Mychal Threets Wants Everyone to Experience ‘Library Joy’

I need a category for joy so I can revisit stories like this. Dig this insight into the person behind a favorite social media account. More on Mychal with this KQED interview.

Mychal Threets in the library

A to Z of The Designers Republic

My first exposure to TDR was likely the Wipeout games on PlayStation. It was an entirely new world of graphic design in motion. / via Marmite Defontes

A to Z of The Designers Republic spread with icons

Think in 4D

Erica Heinz has a new book about designing for user experiences and seeing the gallery of it print was all the motivation I needed to supplement the digital copy I already had. Looking very forward to adding this to the design library shelf.

"Think in 4D" book cover

Linotype Book Project

Doug Wilson is expanding his interest and knowledge of Linotype into a book. If it is anything like the film he was a part of it’ll be excellent.

Linotype Book Project

Invisible Things

Andy J Pizza & Sophie Miller have a book coming out that puts visuals and words to some of the invisible things that make up the human experience. At first blush, it’s a kids book, but there’s a kid in most of us. (Unfortunately, some are still bullies, but whatever!)

Invisible Things book cover

I Take Full Responsibility Book (Second Edition)

Scott Boms collects fourteen communications from technology company CEOs who have reduced their employee bases in a 100 edition hand assembled, Risograph’d book

I take full responsibility book cover

Doug Wilson catalogs his library

From the shelving, organization, labelling and cataloging — an inspiration for anyone who appreciates everything in its right place, and accessible to share.


The Creative Act: A Way of Being

I invariably love or really appreciate most things Rick Rubin has produced. Reading his insights on creativity and life sounds like something good for the soul. Will report back. (Sidenote: Did you know Uncrate has a store. Look at this pencil sharpener!)

Rick Rubin book "The Creative Act: A Way of Being"

NPR’s Books We Love 2022

So pretty indeed. Love the cumulative sort feature to boot. / via Ben Werdmuller

Book covers from 2022

The Aesop Queer Library

Aesop removed products from Melbourne and Sydney stores and stocked the shelves with books with 60 LGBTQIA+ authors and allies to celebrate Australia’s 2022 Pride festivities. / via OMGLORD

A store stocked with shelved filled with books written by LGBTQAI+ authors and allies

Wild Things are Happening

150 sketches, original illustrations, storyboards, and paintings from Maurice Sendak's projects and collaborations coming Oct 2022 to the Columbus Museum of Art.

Illustrated cover from the book Where the Wild Things Are featuring two monsters and a child with a crown and scepter on the back of one of the monsters

Right On! A Documentary on Student Protest

AIGA has a solid deep dive (and video thumbing through pages) of this distilling reports of campus protests. David L. Burke's design keeps the vibe of a zine in a paperback format. It's gorgeous.

The New Walden

A hardcover edition of Thoreau’s book, annotated, designed and illustrated.

A book with a design that has these words on the cover "Henry David Thoreau - When I wrote the following pages, or rather the bulk of them, Ilived alone, in the woods, a mile from any neighbor, in a house which Thad built myself, on the shore of Walden Pond, in Concord, Massachusetts, and earned my living by the labor of my hands only. I lived there two years and two months. At present I am a sojourner in civilized life again."

Read books as a trampoline for the imagination

Dev Aujla when he regards his library each morning, (there are) "1100 different rooms that I could walk into." / via SwissMiss

Shelves in a home filled with books

Dave Rupert’s bookshelf

Tucking this sortable page of books read (or listened to) in my virtual folder of personal website inspiration. / via a secret RSS post in a roundabout way

Screencap of the bookshelf section of Dave Rupert's personal website

Jean Jullien Monograph

I'd display this book with the cover exposed. It's so delightful. And then there's the insides!

An orange book with cover with a minimal illustration of a face with a bright and curious expression

101 BASIC Computer Games

These books cataloged computer programs you could type out in BASIC. I just thumbed through the archive and remember the joy when it worked and the frustration when there was a typo. +1 for illustrations!

black and white drawing of many faces in a cartoon style

How a Book Is Made

Excellent photos of the humanity, machinery and process.

A book on a printing press

101 Best Book Covers from 2021

Literary Hub picks their favorites and it was a joy to scroll through. My goal in 2022 is to read books. / via Rachel Kwon

A collection of book cover designs from the year 2021

Fingerspelling Matchbooks

From the mind and hand of artist JK Keller

Matchbooks made to look like hands doing sign language

Old Book Illustrations

Not verified as open sourced images, but a trove for inspiration nonetheless

An illustration of orange flowers


After seeing this post on Fonts In Use I am now scouring the internet for a modern replacement of this old Apple utility that was probably better in my memory than actually useful.

Black and white interface of the old Mac OS Scrapbook

Ten reasons to write a book

Among the solid list of reasons, it clarifies your thinking. / via Swiss-Miss

Ten reasons to write a book - An RSS Feed with New Releases from Your Favorite Authors. It's that simple. / via Daring Fireball – An RSS Feed with New Releases from Your Favorite Authors

It's that simple. / via Daring Fireball

Apple to End Dongle Headache With New MacBook Pro

This is just a rumor, but those fake renderings would be so dreamy. Perfect actually.

2021 MacBook Pro with SD Card Reader and Magsafe

this book you are holding…

is an unkempt garden. Saw this posted on Fonts in Use and thought I'd share it with my friend DJ and also here. Been thinking about print a bit more of late.

Book Safes

I had a few of these growing up. I'm sad I do not know where they are....

New online bookshop unites indies to rival Amazon

I've been shopping local ever since my neighborhood got it's first bookstore in decades (right before the pandemic). I'm hopeful we can use technology to flip the direction we're heading. / via Andy Baio

A man stands in front of a wall of shelves filled with books

Shit, Actually: The Definitive, 100% Objective Guide to Modern Cinema (Hardcover) | Greenlight Bookstore

I didn't realize Lindy West had a new book out. I love love loved Shrill. / via chriscoyier

Good Movies as Old Books / 02: The Hard Way

Matt Stevens second in a series of behind the scenes peeks into his book design/illustration process

Bookshelf Board Game Collection

I have some of the Target version of these bookshelf games. I love them. These look even nicer. And this whole site is filled with an awesome selection of games and gifts / via SwissMiss

Read a book instead

Austin Kleon made a fine wallpaper for his phone

Wallpaper for phone that says Read a book instead with a skull and crossbones

“How To Steal Like An Artist (And 9 Other Things Nobody Told Me)” by Austin Kleon

I love a lot about this, and Austin, and thinking, and the book, and stealing, and making and and and and...