A painting of a Korean corner store

Korean corner store paintings

I love the care that Lee Me Kyeoung infuses into these.


And elaborate still life photograph with items collected during a pandemic

Quarantine Blues

Quarantined in his flat in Chicago, Leonard Suryajaya started using the walls of his apartment as a canvas for elaborately staged tableaux. This and lots of other great new photographers and work on the Foam site.

A paper shredder represents falling rain in a miniature diorama

Tatsuya Tanaka’s Miniature Calendar

Scenes created with alternative items to recreate everyday things. Smile inducing. / via Yewknee


Photo of black woman with elaborate headpiece

Black is beautiful

Brooklyn-born black photographer Kwame Brathwaite inspired new viewpoints, visual language and a movement to celebrate black lives in the 60's / via Creative Mornings newsletter


CG astronaut in a sea of stars

Floating in space

A lovely animation of an astronaut swimming through stars


An illustration of orange flowers

Old Book Illustrations

Not verified as open sourced images, but a trove for inspiration nonetheless


Nuns making art and designing things!

Los Angeles studio of Corita Kent designated historic cultural landmark

Glad it wasn't razed for a parking lot. Another thing to add to the list of places I would very much love to visit.


Optical illusion using the Eiffel Tower

JR and the Eiffel Tower

Another wonderful installation


An acrylic abstract painting of 10 people in a circular embrace

An interview with Geoff McFetridge

"The root of what I do is an art practice applied to design. I’m designing art." / via TMN


Figures stand washed in orange and pink light

James Turrell’s Akhob

I'm updating my list of places I want to go. This installation above a Louis Vuitton store in Vegas is on it.


Abstract design in a digital frame

Geometric Digital Art

Formatted for a Samsung Frame TV. This feels like my sort of NFT because I am old fashioned. / via swiss-miss


Cor Blok’s Tolkien illustrations

Dutch artist Cor Blok passed away. His illustrations appeared in 60s Dutch editions of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Here's a thread with examples of his work. / via @arkanjil


Art by The Female Warhol that says some realtionships have to end

Some relationships have to end

Because that version of you has ended. / via wehavebecomevikings


Black and white posters by Piotr Szyhalski

Piotr Szyhalski / Labor Camp

Born from a daily drawing practice responding to the COVID-19 pandemic as it unfolded in real time resulting in 225 drawings created over eight months / via Creative Mornings Cincinnati


Woman writing inside a heart painted on a wall

National COVID Memorial Wall

A wall of hearts representing those lost to the coronavirus pandemic in the United Kingdom


Black Art

Black Art: In The Absence of Light

Excellent HBO Documentary explores two centuries of art by African-Americans, and the path they forged for contemporary Black artists. / via Brian Hill


Type made of orange peels

Type exploration w/ orange peels

I always enjoy Manfred Westreicher's explorations with type


On Belonging

A collection of stories and photographs about the feeling of unity and belonging from the Over-The-Rhine community in Cincinnati. Wonderful work by Asa Featherstone, IV.


Geometric tiles


Each tile is a layered set of matching art. Keep finding pairs and build up combos. Its not about perfect matches, but matching elements. Took a while, super dig now. / via Thor


Diana Beltran Herrera

Sculptures and designs with paper / via thisiscolossal


A spiral of dominoes in rainbow colors

Lily Hevesh, domino artist

“Lily Topples the World” is a film debuting at SXSW. My friend @AmyMPurcell on Twitter says it's fantastic and I'm adding it to my queue. This profile by The Washington Post provides some insight.


Enoch Ku’s Ordinary Sacramento

An ongoing project documenting the visual language of the Californian city


A still from an animated personal website

Gergely Gizella’s personal website

Is unlike any I have experienced. / via Belong.io


Quarantine inspired drawing by Parrish André

Teens on a Year That Changed Everything

There's wonderful art throughout this feature that spans illustration, photography, video and poetry


A black and white geometric painting

Greyscale Prisms : Chapter 1.

A new series of black and white paintings by Matt W. Moore. Bonus? A behind the scenes video showing process.


Visual pieces combined to make new forms

Plus Equals

A quarterly zine in which Rob Weychert explores algorithmic art with a focus on combinatorics.


Banksy Creates Bob Ross-Dubbed Process Video

of New Work Depicting Oscar Wilde Escaping Prison


Snow Drawings at Catamount Lake by Sonja Hinrichsen

Good art always looks good. / via Things To Click


We’re Not Really Strangers

Fascinating set of prompts to inspire deeper relationships. Invest in the video and give it a watch.


Fall Back, Spring Ahead

November 1st, shit gets darker. November 3rd, let’s make it brighter.