Up close detail of Riso printing

Risolve Studio

Print and design studio run by husband and wife team Sebastian and Lyndsey Burke. They do everything from prints to books/zines. Filing away for later!


A puzzle of matchbooks

Le Puzz

A new brand of puzzles that capture a vibe. Keen packaging to boot. / via UnderConsideration's BrandNew


A melting smiling emoji

The Melting Face Emoji

Made possible by Jennifer Daniel and Neil Cohn


Infographic of languages around the world

Languages of the World

7,102 languages represented in this infographic by Alberto Lucas Lopez. / via Caterina Fake


A can of beer with guitar pick

Notes IPA

Beer with a removable guitar pick and cans that illustrate chords. Neato. / via UnderConsideration


A zine about queer typography set in bright colors

What is Queer Typography?

An excellent looking small batch Risograph zine supporting the Queer.Archive.Work organization. / / via & by @soulellis


A flag made with many colorful stripes

The evolution of the Pride flag

It's starting to get so busy that a rethink is in order, but the concept of evolving a symbol to serve greater understanding is solid.


A yellow handheld videogame system

More details on the Playdate

Like many, I'm super anticipating the release of this little yellow console. More details released today include the game editor, font editor, the first batch of games, a dock and more.


graphic patterns in black and white

Cognitive Bias and the Design Process

I'm making note of this article by Jon Yablonski for a few reasons: Bringing awareness to the design process. Plus also? His post and website are quite lovely in layout and presentation across the board.


Creative titles arranged haphazardly connected by lines and arrows

Stop Trying to Design Everything

Jennifer Daniel posted a link to this talk from a while back and I started playing it off to the side of my screen and then I was smiling so much I just made it full screen and watched the whole 24 minutes and 59 seconds.


A very colorful and beautiful perpetual calendar

Yoni Alter’s Perpetual Calendar

Well this is gorgeous. / via Fonts In Use


retro m&m's logo with nice colorful dots

The work of Rafael Serra

Porto based type and lettering artist. Some super fun retro logo explorations on their insta / via Rachel


Modern house design with clean lines and a pool

Casa dos Sobreiros, Portugal

The "Cork trees house" by TRAMA arquitetos is quite lovely. I'm making a vision board for dream homes. / via Heike


Best Beer Design 2021

30 Best-Looking Beer Cans

Even more fun, there's a generator to make your own hip beer can design. If only I could upload a photo of my cat. Silly fun for Friday.


Whimsical type spelling out Whirly Birdie

Whirley Birdie

A whimsical variable display typeface by Alex Tomlinson. Has a companion set of dingbats that use variable tech to animate.


David Carson teaches design (Masterclass still)

David Carson Teaches Graphic Design

"Learn new perspective in graphic design from David-effing-Carson for fifteen dollars? Uh, yes please." Greg Storey (@brilliantcrank)


An abstract illustration of type

On Type with Erik Spiekermann

Part of Adobe's Creativity Explained series (wonderfully) animated by Oddfellows in Portland. / via Sean Sharp

How to Design Better Icons

Great short introduction to some of the basics when developing a family of icons


Musashino Art University poster

Ink traps explained

Extremely well deep dive into ink traps and all the variations. Get to the bottom for the kicker of the Imperial Trap. / via Under Consideration


Group X by Smith and Diction

Group X branding

An anonymous group of artists and curators making things happen in Philly. Now with a fine identity to mask their identity. Always solid seeing what Smith & Diction make. / via Under Consideration


An Illustrated Catalog of American Fruits & Nuts

An Illustrated Catalog of American Fruits & Nuts

Assembled between 1886 and 1942, a collection of watercolor fruits and plants made by 21 artists. (This book looks beautiful.)


A man holding a film camera up to his eye

Ui/Ux et al

"Think. Consider. Sketch. Think again. And look around you. It’s all been done before, albeit with different code." - Erik Spiekerman's thoughts on digital vs. traditional design.


Geometric shapes in pretty colors

What is Figma

I'm just going to send folks to this intro video by Tori Hinn and Enle Li when trying to extoll the awesomeness of this collaborative design application


Pointing hand graphic

This way. Guide

Type specimen guide focused on arrows and stories behind navigation tools that we use every day.


Initial sketches for Macintosh icons by Susan Kare

Found some vintage AppleLink-era icon studies.

- Susan Kare, on Twitter


Women designers in history

15 women who have made lasting contributions to design

Great list with some names new to me. Particularly, now I know who did the Lovesexy type and Paisley Park logo, Margo Chase.


details of data charts focusing on legend colors

Which color scale to use when visualizing data


A still from an animated personal website

Gergely Gizella’s personal website

Is unlike any I have experienced. / via Belong.io


An illustration of accessibility tags

Making accessibility a feature, not a fix.

Thanks to Kay I've begun to understand the implications of accessibility. And Greg has a great summation of work by Stephanie Hagadorn and her team at Indeed to incorporate the thinking into the process of design.


Visual pieces combined to make new forms

Plus Equals

A quarterly zine in which Rob Weychert explores algorithmic art with a focus on combinatorics.