Best colors for resale value of a vehicle

They're brighter than you think (yellow?! orange!). I chuckled at the new to me term "The German Rainbow"

An illustration of colorful cars from above

Circus alphabet by Corita Kent

Saw these prints scroll by and fell down a colorful rabbit hole. Learned a few things more about Kent in these additional footnotes, including insight behind the circus series.

Colorful prints by Corita Kent featuring letters from the alpha bet and circus imagery

Caitlin Keegan’s Corita Kent Series

Colorful visual interpretations of Some Rules for Students and Teachers / via Doug Wilson

Illustrator with beakers that reads "Consider Everything An Experiment"

Noto Emoji

An open-source emoji font in multiple weights (and a single color, even the flags). Jennifer Daniel has the deets and download link.

Rows of single color emoji depicting a chick emerging from egg, unicorn, flower, alien, tire, and pita sandwich

Seth Werkheiser

I'm working on a blogroll tag and porting folks over from RSS. First up is Seth. He blogs about running, the music business, metal, promoting yourself (or band) and bright colors.

A graphical tritone treatment of a man adjusting his glasses

Orange Blood

Woke up reflecting on something that was related to the color orange, did a music search and this song came up and I dig it. Lovely randomness.

An illustration of a sunrise

Craig & Karl

Starting the week looking at the lovely blasts of color that Craig Redman & Karl Maier bring to the world. / via The Fox is Black

Colorful 3d objects

The inspiration behind the Rivian palette

There's not too much to the story (it's nature!), but dang Rivian has the best color line-up of any vehicle manufacturer.

An soft green electric pickup truck in front at the edge of a forest of trees

Big Bug

Jean-Pierre Jeunet (director of Amélie!) has a new sci-fi movie coming out in February on Netflix. It looks colorful and fun.

A robot vacuums a floor in a colorful set of a home

Lee Sangsoo

The artist's Instagram bio sums it up: "drawing in the air." Beautiful flow and color and form. / via Dense Discovery

A sculpture of a cat stretching


I loved watching these pieces come together bit by bit on Instagram without knowing exactly what Aegir Hallmundur was up to. Turns out it was a colorful and beautiful carousel!

A colorful handmade carousel

Peak Fall Foliage in Vermont’s Green Mountain National Forest

10 minutes of lovely autumn colors / via Twisted Sifter

Autumn leaves along a river

An Illustrated Catalog of American Fruits & Nuts

Assembled between 1886 and 1942, a collection of watercolor fruits and plants made by 21 artists. (This book looks beautiful.)

An Illustrated Catalog of American Fruits & Nuts

Electronic Plastic Visual Database

Jaro Gielens collection of 900+ electronic games that are searchable by color, brand and then some. Wowsers! / via Swiss-Miss

Electronic plastic games

Emoji Wallpaper

Input emoji and a color and amazing things happen! / via Jennifer Daniels

Emoji Wallpaper

Emoji Wallpaper

Input emoji and a color and amazing things happen! / via Jennifer Daniels

Colors of the world

24 colors representing people of the world

Crayons of skin tone colors

Hong Kong in the 70s and 80s

Gloriously dense and colorful photos / via Present & Correct


Since 2010 Colossal has been sharing work of visual artists around the world. Colorful, diverse and always inspiring.

A stylized letter C extruded in isometric dimension

Zach Lieberman and WeTransfer launch in-browser painting canvas, Color Push

Click through the link at the end and play with it yourself! Fun. / via Swiss-Miss

Colors available for the 1969 Ford Bronco

There’s a new Bronco on the horizon, but I doubt they’ll have this many colors to choose from

Inside the New York City Bodegas Going Viral on TikTok – The New York Times

Captured on video, the unique culture of the colorful corner stores is winning fans around the world. Feb. 22, 2020 Ahmed Alwan quizzes customers and posts the…

The Nature of Color: Exhibition

American Museum of Natural History (NYC) / adding to list if I get back there.

Analogue – Pocket

Plays Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Advance games? Intrigued.

Pattern Brands

I don't exactly know how this will shake out, but the core mission of what Pattern is setting out to do and how they're going about it looks and sounds WONDERFUL. Color me curious. (Also? Super fun organic feelings from their site)

Connected fitness: how Peloton is influencing the future of exercise – The Verge

Nikolas and Brittany Loecher spent their anniversary in Napa Valley, where they drank wine, enjoyed the warm spring days away from their home in Colorado, and…

Alberonero mural

All the colors. / via Kottke

The Ink Lab 🔬 (@inkmixers)

Swipe to see the final color mix! So fun / via Thor

Discover the Mekong through colorful illustrations

A journey from Cambodia to Vietnam illustrated by Christoph Niemann. Lovely


Easiest to navigate with keyboard's right arrow. Pretty color palettes. This is just day 10! Looking forward to the rest.

As deadly flames approached, a mother called her daughters to say goodbye – Los Angeles Times

This is how I die. She is standing in the driveway of a sand-colored house — she doesn’t know whose — and the air is choked with smoke. Advertisement The sky is…

What Vivian Maier Saw

in Color / via Coudal

Matt W. Moore’s 2019 calendar

Super colorful

Colorplan – 50 Colors

A wonderful way to explore color directions. Click around! / via DJ

Colorful Backgammon Set

This would make me want to play Backgammon more.

Parker Posey’s Life in Christopher Guest Movies

Photo: Sony Pictures/Everett Collection. Colorization by Gluekit. We shot Waiting for Guffman in Austin, and after the first day of shooting, we all piled into…

Shame the Trumpers | Crooked Media

If you spend too much time online, you probably know about the white woman in San Francisco who called the police on a young girl of color last week for selling…

Moving Art: How to Animate Illustrations the Easy Way | Adobe Blog

Nick Stokes’ portfolio immediately catches your eye. The Portland-based designer’s brightly colored caricature designs thrust the viewer back in time, to the…

Rob Weychert thinks about color and web design

I love how he collects images specifically for palette and extrapolates from there and goes deeper into color theory.


Animated light source for photography and video. (Adding to mental wishlist to try)

New Packaging for CoastWise Session IPA by MiresBall

I agree with Coudal Partners that this is nice. I need to limit myself to one color more.

Art for the Instagram Era

I still want to visit Color Factory, a lot


This company makes videos for the internet and make me want to spend all day making colorful paper models. Love their inspiring work.

St. Vincent – New York

A colorful music video / via Yewknee

Color Factory

I want to go to San Francisco and see this when it opens...

Colorful Basketball Court in Paris

Superpretty. French fashion brand Pigalle recently teamed up with creative agency Ill Studio and Nike to create this unique basketball court in Paris' 9th arrondissement.

#c0ffee is the color

Real words as HEX colors

The colors of Mister Rogers’ cardigan sweaters, 1979-2001

His mother knit the sweaters.

Color scheme generator - Fun for when you need a different automated perspective

The Story of Chicago’s Four-Star City Flag – Robert Loerzel – Medium

The Story of Chicago’s Four-Star City Flag Wallace Rice covered the floor of his living room with colorful rectangles. He’d spent six weeks combining shapes and…

Color Library

I read the about page and I'm still not totally sure what this is actually about, but choose some color sets and see a set of images conform. Beautiful combinations.

Charley Harper Adult Coloring Book

A bit more detail and complexity than previous Harper coloring books

2015 – Album Colors Of The Year

Great way to peruse album art / via Yewknee

Logitech Colorful Play Collection

These wireless mice are super fun


Generate and refine palettes of optimally distinct colors / via Philip

The Builder’s High

This New Year, I wish you more blank slates. May you have more blank white pages sitting in front you with your favorite pen nearby and at the ready. May you have blank screens in your code editor with your absolutely favorite color syntax highlighting. May your garage work table be empty save for a single large piece of reclaimed redwood and a saw.

Surprising Layers of Color Revealed on Urban Walls

Really dig these works by 1010

Hex Color Tool

Lighten and Darken hexidecimal colors / via AIGA Cincinnati

Velocity Cycle Club

Dig this identity by Hobo and Sailor. It's the color palette and context pieces that take it there.