course

Lovely landing page.

21c Museum Hotel Chicago

Great promotional design by Chris Sorto

Fox redesigns NFL graphics for point-your-phone-at-the-TV era

Great insight to football graphics over the years. / via all over

Rotary cellphone

Imagine remembering numbers of those most important to you / via Paul Bausch

Play: The new tool for creating better mobile apps.

Intrigued. (Design prototypes directly on your phone.) Beta

The Design Squiggle

a simple illustration of the design process / via ThingsToClick

Instagram 95

Instagram for Win95

3D buttons will come back in style

Corita Kent’s nice website

Design and development by Ben Barry

Brand New: Will it Reduce?

Website favicons just got more important

How the front page of the Times is laid out

Pencils FTW

House Industries relaunches Montage typeface digitally

A beauty of course. And now I know how to pronounce Ed Benguiat. (ben-gat)

This Page is Designed to Last: A Manifesto for Preserving Content on the Web

Lots of great tips here. / via Paul Bausch

Paper Sizes

All of them! / via @danrubin

Rest Forest 2019 – 김가든 Kimgarden

This Festival Identity Design has very good vibes

Your Body Text Is Too Small

Web design thoughts

Vaughan Oliver – Interview Magazine

Another interview.

An older interview with graphic designer Vaughan Oliver

Pouring over Vaughan Oliver’s 4AD album art in my formative years opened my mind to new music and possibility. His work made me realize I wanted to be a designer. He was a visual poet. His passing is a tremendous loss.

Not everything was perfect in 1995, but I think we’ve lost something on the way.

I agree wholeheartedly with Tuomas Solo on this consideration of how UI has evolved away from clarity.

Ethics can’t be a side hustle (from a Design perspective? Maybe?)

To read / via DJ

The Icon Kaleidoscope – Microsoft Design

There's been some kerfuffle with Microsoft lifting Slack commercials, which is sad. But these icons are lovely.

Crosscurrents “Good Hope”

Yup. That cover made me look, long. Dig. / via DJ

The New York City Subway Map as You’ve Never Seen It Before – The New York Times

This works incredibly well on mobile or desktop. There will be many links to this, for good reason.


A free lightweight 8-bit voxel art editor and GPU based interactive path tracing renderer. (Think Minecraft for art) / via waxy

Fontjoy – Generate font pairings in one click

Fun little tool, though I wish I could influence the options a bit more on the frontside of things

The Atlantic’s New Look

Peter Mendelsund and Oliver Munday reveal their thinking. It's lovely to see.

The Efficiency-Destroying Magic of Tidying Up – Florent Crivello

“I’m not suggesting all chaos is good. But when you hear someone suggest we put some order into a system, there should at least be a red light flashing in your head. Before you touch anything, you should make sure that mess is not concealing a deep order“

How plaid became part of Volkswagen Golf GTI history

I've not owned a GTI, but I've long wanted those plaid seats. Great to learn the a little bit of the story behind them and the designer, Gunhild Liljequist. (Sadly, there's not much more information about her on the internet. There needs to be more!)

Bruno Simon’s portfolio

Imagine a portfolio that is a fun video game-like experience.

Usual wines

Unusually minimal packaging.