Pride photos at The Big Picture

Colorful and mostly fun, but there's always someone raining down with protest.

Autocomplete: A Collaborative Coloring Book Exhibit at Visionaries + Voices

Maya gives at peek at the upcoming show that opens this week. I'm proud to have a piece included. Show premiere: Thursday - May 10th 5-8pm.

Pantone Color Tarts

Deliciously awesome / via LaughingSquid

The Adventures of You and I

A customized book for your child. Not just the name, but favorite color, hair and skin color too for the main character. Pretty awesome. (I had a series of books that incorporated my name growing up. They made me feel super special and I cherished them lots.)

Color Thief

I've seen this before, but not as a script. It grabs the dominant color or color palette from an image.

Designers vs Coding

This post from Frank Chimero has merit... designers _should_ be versed in code, but I still think we're far from a toolset appropriate for design and the web. Typing out letters and numbers to make a color are not good enough. There needs to be room for a natural way of expression.

Shopping list magnets

Super colorful. / via thisisnthappiness

DIY: Colored Pencil Jewelry

I like these. / via Grace Dobush

Lighting Effects Using the Color Dodge Blending Mode in Adobe Illustrator

I wasn't sure how Illustrator made these decidedly non-vector looking effects. Now I know.

The average color of the NYC sky, updated every 5 minutes

Now this, this is data! Lovely at that, and often gray. / via Khoi Vinh

Olafur Eliasson: Your Rainbow Panorama

I'm making note of Århus, Denmark as a place to visit because of this permanent installation of rainbow colored glass. / via kottke + coudal

The Colour Clock

Turns time into hexidecimal color. So simple, who'd a thunk? / via drew-o-rama

Nick Risinger’s stellar sphere

He "trekked more than 60,000 miles around theUS and South Africa to create the largest-ever true-color image of the stellar sphere. The final result is an interactive, zoomable sky map showing the full Milky Way and the stars, planets, galaxies and nebulae around it." Not even kind of, but totally amazing when you click in and pan around. / via Coudal

Color, Photos, and One Fuzzy Little Boy in a Field

Always a treat when Merlin makes that clicky-clack sound with his keyboard.

CSS selection styles – change the color of highlighted text

It's a subtle detail, but whenever I come across a website using this online I find small delight.

Arcade Expressionism

I quite dig this new 7 color tee by Brock Davis for Threadless.

Random Got Beautiful.

An online collection of random photographs, by color, with a nice URL (via Coudal)

Fate to Fatal

A few folks have asked if there'd be any of the vinyl we helped Kim and Kelley print up. There (were) a handful, with some special color experiments for sale to boot. UPDATE: The limited edition has sold out.

Studio Gelardi’s Contrail

A device that coats the back tire of a bike with a colored chalk, resulting in fun lines (via CoolHunting)

Colored pencil use by color

A fantastic natural bar graph. *****

cliqcliq Colors 1.1

An iPhone/iPod Touch app that pulls palettes from pics on the phone or your library. I need to run out and find some autumn colors and play.

Multicolr Search Lab is WHOA + NEATO

Click on the color palette over there and search out Flickr photos that include them. (via kottke)

Container Color Systems Poster

Pretty (via Thinking for a Living)

Modular Noia : Niels Fyrst

This music video is bonkers good in its simplicity. It's like Colorforms come to life. (via kitsune noir)

Bauhaus optischer farbmischer

(Spinning) tops with graphic designs that form color blends. Pretty. (via boingboing)

The Hatch 1st Annual Easter Egg Coloring Contest

I just got my kit in the mail and it is INCREDIBLY FANTASTIC. Like "whoa" good. I'll snap a photo. Can't wait to dye some eggs. (thanks Geoff!)

Color Chart: Reinventing Color from 1950 to Today

This MoMA exhibit's site is a dozen kinds of pretty and awesome. In NYC? It's on thru May 12. (via

Layout planning tools for rooms in your house

Try out colors on the wall and move around furniture. What I used worked quite well, then an error message alerted me to save my work, there were too many interior designers on the planet. A keeper for sure. (thx sean sharp)

What color is ABCDEF?

How about F00D1E? l33tspeak visualized by Andrew.

Multi-color LED Lightbulb

I got this because I think it might be fun for photo making

Creative Color Wheels

(via lonelysandwich)

Corporate Design – Farbheft

Looking at color in identity design. Gorgeous. (via swissmiss)

Full Color Screen Printing with Photoshop

Wowsers handy (thanks feaverish)

Ridgemont Typologies: Team Colors

love this mash of logos (via sluggobear)

Scalable CSS Buttons Using PNG and Background Colors

Heckuva workaround. Making a button look pretty shouldn't be so hard. Alas...

11 Great Color Legends

Why are Republicans Red and Democrats Blue? (via magnetbox)

True Colors 2007

Human Rights Campaign Tour: Cyndia Lauper, Erasure, Margaret Cho

Mac’s Safari renders color palettes oddly

I stopped fighting this anomaly with browser rendering, but it's good to know why color shifts on the mac web experience (via coudal)


Adobe Labs color maker (requires latest version of flash) Create color themes and download them to Adobe apps.

The Original Colorforms Set

An exact replica of the Colorforms Set that launched the company in 1951 has been re-released

Crayola Multicultural Marker Classpack

Because princesses come in different colors. Golden Beige, Beige, Tan, Tawny, Bronze, Terra Cotta, Mahogany, Sienna

Philips makes “fabric” display technology. Legwarmers seem less heinous all of a sudden.

"Lumalive textiles make it possible to create fabrics that carry dynamic advertisements, graphics and constantly changing color surfaces." (via plasticbag)

Pottery Barn Kids : color wheel puzzle

I'm sitting here with my friend Wendy and she just showed me this in the PBK catalog. The on-screen pictures don't do it justice like the print resolution.

New color pencils cater to ‘adult coloring’ boom

Mitsubishi Pencil Co. has drawn attention with a new set of coloring pencils designed for adults as a coloring boom among middle-aged and senior people continues across Japan. (via jockohomo)

Jackson Pollock

Make your own Pollack inspired art. Move your mouse and click to change color. (flash, via feaverish)

Coloring Book

Pages you can print and let the kids color (featuring lots of licenses that are prolly not legally reproduced)

adidas | adicolor

Get a pair of white adidas and a box of paints (via coolhunting)

Hex Color Picker

For the Mac color palette (via Coudal, and again via theocacao)

Color Glossary

(via Coudal)

Checkershadow Illusion

The A square is the same color as the B square

Iron-on Transfers for Color Fabrics

Yep, for COLOR fabrics...

4096 Color Wheel Version

Choosing web smart colors