The Potato Sculpture Master Class

Tina Roth Eisenberg said of this virtual event “I have attended one of these Potato Sculpture FieldTrips before and my face hurt from smiling when it was time to log off.” Sounds like a great way to get into a Thanksgiving mindset next week. I'm game.

A pile of potatoes with a Field Trips logo

Public Announcement

Brand consultancy and media company with a homepage chock full of links and some fine keyboard navigation throughout. Their website is part zine, art project, commentary and probably a few other things I haven’t figured out yet. Fun!

Public Announcement written on a tennis ball

24 Hours in the Creative Life

Advice to young, mid or late career artists. Many favorites but "Learn how to advocate for yourself." from Joaquina Kalukango is a standout this morning.

A graphic that reads "24 Hours in the Creative Life"

Ella Hawkins’ biscuit art

She's got plenty more on her website, but this Twitter thread provides insight on the process

Ornately painted cookies

The art and Design of Nolan Pelletier

Fonts In Use showcased a recent album design by Nolan and his site is filled with delightful illustrations and details abound!

An illustration of a cat with vibrant yellow and pinks

Aimee Mann on creativity and aging

Austin Kleon collects some choice tidbits