New Commute

Always looking for new music and super enjoying the singles and playlists of New Commute thanks to posts by Wolf Bomb

A colorful drawing of Mediterranean folks dancing for an album by Ko Shin Moon

Seth Werkheiser

I'm working on a blogroll tag and porting folks over from RSS. First up is Seth. He blogs about running, the music business, metal, promoting yourself (or band) and bright colors.

A graphical tritone treatment of a man adjusting his glasses

The Fox is Black is back

Bobby Solomon had a great blog about creativity and culture that was a favorite destination for many years. It lives again today as a thoughtful and densely awesome newsletter.

A silhouette icon of a fox on a gray background

24 Years of

There are a handful of websites I keep inside a favorites folder. I'm invariably delighted whenever I see new posts on Jason's site and why I gladly extend membership each year.

Screenshots of the Kottke weblog over the last 24 years

Dense Discovery

Kai Brach, founder of OffscreenMag, has been putting out this solid email newsletter (digital publication) since 2018. Every issue has something good.

Homepage of an email newsletter titled "Dense Discovery"


Since 2010 Colossal has been sharing work of visual artists around the world. Colorful, diverse and always inspiring.

A stylized letter C extruded in isometric dimension

Seth Godin

Seth consistently writes about creativity, solving problems, considering technology, finding passion and executing on ideas. I'm often nodding vigorously at the end of every post.

A man with glasses looks up and out of the frame

Chris Coyier

Maker of CSS Tricks (formerly) and Codepen (now), but also blogger of human existence. I love his writing and varied topics, even when it is technical and above my head. He always brings it back down to a grok-able level.

grab of Chris Coyier's website from like 2019

Rob Weychert

Rob writes about the craft of technology, art, design, movies, music, the year that was, the future yet to be and he sometimes writes about air guitars.

Rob Weychert's weblog circa 2008

I never thought I’d say this, but…

A fun side site by Austin Kleon.

Never Thought I'd Say This


This mini-performance on Conan is so awesomely weird. / via Fimoculous


The weblog of found numbers

/ via MikeyBurton

the number 98 set in green san-serif type

Frank Chimero

Maker of exceptionally thoughtful design

Frank Chimero's weblog

Things Magazine

Occasional weblog about objects, collections and discoveries

Things Magazine grab of website circa 2007

Brand New

A favorite destination online, now operating under a subscription model. This continual stream of branding updates is paired with deep dives when available and a good amount of wit. Happy subscriber here.

Brand New weblog


Beyond solid in all regard: Design, human being and passions. A powerful combo.

DDC logo


a visual filtration of ideas + aesthetics + amusements

a grid of squares blog


Andy Baio's blog has posts about making technology do things, but he also asks questions, digs for answers and shares what he finds. In addition to all that, he brings folks together with platforms and events and runs a list of links of great interest. A favorite perspective.


Swiss Miss

Tina has been an inspiration well beyond her weblog of interesting finds around the web. But it's my first introduction to her and she's still at it and that makes me happy.

Swiss Miss weblog

Coudal Partners

Not just a stream of links, a destination to celebrate books and

grab from the homepage

Ironic Sans

David Friedman is a photographer who explores ideas far beyond the lens.

Grab from a blog called Ironic Sans

Cabel’s Blog LOL

Cabel works at a company I've long admired: Panic. He writes about technology, videogames, music, and fireworks.

A grab from Cabel's blog

Cap’n Design

Matt Jacobs makes websites for a living but writes about all sorts of things that happen in life. Some of it is about websites.

A screengrab of Matt Jacobs website

Shaun Inman

Designer and developer living and working out of Chattanooga, Tennessee

An orange weblog

Mike Davidson

Thoughts about technology and design and practical applications to boot!

screengrab of Mike Davidson's weblog from 2005

Josh Rubin: Cool Hunting

Lots of neato stuff

Cool Hunting

Previously called "A Free Orange", but Nikhil is still collecting and sharing thoughts online! 🍊


Weightshift Memo

Naz used to share thoughts about design and other aesthetic ephemera. This blog is retired but now he's got a new personal website up with essays.

weightshift website

Daring Fireball

John Gruber writes real good. Mostly about Apple things, but not always.

Daring Fireball logo

A List Apart

All about design, development, meaning of web content, and attention to standards.

A List Apart


Merlin's Lists of Five Things

Fives website grab

A Whole Lotta Nothing

Matt Haughey's home for thoughts and links

Screengrab of a weblog


Jon Hicks writing about design and life.

Hicks Design weblog

The Morning News

Aggregate online magazine

The Morning News

Cameron Moll

A wicked worn weblog about design sure, but also thinking about craft, life and the bigger picture.

Cameron Moll's old weblog


Home of Fine Hypertext Products, and Jason Kottke's personal weblog

Kottke favicon


Personal weblog of Dan Cederholm

Simple Bits website circa 2004

Airbag Industries

Personal weblog of Greg Storey

Airbag Industries