Visit the Eames Archives

Scheduled, guided tours of the collection in Richmond, California. Bucketlited / via Scott Boms’ Through Lines

Eames Institute

Mod West Ranch

I've had this tab open long enough that I know I need to save it and move on. I already have oodles of places to consider in Palm Springs, but oh my word, THIS ONE! It could be a retreat!

Palm Springs pool


I’d seen the Dancefix crews at every July 4th parade and wondered what they were all about. Heather Britt, founder of the dance class speaks this Friday at our Cincinnati Creative Mornings chapter. Dance class? Yes! Every day of the week!

Folks dancing

Multnomah Falls

Adding Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area to my autumn bucket list.

Multnomah Falls in autumn with golden trees and the waterfall in full effect

Kona Village

Just swiping through Uncrate’s mini slideshow of this joint in Hawaii and adding it to the travel bucket list.

Hawaiian resort overlooking the ocean

Fried Chicken Joints in Cincinnati

Cincinnati Magazine collects a list of sixteen places that serve fried chicken in the Queen City. Saving to explore later!

Hitching Post World's Best Fried Chicken sign

Miss Ada’s Whipped Ricotta recipe

Thanks to Tina I’m adding Miss Ada Restaurant to the list next time in Brooklyn, and filing away this recipe for the future, and by future I mean as soon as possible

Mediterranean small dishes photographed from above

The 100 best things to do in NYC for locals and tourists

I can't tell if TimeOut perpetually updates this (extensive) list, but it seems that way. / tipping my hat to Thor (who I consider a Thorguide all on his own.)

NYC as seen from the High Line

Drift Hotels

With locations in San José del Cabo, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs and Nashville soon, these hotels look zen. / via Naz

Drift hotel in Palm Springs

A Taco Bell in Rapid City, South Dakota

I would consider a roadtrip to visit this Taco Bell. / via Polygon

A taco bell set in the foothills of Rapid City, South Dakota

James Turrell at the Catskill Art Space

This installation seems very much like his work in Naoshima, Japan (a favorite of all time). Bucket listing to go here. Bonus: Great photos by Noah Kalina in the article.

Dim room with glowing blue rectangle

Adleradel Boden

My friend Dan posted a photo from this hotel’s restaurant at dinner and I’m adding it to my bucket list

A classic hotel in the Swiss Alpine village in the Bernese Oberland region

Meow Wolf Denver

150 artists to created a series of immersive installations made from mostly salvaged material wedged between 3 highways. #bucketlist

An angular building lit with pink lights framed by the shadows of highways. The base of the building has a neon sign that reads MEOW WOLF

Linotype & Machinery

Doug Wilson toured the British Linotype factory to see what remains. He brought together history and oodles of photos in his post.

brick building with the words Linotype and Machinery AD 1897 painted on the facade

Wild Things are Happening

150 sketches, original illustrations, storyboards, and paintings from Maurice Sendak's projects and collaborations coming Oct 2022 to the Columbus Museum of Art.

Illustrated cover from the book Where the Wild Things Are featuring two monsters and a child with a crown and scepter on the back of one of the monsters

Thinking of You. I Mean Me. I Mean You.

Barbara Kruger's latest installation at MoMA NYC makes me want to travel / via John Maeda

Art museum filled with black and white words covering the walls, floor and ceiling

The Cheese & Pickle

David Swanson writes about this British sandwich and I'm determined to make one. The (Branston) pickle is unique, with 23 ingredients and a taste "closer to an Indian chutney" / via @dansinker

Cheese and Pickle sandwich sliced in half next to a jar of Branston pickles which are more like a relish

Pick & Cheese

The world’s first cheese conveyor belt restaurant in the heart of London’s West End. You know, if I ever get to London and see that ABBA show. / via Matt Haughey

A conveyor belt with cheese instead of sushi

Ace Hotel Toronto

Swiped through photos on Uncrate and added this place to the bucket list. More snapshots and insight on dezeen

A modern hotel bar interior with concrete forms

Bernina Express

I saw the photos in this tweet and promptly started researching this panoramic Swiss rail line that goes up into the alps and back down into Italy.

A red train with large panoramic windows heads off through fir trees with the Alps in the background

Green Mountain Falls Skyspace

A James Turrell installation in Colorado that you have to hike to. #bucketlist / via Michael Sippey

Ant art installation with a square cut in the ceiling to frame the sky

Great Biking Cities

And which trails to ride in Copenhagen, Bogotá, New York City, Paris, Washington, D.C., Geneva, San Francisco / via Belong

Two folks bike on a bridge in Paris on a sunny day


Kathryn texted after a tour, "Okay put Tillamook creamery on your bucket list"... Done.

A shop inside the Tillamook headquarters in Portland

Northern Lights wake up call

This aurora borealis has been on my bucketlist since I can remember. This seems like a valuable hotel resource to have on hand.

A hotel phone with a Northern Lights button

Tips on buying a used Sprinter van

Matt Haughey goes deep into a topic of great interest to me. I always fancied myself in a VW Bus, but it might be nice to be able to stretch one's legs.

A Sprinter van converted for camping

Yonder Escalante

Airstreams, modern mini cabins, a drive-in, general store, pool, campfire storytelling. Southern Utah. Adding the the big list of places I would enjoy visiting.

Airmstreams and classic cars

Los Angeles studio of Corita Kent designated historic cultural landmark

Glad it wasn't razed for a parking lot. Another thing to add to the list of places I would very much love to visit.

Nuns making art and designing things!

Teeny Tiny Firetruck

I kind of want to make a special trip to San Francisco to see this Daihatsu kei fire truck IRL.

A tiny firetruck

James Turrell’s Akhob

I'm updating my list of places I want to go. This installation above a Louis Vuitton store in Vegas is on it.

Figures stand washed in orange and pink light

The City Museum

My friend Nick Dewald says I need to move this destination in St. Louis toward the top of my bucket list, and I believe him.

Trollstigen Visitor Centre by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

A destination in Norway added to my bucket list / via Things to Click

Choir! Epic! Nights with Colin Hay

Adding Choir! Choir! Choir! to my post Covid bucket list / video via Merlin Mann

Edge Sky Deck

Pretty sure this is NOT going on my todo list next time I'm in NYC.

Pocket Bar NYC

On the todo list

12 Life Goal Categories

Speaking of bucket lists


Locations in NYC. Single seat booths. Wordless ordering. Great specificity. Intrigued and added on the bucket list / via Thor

Tous Les Jours Bakery

Joseph just sent me a picture of something he's having for breakfast. It looks like two slices of something awesome with whipped cream spread between. This place has locations across many states, just not Ohio. Putting on todo list

The Jim Henson Exhibition

Permanent exhibition at the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria. File under: todo

Choir! Sings Never Going to Give You Up

with Rick Astley. And this is how I enjoyed starting my internet today. Also? Seeing Choir! on tour is now on my bucket list.

Knife and Fork Restaurant

DJ said this was one of the best meals he's had, hiking nearby, overall beautiful. Filing undo todo

Small Cheval

A menu with 3 food choices is my kind of menu. (They have lots of drinks though). Placed in my Chicago "todo" file.

Glory Hole Doughnuts

Bucket listed.

The Story of Christoph Niemann’s Petting Zoo App

Bucket list: Make an App.

Museum of the Moving Image – Exhibitions – Jim Henson’s Fantastic World

Putting this exhibit on my NYC todo list.

Les Halles

Adding to the todo/toeat list for future travels undefined. (via naz)

Graphic Content

Exhibit at the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincy (todo, via unbeige)

The Architect and the Sculptor: A Friendship of Ideas

Through Oct. 15 at the Noguchi Museum, 32-37 Vernon Boulevard, Long Island City, Queens (potential todo)

A red fiberglass sculpture of three hexagonal extrusions with circles punched through the middle