Social Change by Design Database v2

We fundamentally don’t see other organizations that do this work as the competition. The competition is poverty, racism, and apathy. - George Ayw

Electronic Plastic Visual Database

Jaro Gielens collection of 900+ electronic games that are searchable by color, brand and then some. Wowsers! / via Swiss-Miss

Electronic plastic games

‘My 2020 in Data (So Far)’

Giorgia Lupi documents her life during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown in a data visualization. Beautiful and sad. / via Kottke

Instant Lettering Database

A trove / via MetaFilter

The Good, The Bad, and The Data Brokers

Chris Mears has an EXCELLENT high level overview of data brokers and links to opt-out of their data pools.

Data USA

Lots and lots and lots and lots of data here. Well presented I might add.

TopoTopo™ – an infinitely customizable puzzle made from topography data

Map a place, get a 3D print (or file!) / via Coudal

Remove your personal info from data brokers

This is going to take a while... But it feels important to attempt. I would guess that someone that REALLY wanted to get your personal information still can...

d3.js for data-driven documents

"D3.js is a small, free JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data." brilliant work by Mike Bostock / via waxy

ChronoSync data back-up

I really like this (Mac-only) program, and very much like that upgrades are FREE. (bonus: the new version refined all the application and desktop icons in a good way)

5+ Neat Data Visualization Projects from 2008

I'm stripping out "best" and replacing it with "neat" because it feels more truthful that way (link via ux mag)

Emporis Buildings – building database

This site is awesome. Explore your city, buildings, history and developments (via Brodie)