Mise En Page

Jean Jullien’s oversized sculptures with figures and books fill the atrium of a shopping mall in France. I wish they stuck around for a while longer — they're delightful. (Not that I have any plans to travel to France soon, but one can dream!)


Mise en Book

17 Minutes of Charles Schulz Drawing Peanuts 

I remember seeing parts of this as a kid and being completely enamored. The feeling remains.


Charles Shultz at a drawing desk

A Softer World

Back in the early-ish days of the internet (2003) there was this enigma of a webcomic called A Softer World by Joey Comeau and Emily Horne. It was brooding, poetic and often delightful in some weird way. I love that the archives are still online in their low resolution glory long after they stopped publishing new ones.


A Softer World webcomic

Diana Beltrán Herrera

Just staring at the lovely work of Diana Beltrán Herrera after seeing it featured on Colossal’s December 2023 Opportunities: Open Calls, Residencies, and Grants for Artists. Quite the list, Cincinnati’s BLINK is in there!)


Art objects made with colorful cut paper

Early computer art by Barbara Nessim

Matt Sephton shares some early computer art by Barbara Nessim and a good bit of her process. I particularly dig capturing images from a mainframe with a camera. Also, she's still making art.


Digital artwork by Barbara Nessim with a computer breaking out of an egg


Select a color, fill or pattern and click to paint. It's fun and easy. A project by @yasly & @sabrichu with thanks to to Kid Pix, JS Paint, interact.js, Sustem.oss, and the OG Susan Kare. / via Yewknee


Pixelated drawing of hand with painted fingernails

The murals of Bunnie Reiss

Influenced by her Polish heritage and folk art, Bunnie Reiss’ work spans all sorts of media but I fell down the rabbit hole with her murals. I dig them all (and all her other art). / via #WOMENSART


Mural on building inspired by Polish folk art

Mirage at Apple Park

Arun Venkatesan explores an art installation occupying the olive grove north of the visitor center on the Apple campus. The more details unearthed, the more lovely it appears.


Outdoor sculpture at Apple Park

Just staring at the work of Kumkum Fernando

I'm currently obsessed with the robot-like sculptures of this Sri Lankan-born artist thanks to Colossal.


Kumkum robot

Keith Haring made art with an Amiga Computer

His work translated perfectly to the medium. IWatched the video on Christie’s site wanting to know more about the app he used or some tangible bit of yay, but boiled down to Web3 and NFTs nonsense. Still. Lovely work! (Oh, it was probably Quantel Paintbox!)


Keith Haring Amiga artwork

Adventures in Snail World

Sam Copeland and Aleia Murawski make these miniature sets. These particular ones are populated by snails and they put a big smile on my face. Oodles more shots on Aleia’s insta.


Snails on a miniature game show set

The morning of 8th August 1969

The Beatles’ road manager writes about a photoshoot on Abbey Road that day and includes a drawing of the moment.


Drawing of the Beatles on Abbey Road

A Brief History of the Salon Wall

Atlanta’s High Museum of Art lends insight to the history plus also tips on hanging your own dense wall of art. Sidenote: when I’ve a huge space I shall enlist the help of FrameShop to frame and hang it all. They have such good instincts there.


Example of salon-style art hanging, where all the pieces are densely packed together

Rachel Spellings swatch book paintings

These tiny paintings are delightful.


Paint swatch paintings

Howard Lee paints invisible tree

Well, the midsection at least. A well done illusion en plein air in New York City. A delightful distraction at the end of this week.


Howard Lee paints tree

Kehinde Wiley

Short film about Kehinde’s upbringing and process in support of his exhibition An Archaeology of Silence at the de Young museum.


Kehinde Wiley paints a portrait

Chris Ware shares his day and process

Oh this video is gooooood. “A book itself is sort of the perfect metaphor for a human being. It’s got a front and a back. It’s got a spine, and it’s bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.”


Man drawing a comic

Classic Video Games Stamps Sheet

I could see this framed on the wall and that would be pleasing. (But then I see the stacks of things that are framed and not hung around the house.)


Stamps with abstract representations of 42 videogames

What Aegir made in 2022

So many lovely expressions of form, experiments, mediums, and results. (Including the food, which sometimes is the most I can make in a day.)


A wooden pineapple thing in front of geometric square pattern

NOS poster by Senyor Estudi

A drawing with hundreds of people gathered, forming the word NOS (“us” in Catalan), a poster for the fight against cancer. More info: Never Give Up


The letters US formed from drawings of people

Anish Kapoor sculpture squashed under New York skyscraper

Akin to his Cloud Gate (”Bean”) in Chicago, the as yet to be named blob is quite lovely and I hope to see it in NYC.


Blobby mirrored sculpture at base of skyscraper

Pat Kim x Hanji Edition

This moiré woodcut print is enchanting. (Watch the short video) / via Scott Boms


Moiré woodblock print


Limited edition prints by artists from around the world. A favorite design element is when you click into a detail view and the page pulls colors from the artwork. / via Fonts in Use


Haystack print by Dion Johnson


Paul Cocksedge’s installation in the UK tips a hat to the metal-working and textile history of the building and area. It’s quite lovely. / via Dezeen


Long swaths of metal loop from a ceiling in a large indoor space

Austin Kleon on the passing of Tom Phillips

Admission: I didn't know of Tom Phillips until he was gone. More from The Art Newspaper and Slipped Disc


An older fella works at a desk filled with instruments for making art

James Turrell at the Catskill Art Space

This installation seems very much like his work in Naoshima, Japan (a favorite of all time). Bucket listing to go here. Bonus: Great photos by Noah Kalina in the article.


Dim room with glowing blue rectangle

The Doodle House

Mr. Doodle's project over the last few years is quite impressive. Dedication and consistency FTW.


A man in a white suit covered in thick black lines of doodles stands on the steps of a white house interior, also covered in thick black lines of doodles

Meow Wolf Denver

150 artists to created a series of immersive installations made from mostly salvaged material wedged between 3 highways. #bucketlist


An angular building lit with pink lights framed by the shadows of highways. The base of the building has a neon sign that reads MEOW WOLF

Thinking of You. I Mean Me. I Mean You.

Barbara Kruger's latest installation at MoMA NYC makes me want to travel / via John Maeda


Art museum filled with black and white words covering the walls, floor and ceiling

Practice any art…

music, singing, dancing, acting, drawing, painting, sculpting, poetry, fiction, essays, reportage, no matter how well or badly, not to get money and fame, but to experience becoming, to find out what’s inside you, to make your soul grow.


A loose drawing of a man's face with the words Kurt Vonnegut

Todd Oldham’s Place in the Poconos

As my friend Thor mentioned when sharing this link, "More is more."


An eclectic living room with colorful couch and a dog sitting on the back

The Future Belongs To What Was As Much As What Is

Colorful typo/graphic gatehouse installation by Morag Myerscough and poet Ellen Moran in northern England


Colorfully designed gateway filled with type, graphics and messages of belonging

Cevallos Bros

Hand painted posters. Serving Queens, NY & beyond for 50 years. Their Instagram is a good start but follow it up with this profile in the New Yorker. / thanks Thor!


Hand drawn poster with a ViewMaster, E.T., blue sleeveless shirt, red armchair and a rainbow mug with the words "Everyday is a treasure hunt Let's go!"

Ardhira Putra

It’s Nice That profiles this Jakarta-based illustrator and motion designer and I’m super digging the vibes.


A brightly colored illustration of a person or robot helmet surrounded by type in Japanese and other fantastic items

Golden Gate Bridge in type

Lovely letterpress print by Cameron Moll coming soon. Pre-orders of the limited edition open now.


Golden Gate Bridge artwork made of typography

A Trail Tale

Andy Moliski is hiking the Appalachian Trail. With the help of his two brothers he's sharing the journey in real time through an amazing website that defies category. Be sure to check out the journal. / via Things to Click


Screengrab of a pixelated adventure with a bearded hiker walking through a lush small town

Canvas Cards

A gallery of card designs created with the HTML Canvas element and JavaScript with editable code to tweak and generate new variants. Created by Luke Patton


Randomly generated card designs

Green Mountain Falls Skyspace

A James Turrell installation in Colorado that you have to hike to. #bucketlist / via Michael Sippey


Ant art installation with a square cut in the ceiling to frame the sky

The Night in Bloom

I'd love to visit the Praise Show Art Gallery in Brookline to see Oliver Jeffers latest paintings and get lost in the stars


A painting of colorful galaxies and stars

Circus alphabet by Corita Kent

Saw these prints scroll by and fell down a colorful rabbit hole. Learned a few things more about Kent in these additional footnotes, including insight behind the circus series.


Colorful prints by Corita Kent featuring letters from the alpha bet and circus imagery

Yann Kebbi Sketches a Mike Mills Movie

For his film C'mon C'mon, Mills engaged French artist Yann Kebbi to roam freely around the sets and draw whatever he wanted. I need to see this movie and these drawings are lovely. / via Alan Jacobs


A loose colorful sketch of people dancing through Los Angeles

The New Exhibition

Online showcase shining a light on work of Ukrainian designers, illustrators, animators and other creatives / thumbnail by Grabko Ivan / via It's Nice That


Abstract painting with vivid pastel colors

More thoughts about drawing

Went deep into Ralph Ammer’s website. Here’s some of his writing about drawing. He also has sections for design and philosophy. It’s all so good!


Black and white drawing animation of two pens drawing curved and looping lines

How drawing helps you think

Ralph Ammer’s 17 minute talk about drawing is delightful on many levels, part of which are the animations to illustrate his points.


A drawing of a figure underneath stars and an abstract constellation

Fill Your Pockets

Reddit user Chucksdaughter made this graphic in honor of brave Ukrainian witches. In the comments they provide links to various formats to print and share. / via AustinKleon


A graphic of two hands, one dropping seeds and one by a sunflower. Type arcs over the illustration and reads "FILL YOUR POCKETS"

Home Sweet Homepage

Amy Wibowo’s story about making her first home page is wonderful to see, read and experience. / via lots of folks, for good reason


A drawing of a hand inserting a floppy disk into a desktop computer

FotoFocus to Open New Arts Center in Cincinnati

A new building in OTR by José García Design will house curated exhibitions, educational events and screenings. Excellent news for Cincinnati.


A modern design rendering of an art museum

Gyorgy Ligeti’s Artikulation visualized by Rainer Wehinger

Donald Craig scanned the pages of visualization from the 70's and synchronized them with the music. / via @pixlpa


A graphical visualization of music

The Fox is Black is back

Bobby Solomon had a great blog about creativity and culture that was a favorite destination for many years. It lives again today as a thoughtful and densely awesome newsletter.


A silhouette icon of a fox on a gray background

Craig & Karl

Starting the week looking at the lovely blasts of color that Craig Redman & Karl Maier bring to the world. / via The Fox is Black


Colorful 3d objects


Would love to see this (or any) installation by Krista Kim. In this instance, all the digital billboards in Times Square synchronize with gradients.


All screens in Times Square featuring a gradient

Works by Vincent Bal

Colossal shares a few of his illustrations using shadows, but wander down the links to Vincent's personal site (superfun) and Etsy store where his work translates well into prints and postcards.


The shadow from a pair of eyeglasses is the foundation of a drawing of a person reading a book

Ella Hawkins’ biscuit art

She's got plenty more on her website, but this Twitter thread provides insight on the process


Ornately painted cookies

The Problem With NFTs

I've seen half of this (two hour!) video but agree with Michael here that it's worth watching to get a better understanding of this emerging (and divisive) technology.


Title card for a Youtube video featuring two NFT characters on a brick wall with the title "Line Goes Up"

Lee Sangsoo

The artist's Instagram bio sums it up: "drawing in the air." Beautiful flow and color and form. / via Dense Discovery


A sculpture of a cat stretching

How a Gray Painting Can Break Your Heart

Jason Farago dives deep into a piece of art by Jasper Johns. Scrolling through, zooming in and out, enlightening, emotional, poetic. / via airbagindustries, Greg Storey


A gray abstract painting by Jasper Johns

The exquisite craft of Mary Delany

Phenomenal find by Jed Daily on Metafilter of Mary Delany, who began creating floral collages with paper when she was 72. Fresh over 240 years later!


A paper collage of flowers

Everyday objects organized

I remember when Colossal first posted work by Kristen Meyer and I'm delighted to see more of what she's been up to. Excellent photography by her husband Colin Meyer to boot!


The parts of a bouquet arranged in geometric patterns

The art and Design of Nolan Pelletier

Fonts In Use showcased a recent album design by Nolan and his site is filled with delightful illustrations and details abound!


An illustration of a cat with vibrant yellow and pinks


I loved watching these pieces come together bit by bit on Instagram without knowing exactly what Aegir Hallmundur was up to. Turns out it was a colorful and beautiful carousel!


A colorful handmade carousel