101 BASIC Computer Games

These books cataloged computer programs you could type out in BASIC. I just thumbed through the archive and remember the joy when it worked and the frustration when there was a typo. +1 for illustrations!


black and white drawing of many faces in a cartoon style

How a Book Is Made

Excellent photos of the humanity, machinery and process.


A book on a printing press

101 Best Book Covers from 2021

Literary Hub picks their favorites and it was a joy to scroll through. My goal in 2022 is to read books. / via Rachel Kwon


A collection of book cover designs from the year 2021

Fingerspelling Matchbooks

From the mind and hand of artist JK Keller


Matchbooks made to look like hands doing sign language

Old Book Illustrations

Not verified as open sourced images, but a trove for inspiration nonetheless


An illustration of orange flowers


After seeing this post on Fonts In Use I am now scouring the internet for a modern replacement of this old Apple utility that was probably better in my memory than actually useful.


Black and white interface of the old Mac OS Scrapbook

He got Facebook hooked on AI. Now he can’t fix its misinformation addiction | MIT Technology Review

Joaquin Quiñonero Candela, a director of AI at Facebook, was apologizing to his audience. It was March 23, 2018, just days after the revelation that Cambridge…


Ten reasons to write a book

Among the solid list of reasons, it clarifies your thinking. / via Swiss-Miss


Ten reasons to write a book


Bookfeed.io - An RSS Feed with New Releases from Your Favorite Authors. It's that simple. / via Daring Fireball



Bookfeed.io – An RSS Feed with New Releases from Your Favorite Authors

It's that simple. / via Daring Fireball


Apple to End Dongle Headache With New MacBook Pro

This is just a rumor, but those fake renderings would be so dreamy. Perfect actually.


2021 MacBook Pro with SD Card Reader and Magsafe

this book you are holding…

is an unkempt garden. Saw this posted on Fonts in Use and thought I'd share it with my friend DJ and also here. Been thinking about print a bit more of late.


Book Safes

I had a few of these growing up. I'm sad I do not know where they are....


New online bookshop unites indies to rival Amazon

I've been shopping local ever since my neighborhood got it's first bookstore in decades (right before the pandemic). I'm hopeful we can use technology to flip the direction we're heading. / via Andy Baio


A man stands in front of a wall of shelves filled with books

Shit, Actually: The Definitive, 100% Objective Guide to Modern Cinema (Hardcover) | Greenlight Bookstore

I didn't realize Lindy West had a new book out. I love love loved Shrill. / via chriscoyier


Good Movies as Old Books / 02: The Hard Way

Matt Stevens second in a series of behind the scenes peeks into his book design/illustration process


Bookshelf Board Game Collection

I have some of the Target version of these bookshelf games. I love them. These look even nicer. And this whole site is filled with an awesome selection of games and gifts / via SwissMiss


If you’re not terrified about Facebook, you haven’t been paying attention | Facebook | The Guardian

In 2016, we didn’t know. We were innocent. We still believed social media connected us and that connections were good. That technology equalled progress. And…


American Fascism: It Has Happened Here | by Sarah Churchwell | The New York Review of Books

Brendan SmialowskiAFP via Getty Images President Donald Trump brandishing a bible in front of St. John’s Episcopal Church, Washington, D.C., June 1, 2020 As…