TVA Multifunctional Computer

JK Captain made gorgeous renders of the desktop terminal in the Loki tv series. / via pb

A futuristic render of a retro computer with a circular CRT monitor and lots of colorful physical buttons, wires, knobs, switches and keyboard

2022 Brand New Conference

Mesmerized by the dynamic type. The introduction of variables to typography is opening up some many wonderful doors. But this? This is a Whole. 'Nother. Level. More details about the identity.

expressive parts of letters set in red on a bright teal background

Whimbrel Stamp Alphabet (and font)

Alex Tomlinson developed a font based on a 1940's Bird Lore magazine and a set of stamps to boot.

A bird for each letter of the alphabet illustrated on different stamps

IDCA ’72 Posters Program

Feeling very Helvetica flush left this morning. / simple beauty via Carl Collins

Posters designed with minimalism and helvetica

National Parks Poster

by Steve Wolf Designs. Dig.

Yellow and black poster with icons for U.S. National Parks

Bjørn Karmann’s Occlusion Grotesque

Typeface carved into the bark of a tree. As the tree grows, it deforms the letters and outputs new design variations, that are captured annually. / via Yewknee

A man sits on a chair in the woods and carves an alphabet into a tree trunk

Noto Emoji

An open-source emoji font in multiple weights (and a single color, even the flags). Jennifer Daniel has the deets and download link.

Rows of single color emoji depicting a chick emerging from egg, unicorn, flower, alien, tire, and pita sandwich

Excel, an overlooked design tool

I've done a pretty good job of making Powerpoint look good, but this is next level stuff. / via Sidebar

An infographic of a circle chart and bar chart

The new Condor livery

Brand New has oodles more images, but Condor has a sneak peek here. I would plan a trip just to be a passenger in one of these planes.

Striped passenger planes

The Empire Stripes Back

Armin Vit’s perspective on the Condor branding refresh is a delight to read. (Requires subscription, but _so_ worth it if you've interest in branding.)

A striped airline flying in blue skies

A great thread about music visualization

Sometimes Twitter's algorithm reveals good things. Like these tweets from Andrew Benson and the replies.

Sheet music visualized as a 3-D structure

The Fox is Black is back

Bobby Solomon had a great blog about creativity and culture that was a favorite destination for many years. It lives again today as a thoughtful and densely awesome newsletter.

A silhouette icon of a fox on a gray background

An open source collection of Design Principles

Collections of guiding thoughts from the likes of John Maeda, Apple, IBM, Fisher Price and 160+ others. A trove. / via @rjkwon

Design Principles set in a san-serif typeface on a yellow background

Swee kombucha packaging by Below

I like to imagine a future where all ingredients are listed like this, but realize it'd be impossible. Lovely work by Below studio. / via @manfredhwf

A bottle of kombucha with a label that breaks out ingredients visually on the label. Pomegranates round out the composition on a light pink backdrop

11 retro coffee makers

Pretty sure my parents had the SEB Model 980, which would look awesome on the counter today. These and more from a book titled ”Soft Electronics“ out in May from Gestalten. / via Sidebar

An orange electric coffee maker with rounded edges

Milwaukee Transit Passes

The Letterform Archive holds about 300 tickets in their collection thanks in part to a donation from type designer Tobias Frere-Jones... and they’re gorgeous.

A beautiful collection of Milwaukee Transit Passes

The inspiration behind the Rivian palette

There's not too much to the story (it's nature!), but dang Rivian has the best color line-up of any vehicle manufacturer.

An soft green electric pickup truck in front at the edge of a forest of trees

Where are all the black designers?

New profiles are being posted throughout Black History Month. I remember having a single class with Noel Mayo at OSU and he exuded passion for design that was inspiring. / A fantastic growing list, via Under Consideration

A thumbnail featuring a black and white photo of fashion designer Zelda Wynn Valdes

A golden age of graphic design

Ahhhh, so all that good government design from the 70's was born from the Federal Graphics Improvement Program / via UnderConsideration's Brand New

Design guidelines with rainbow colors and bold graphics

Emojis: Why We Love Them So Much & What They Mean

Free Zoom event alert: Dan Sinker has a conversation with emoji designer Jennifer Daniel on Thu, February 17.

Jennifer Daniels

Believe blanket

Stunning type design by Valentina Casali / via Jessica Hische

A black and white blanket with ornate type that reads BELIEVE


New type design practice and foundry from Erik Marinovich. Just cruise around the specimens pages to get a solid dose of vibrant type goodness.

A graphic design layout showcasing fonts by NuForm

Bauhaus Typography at 100

Lots of safety protocols in place at the Letterform Archive in San Francisco for this exhibit that runs through April 27, 2022. File under: Wish I was closer!

A museum with typography from Bauhaus on display

Kumiko Amp Cabinet

Gorgeous results from this young man in Oregon. Great woodworking and video production all around. / Fun link from Tom

A wooden guitar amp with Kumiko grill

Mike & Maaike’s Windowseat

While watching Station Eleven I noticed these chairs in the airport. I've always thought the design striking.

A stylized chair and ottoman that creates a somehwat private space

How Brian Lovin’s site works

Whoa. This is densely awesome. A personal website that operates somewhat like an OS. Thoroughly engaging and inspiring.

A screenshot of a personal website

The Year in Type

I Love Typography looks back at some of the highlights of 2021, including typefaces, profiles, inspiration and then some. / via Sidebar

Three race cars are illustrated to show off custom typefaces

The art and Design of Nolan Pelletier

Fonts In Use showcased a recent album design by Nolan and his site is filled with delightful illustrations and details abound!

An illustration of a cat with vibrant yellow and pinks

101 Best Book Covers from 2021

Literary Hub picks their favorites and it was a joy to scroll through. My goal in 2022 is to read books. / via Rachel Kwon

A collection of book cover designs from the year 2021

Porsche posters (1961–1969)

These posters catch a vibe. Baby, are you coming for the ride? (The ride, the ride, the ride)

a 1963 Porsche GT poster featuring a black and white image of a car and type

I want candy

Specifically this Duluth Candy because of the sweet job Studio MPLS did for their brand and packaging! / via Under Consideration

Two candy bars with a very designed package

Fonts Knowledge

Elliott Jay Stocks on helping build a library of materials and guides to help folks understand, explore and choose type with purpose. A great resources from the Google Fonts Team.

Various typographic symbols

Cartridge font

Inspired by old video game labels, Cartridge is a new display sans-serif that evokes quintessential 80s vibes - by Dan Cederholm

Colorful type showcasing a retro font called Cartridge

Risolve Studio

Print and design studio run by husband and wife team Sebastian and Lyndsey Burke. They do everything from prints to books/zines. Filing away for later!

Up close detail of Riso printing

Le Puzz

A new brand of puzzles that capture a vibe. Keen packaging to boot. / via UnderConsideration's BrandNew

A puzzle of matchbooks

The Melting Face Emoji

Made possible by Jennifer Daniel and Neil Cohn

A melting smiling emoji

Languages of the World

7,102 languages represented in this infographic by Alberto Lucas Lopez. / via Caterina Fake

Infographic of languages around the world

Notes IPA

Beer with a removable guitar pick and cans that illustrate chords. Neato. / via UnderConsideration

A can of beer with guitar pick

What is Queer Typography?

An excellent looking small batch Risograph zine supporting the Queer.Archive.Work organization. / / via & by @soulellis

A zine about queer typography set in bright colors

The evolution of the Pride flag

It's starting to get so busy that a rethink is in order, but the concept of evolving a symbol to serve greater understanding is solid.

A flag made with many colorful stripes

More details on the Playdate

Like many, I'm super anticipating the release of this little yellow console. More details released today include the game editor, font editor, the first batch of games, a dock and more.

A yellow handheld videogame system

Cognitive Bias and the Design Process

I'm making note of this article by Jon Yablonski for a few reasons: Bringing awareness to the design process. Plus also? His post and website are quite lovely in layout and presentation across the board.

graphic patterns in black and white

Stop Trying to Design Everything

Jennifer Daniel posted a link to this talk from a while back and I started playing it off to the side of my screen and then I was smiling so much I just made it full screen and watched the whole 24 minutes and 59 seconds.

Creative titles arranged haphazardly connected by lines and arrows

Yoni Alter’s Perpetual Calendar

Well this is gorgeous. / via Fonts In Use

A very colorful and beautiful perpetual calendar

The work of Rafael Serra

Porto based type and lettering artist. Some super fun retro logo explorations on their insta / via Rachel

retro m&m's logo with nice colorful dots

Casa dos Sobreiros, Portugal

The "Cork trees house" by TRAMA arquitetos is quite lovely. I'm making a vision board for dream homes. / via Heike

Modern house design with clean lines and a pool

30 Best-Looking Beer Cans

Even more fun, there's a generator to make your own hip beer can design. If only I could upload a photo of my cat. Silly fun for Friday.

Best Beer Design 2021

Whirley Birdie

A whimsical variable display typeface by Alex Tomlinson. Has a companion set of dingbats that use variable tech to animate.

Whimsical type spelling out Whirly Birdie

David Carson Teaches Graphic Design

"Learn new perspective in graphic design from David-effing-Carson for fifteen dollars? Uh, yes please." Greg Storey (@brilliantcrank)

David Carson teaches design (Masterclass still)

On Type with Erik Spiekermann

Part of Adobe's Creativity Explained series (wonderfully) animated by Oddfellows in Portland. / via Sean Sharp

An abstract illustration of type

How to Design Better Icons

Great short introduction to some of the basics when developing a family of icons

Ink traps explained

Extremely well deep dive into ink traps and all the variations. Get to the bottom for the kicker of the Imperial Trap. / via Under Consideration

Musashino Art University poster

Group X branding

An anonymous group of artists and curators making things happen in Philly. Now with a fine identity to mask their identity. Always solid seeing what Smith & Diction make. / via Under Consideration

Group X by Smith and Diction

An Illustrated Catalog of American Fruits & Nuts

Assembled between 1886 and 1942, a collection of watercolor fruits and plants made by 21 artists. (This book looks beautiful.)

An Illustrated Catalog of American Fruits & Nuts

Ui/Ux et al

"Think. Consider. Sketch. Think again. And look around you. It’s all been done before, albeit with different code." - Erik Spiekerman's thoughts on digital vs. traditional design.

A man holding a film camera up to his eye

What is Figma

I'm just going to send folks to this intro video by Tori Hinn and Enle Li when trying to extoll the awesomeness of this collaborative design application

Geometric shapes in pretty colors

This way. Guide

Type specimen guide focused on arrows and stories behind navigation tools that we use every day.

Pointing hand graphic

Found some vintage AppleLink-era icon studies.

- Susan Kare, on Twitter

Initial sketches for Macintosh icons by Susan Kare

15 women who have made lasting contributions to design

Great list with some names new to me. Particularly, now I know who did the Lovesexy type and Paisley Park logo, Margo Chase.

Women designers in history